Alternative Therapy for Tourette Syndrome

Alternative Therapy for Tourette Syndrome

What is Tourette Syndrome (TS)?

Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (Tourette Syndrome or TS) is a neurological disorder which becomes evident in early childhood or adolescence before the age of 18 years.  Tourette syndrome is defined by multiple motor and vocal tics lasting for more than one year.  The first symptoms usually are involuntary movements (tics) of the face, arms, limbs or trunk.  These tics are frequent, repetitive and rapid.  The most common first symptom is a facial tic (eye blink, nose twitch, grimace), and is replaced or added to by other tics of the neck, trunk, and limbs.

These involuntary (outside the patient’s control) tics may also be complicated, involving the entire body, such as kicking and stamping. Many persons report what are described as premonitory urges — the urge to perform a motor activity. Other symptoms such as touching, repetitive thoughts and movements and compulsions can occur.

There are also verbal tics.  These verbal tics (vocalizations) usually occur with the movements.  These vocalizations include grunting, throat clearing, shouting and barking.  The verbal tics may also be expressed as coprolalia (the involuntary use of obscene words or socially inappropriate words and phrases) or copropraxia (obscene gestures). Despite widespread publicity, coprolalia/copropraxia is uncommon with tic disorders.

The disorder was named for a French neuropsychiatrist, Georges Gilles de la Tourette, who successfully assessed the disorder in the late 1800’s.

I saw a show on ABC News 20/20 Program about Tourette’s:
Taking on Tourette’s: Familes Reveal their Personal Struggles
Four Families Share Emotional Struggles With Tics, Isolation, and Coping With TS

From observing the behavior of children with Tourette’s, I noticed many symptoms that I have experienced during my spontaneous healing. One thing that I could relate to were the ‘tics’, having experience many involuntary muscle movements, as well as emotional outbursts and even vocalizations.

It was interesting to watch the children in the show, because mostly they seemed to be very alert, creative and intelligent people. I noticed when their attention was not on themselves they were articulate and there were not any tics. But as the charges kept building up, eventually the tic happened and they succumbed to it and on top of this there is added an emotional component because they don’t want it to happen. I totally understand this because at the start of my spontaneous healing my jaw was constantly snapping open and I felt embarrassed in public by it. It hurt to think others thought I was crazy and weird. Because I already had tools and knew how to relieve the built up tension, then I soon learned to control the tics in public.

I have also worked with controlling emotional outbursts (impulse control) as part of my spiritual and transpersonal work I did before the spontaneous healing happened. I felt these children were old enough and intelligent enough to benefit from using the tools I used. The more you understand about emotional energy and how to release it before it discharges in unwanted ways, the more one gains confidence and is empowered to know you have a tool you can use to dissipate the built up electrical charge. I feel a great way to help people with Tourette’s  is to give them tools that work so that they no feel like helpless victims to this disease and have no control. Knowledge, gaining self-control and ability to self-heal are very important.

Being a meditator and commonly observing what was happening with energy flows in my body, I have a theory on how my healing process happens. First an energetic charge builds up in various muscle groups, and then I can feel energy pulsing in those muscles, I might feel tingles, insect crawling feeling, twitching, cramps, numbness — to name a few. As the charge gets stronger and stronger, then the tension I feel in this body part increases; to eventually it feels a bit like a charlie horse, or with pain in a body part. Then I have the need to relieve this body tension, which I’ve found various ways to do it. If I wait too long and don’t actively and consciously do something about it, then I will get a ‘tic’, or involuntary body movement, which sometimes is at epileptic fit levels or what is known in my world as a ‘kriya’ (involuntary or spontaneous body movement).

In short, the innate intelligence of the body is trying to heal a part of the body. Where there is a restriction in the bones, muscles or tissues then electric charges are built up in the muscles to try to open that restricted area of the body. Once the charge is built up high enough, then the reflexive tic happens. As I understand it today: symptoms show you what is trying to be healed and actually symtoms are beneficial – the essence of them is the ‘bodies attempt to heal itself’. When symptoms repeat, unchanged over time, it means the body is stuck and can’t heal the condition, this is nearly always due to a lack of sufficient energy to do the job. When given enough energy, the body heals what needs to be healed in a natural order.

