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In the lasts days it occurs to me that there are two ways to look at any happening. I’ve written several articles along these lines based on dreaming, roles, doubt and other such topics. Today I am realize these are not positive and negative aspects, but rather viewpoints from either the existing old framework and an envisioned new framework. These two forces are always present, the current framework or reality is leading us to the new reality. What makes it appear positive or negative happens when people align with only one of the viewpoints and exclude the other. As I see it we need both, the new world is always created out of the old.

Today on my walk, I met a man whom I often see and we are good friends. While talking about the recent thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area and all the damage to buildings, I said that we should be able to build better structures that can withstand these storms. We have the know how to do it, but I felt that the building codes and zoning regulations, the rules we are created are that which prevents new designs from being built. At the time I said this, I didn’t realize I had brought up something that my friend did not agree with. I kept talking about the new housing designs and how it was so hard to get them built. Then he said that those building codes were needed, it was what kept us safe. If we didn’t have them, then we would be like in the old days where the houses were not built safe. Then I saw he was hurt I could have such a different view, his face had pain and he quit looking at me. I saw this and wanted to reconnect with him and when I started to talk that way, four F-16 fighter jets flew over. These are so loud (150 decibels) that it hurts the ears and you can’t hear anything. The planes drowned out my voice while I said: it is unusual that those jets take their second practice flight today. The connection was lost in the noise and I tried to wave goodbye and say I was sorry, but he wouldn’t look into my eyes as he darted off to take another path. Sadly, I turned and walked away.

I reflected about our two viewpoints after that and realized both views had an element of truth. We all know about the collapse and disaster in a building in India in the garment industry, and that happened because of shoddy building design. So the codes, regulations and inspections help protect us from people who would cut corners, not caring about the people inside and the danger they put them in. all the laws and rules that have been created over time, were necessary because the majority of humanity has been unawakened. In that state of darkness, people take the most they can for themselves having little concern for who or what they are hurting by doing so. Once one is aware and has a forward-looking viewpoint, you realize those rules can also prevent new structures and innovation. The rules themselves become valuable after time as many start to make money off enforcing them, such as code inspectors, licensing, building permits, training, etc. At this point it becomes even harder to change the rules, because there are so many hands in the pockets as well the existing builders do not want their skills to become outdated and learn new things. New house designs would increase our safety to withstand the forces of nature as well to move us away from dependency upon corporations for our basic needs of food, water and power. Because he had such a strong reaction to my words, I suspected that either he or someone he loved was hurt deeply by shoddy building design.

Okay, just a short story to make the point that every viewpoint has some value but also what happens when two sides cannot see the other’s viewpoint. A rift is created and the feeling of friendship is lost. This explains the division in humanity and our problem with making peace with each other, we tend to side with those that have our own viewpoint. The polarization in most countries today shows this growing tendency over time to take sides. We look at those divided parties and feel pain to see so much suffering happening, wondering why they just can’t get together and form a collective government or viewpoint, finding a way to go forward where they agree. Bringing those opposing viewpoints to the table is the peace negotiation process. This has been attempted many times and the usual result is failure, each side rather insists that only their version of the truth is the right one, thus all the others are wrong.

But if you look near to any of these arguments of the opposing sides and look through the viewpoint of the other, you can see the value of each argument. One viewpoint is based on using the best attributes of our current framework and the other one seeks to change it. Kreso stated it very simple the other day: “There is only water and energy.” There is body and spirit. There is framework and vision. Our current world exists as a kind of framework with rules, regulations and society expectations which society has built up over all this time. Even this framework is present in every individual on earth. The truth is that it was built for and by a non-awakened majority. We all envision a better future where everyone on earth is self-realized. This brings up the challenge of how to transition awakening people using the framework we currently have in a creative way, to a new world that does not need rules or framework.

There are many utopian ideas for a new world or community out there. The few that have tried it have all ended in failure and the ones that have grand designs never get started. There is a reason for this, and that is because it is too far ahead of our capability. To get this done, we need to grow into it. I envision coming together to create a vision that uses the existing framework that has practical information and steps to help people move out of their different levels of dependency. People can move through becoming independent from all the societal structures in their own order, but some foundational steps would be higher priority such as self-realization of the individual as well cottage industries in existing communities to get people out of dependency upon the 9-to-5 job, the rat race and work for money ethic. People then would have a basic guide to help them move step by step to address each of their dependencies that were prior provided to us by society and government. We can’t get rid of all of them at once! We use the old world to transition us to the new. When the old world ends, then the new world will begin, but in between both exist at the same time, one is the framework, the other is the vision.

Recently I came across this documentary which tells her story of embracing cultural diversity and accepting alternative viewpionts to come up with creative solutions to effect real change and transform existing systems.

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

If you are interested in changing the world and helping others to awaken, this documentary will inspire you. It is well worth taking the time to watch in full.

Grace Lee Boggs, 99, is a Chinese American philosopher, writer, and activist in Detroit with a thick FBI file and a surprising vision of what an American revolution can be. Rooted for 75 years in the labor, civil rights and Black Power movements, she challenges a new generation to throw off old assumptions, think creatively and redefine revolution for our times.

Her ideas were greatly influenced by “Hegel’s Science of Logic, Table of Contents”, (hint: search for that phrase in Google, to read this online for free). If you can’t watch the documentary *yet*, I think Hegel’s ideas are a good place to start.

Trouble Shooting: I am informed some people are not able to watch this due to rights restrictions. If you have that problem, Try the Change Station button at top of page to find your PBS channel (USA). Otherwise try searching in Google and find it from that route and post link here. If none of that works, please contact PBS (use report a problem link) and ask them to remove rights restriction via submit problem button and contact the website below and ask them to move this video to YouTube so anyone can watch! Lastly, it is not available outside USA at this time but you can purchase DVD. I think if enough people collectively come together and ask them to put into public domain we can get it done! A small exercise in our collective power. Please share this link with this “Trouble Shooting” comment.
Documentary Website

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