Poem: Balance Happens By Itself


Poem: Balance Happens By Itself

Balance existed while simply riding the bike
euphoria arose when one forgot oneself like this,
the bike and the rider are one.

Attaching to sensation of euphoria
wanting it to last forever – oneness dissolves
split arises – clinging to material desire.

The rider and the bike no longer as one
the center is lost when clinging to edges
loss of balance – crashing to the ground.

Brushing off the red cheeks and dust
activated reflecting ‘story telling’ view
rating value of self from outside opinions.

Interpretation of happenings by storyteller
is reflected eyes we all use to view our world.
How you see it, how you think they see it – give these no heed.

No story is more or less valuable than your own
all stories are just a story – neither holds truth
relaxing your need for continuous commentary.

Yet, the euphoria moment remains as a memory
a light under the dark cloud that took it’s place
leaving one to wonder how to get back there again.

Looking squarely at happening – seeing your truth
you fell off the bike because you started daydreaming
laughing at your folly, you get back on the bike again.

Practice makes perfect…

~ Betsy  ~
March 31, 2009


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