When one isn’t aware that you can learn to relieve the charge oneself, then you become a victim to the ‘tics’ and it seems like it’s out of your control to stop them.  I am writing this article to people and families with this disease, to give you hope it is possible to learn to release the tension and live a normal life. But it will take some work and practice to get good at it and get results. It is not only about releasing stored energy, to get relief from tics, but when you release stored energy (the tics), there is a rise in the bodies overall energy. The more tension you release, the more the energy of the body rises and with each passing day, healing progresses. Degeneration stops and healing starts as soon as regular doses of higher energy are given.

I know that every person with a complete body (having all main parts: re legs, arms and torso and brain) can be healed of every condition that affects man. The energy we have inside us is abundant and can do it. The reason healing doesn’t happen by itself, is because there is a problem in the body (a blockage) which reduces one’s energy and when we sleep at night it is not enough to restore us to a higher level of energy to heal. Thus when we have a debilitating condition our energy stays at a low level and we are stuck in the disease. To get healing started, what we need is more energy than our body is used to operating at. All healing modalities, whether chemical, surgical, alternative, diet, exercise, massage — all work to heal in the same way: they increase our energy level in the body. When energy is higher than one’s need to maintain normal bodily functions, the excess is used to heal the body. The actual healing happens by one’s own  internal healer, the treatment is not do the healing. All the tools mentioned on this page serve to do that and all are free. You don’t have to pay anyone for them, you only need to practice with them to get the results.

To enter into a self-healing process, keep the following things in mind:  

1. Practice to not react to healing symptoms whether they are emotional, mental or physical. Learn to become the observer of the symptom, to not identify with these things as painful or unwanted – use all symptoms that happen to you as a creative opportunity to learn how to not react to them and quiet your mind and emotions. Bring out a tool and use it when there is a strong reaction.

2. Do the techniques as often as you can. The more you do them the faster you will heal. Don’t skip days, do it every day like brushing your teeth.

3. I know it seems just too simple to work, but from my spontaneous healing I know it works. When your mind is truly and fully quiet, then healing happens. Every second counts. Fully believing it is possible is also crucial and this opens you to other possibilites.

4. Experiment with various tools to find one that works for you and make sure you find something that is effective to use ‘on the spot’ in public as needed to relieve built up emotional energy and tic charges. This will make your life much more bearable.

Complementary and Alternative Therapy Tools for Tourette’s Syndrome

1. Quicken Touch Reiki & Acupressure self-healing technique

Of my arsenal of tools for self-healing, I think this one if the most effective to raise body energy to the highest level and results in the most profound healing changes. It is easily learned, and only needs practice to become effective with it. This can be learned by a parent, then given to the child, or the child if old enough can learn to do it themselves. In my healing process I do 3 sessions like this each day, and will continue until I am fully healed. It is beneficial because it excites all nervous system meridians in the body, raising the bodies’ vibrations to a higher one than one normally operates at. This is what one wants to do with self-healing, because when one does that, and then it’s the same as when you are in healing theta sleep in the night. In short: The body heals, and your mind thinking will take back seat and rest. I am often surprised when I have a lot of tension built up in my muscles and tics are happening that when I sit down and do this, all the tics go away and I am calm and refreshed after. After doing a session, I am often free from tics for two hours.

2. Whole Body Relaxation Technique

If you have difficulty with falling asleep or have more time, you can do this whole body relaxation technique. I would suggest doing it once per day at night when you go to bed. Not only does it help to fall asleep, guaranteeing a good healing night’s sleep, but also it helps refine your ability to quiet your mind and increase your skill to focus on a simple non-thinking object. It also increases your sensitivity to feeling energy tension anywhere it pops up in your body. The sooner you become of aware of building tension, then the quicker you can address it and let it out. This relaxation technique gently relieves the built up tension stored in the body, versus the old way with violent body movements or tics. Although you might experience a few tics while doing it, it won’t bother you, you will feel the relaxation response after the release.

3. Acupressure to an Acupoint

Apply acupressure to an acupoint on one of the meridians, which you can easily press on, and not cause attention drawn to yourself. I found points on the fingers especially helpful. With experimentation at home, one can find points that help relieve your form of tic. Please see acupuncture meridian maps at this page, which can be printed out and then you just experiment until you find points that relax you. I can help you to find points, but think it’s a good experimentation for you to do yourself, because you will become more in tune with feeling your body and energetic vibration. The more you practice the easier this gets. Directions on how to do acupressure are on the quicken touch page.

Yin Yang House Acupuncture Database

4. Belly Breathing to Discharge Emotional Energy

Learn how to not react on built up emotional energy. You will need to keep an eye on your emotional state and when you feel ready to erupt, then this is exactly the time you must switch your focus to a non-thinking one, such as focus on deep belly breathing, just feeling your breath go in and out. To refine this skill it needs lots of practice, so one must not avoid situations which one feels uncomfortable in, which I know for people with Tourette’s could be nearly all situations. The more you put yourself into the situation you don’t want to be in, the more you face your fear, and gain skills to go beyond what previously prevented you from being like others. I know this, because I had intense panicky attacks and had to face people and learn to go beyond it to control the panic. Today there is no anxiety and I have perfect control of my tics, but it took a lot of practice. There are two articles of interest related to this on my site. The first talks in detail about emotions, the second how to do deep belly breathing and the third how to do simple breath meditation, which can help by practicing this at home, to be able to switch one’s focus to belly breathing while in stressful situations.

Emotional Reaction
How Can I keep calm and not react out of my emotions?
How to do breath meditation

5. Scream, Cry & Stretch in Private

Find a private place to scream, shout, stretch or somehow relieve the tension. I’m sure all people with Tourette’s know about this and they all have their favorite way to let out the steam. On airplanes or long bus rides, I would put a blanket over my head, so people couldn’t see the jaw movements. Or I would frequent bathroom stalls, which gave me some privacy to stretch, or I would find a secluded place in nature where I could shout or cry. Crying is a good way to release emotional tension, as well as journaling and any other form of self-expression.

6. Regular Strenuous Exercise

Find a way to exercise strenuously daily to relieve the charges out of the muscles – to relieve the tension. Try different exercises until you find the one you like and one that works. It should be strong and involve heavy use of the legs: running, walking fast, hiking, bicycling, dance, weight room, swimming.

7. Keep A Self-Healing Journal

Keep a log of what you’ve tried and how long you’ve used it and how frequently you use it. See it like a scientific experiment. Try each tool for at least 3 weeks in a consistent regular way, then evaluate after the 3 weeks and decide if it helps or not. Don’t give up; if one tool doesn’t work then try another one. Keep going, and the notes you keep will help others also find a way to heal this condition. Get involved in a forum of alternative and complementary therapies for this disease and share with others who are interested in finding a cure or self-healing.

8. Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a simple tapping technique to release stress or emotional tension that takes about 5 minutes, where you tap on acupoints in face and upper body. The complete instruction manual is at the link below.

Emotional Freedom Technique

9. Other Tools

Please check out my other transformation tools and be sure to use the Internet to search for other people who have found effective alternative therapies for Tourette’s. By sharing information with each other, we can help find the cure.


Much later I called anxiety and panic attacks my teacher, it led me to higher states of spirituality. It showed me the state of my inner world and also gave me a tool to find out about it, by seeking the source of it. It’s not easy, but you can do it, just practice as much as possible always seek to relax body tension wherever you are, keep dropping down into belly breathing, just do this over and over and over again and each time you will get better at it, each time the tic’s will be less. By doing this you are defusing the stored tension, then this released energy can be used for healing. Thus one can effectively get healing boosts all throughout the day. What can add to this building tension are unchecked and repetitive thinking patterns and from this the emotional reaction happens due to building electric charges or tension happening in the muscles. Wanting it to disappear and go away only adds more emotional charge and tension to the muscles and makes eventually outbursts certain and dramatic. Whatever you resist or fight against only gets stronger. It is by letting go and relaxing where healing happens. I know because I spend days crying and asking for god to just take it away. In the end, only my practice and action made it go away. As soon as I got onto belly breathing and doing acupressure and not avoiding places where my panic flared up — then it started to dissolve pretty quick. You must face your fear to dissolve it.

Please let me know if something here helps you and/or if there is something I can do to try to help you find an effective tool. Finally, I give distant reiki treatments, which can help kick start the healing process. This works because my own vibration is high due to the self-healing I’ve done. When two objects come together (newton’s laws of motion) then through entrainment, the lower vibration tries to meet the higher vibration. It is exactly this process of entrainment which happens due to excitation of nerve and muscle fibers (those cells that excite), which creates the energetic force or ability to do work in the body which heals. On my distance healing website, there are also links to places that give free energy healing. I give a free group healing session each week and volunteer with several healing circles.


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