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Kundalini Activation: When the kundalini fully activates in the body, it will make nervous connections rapidly in the body connecting all main parts of the body together. The first thing to activate is the left leg, then the left hip, then the left shoulder and lastly the left side of the skull. After this the right leg will activate, then the right hip. Next both hip joints will then work together and the pelvic bowl energy will build into a vortex of energy and the tailbone will activate. Then energy is then sent up the spine to the shoulder girdle. The energy next will traverse across the shoulder girdle from the left to the right side and go back and forth for a while, then all arm meridians will activate and the arms will feel tingly. Lastly the energy will travel up the spine to the skull and activate the right side of the skull. Finally the energy in the skull will combine forming a vortex of energy there and be sent back down once it's established. Next while sitting with legs to the front, one's head will be lowered gradually towards one's feet, being lowered a notch at a time as nervous connections are being made to the spinal column and breast bone. During this activation process you will distinctly feel the energy traveling the paths through the body rapidly, activating and joining energy to make the main connections along the Central Nervous System pathway. The whole process might take about one hour. Note: It is possible that this could be reversed in some people, that the right side is done first, then the left side. I don't have enough data to know for sure.

Kundalini 'Working Energy' Pattern: The process described in kundalini activation will continue to progress in the same pattern, making repeated passes in the body over the entire duration of the kundalini awakening process. The amount of time between passes will get progressively shorter as one progresses along with the process. The basic way it works is that as new nervous system connections are being made, the totality of energy to do work in the system is increased each time. Each time you surrender your personality (you become quiet), the free energy is available to do work towards the transformation to a light body. This work that is done changes your nervous system, resulting in a permanent physical change, resulting in 'realized awareness' due to the physical change that was done because you surrendered. Nothing is lost. Because you are a 'work in progress', then your system and higher intelligence wants more energy, more awareness, so the body works to do that for you by making the necessary changes. Each surrender grows your awareness by changing your nervous system, each change increases your vibrational energy and your system's ability to make bigger changes requiring more energy. The muscles are the main 'work horse' of the kundalini transformation, because they have the ability to exert force, move you and are elastic and respond to nervous system stimulus and hormones. As you progress your CNS (central nervous system) will grow in the capability to charge and move the muscles of the body, so the spontaneous body movement will increase when you surrender your personality to the process and allow the energy to move as it will. The stretch response in the surrender state is doing work to increase nervous pathways in your body in those areas which are essentially frozen into form due to the habitual ways your personality is existing in it's body. Repetitive ways of moving and behaving as the growing personality is etched in your body. Kundalini Transformation is all about transforming your personality or erasing it from your frame. Awareness can exist in no other way. As the charged muscles stretch and you make yoga-like spontaneous movements, restrictions of energy movement in your body are slowly opened up with the force of the stretch. The spontaneous full body stretch itself is a transformation of energy, there is pain like if one is working out with a new exercise routine and pushing muscles and bones into positions they are not used to going in, this pain is the healing energy transforming the old into the new. As this stretching phase goes on, then released energy from the stretch builds in the pelvic bowl. When the energy in the pelvic bowl reaches a plateau, then the energy vortex there activates the tailbone and the energy is sent up the spine and work is done in the skull. After work is done in the skull, a similiar response happens with the released energy in the skull, forming a vortex in the skull itself. when this energy reaches a plateau then it is sent back down the spine. This energy that is sent down the spine is that which will now change the nervous system in all the areas that were previously cleared with the stretching phase. It is a relaxing phase, which I've called 'free fall' simply because it is totally pleasurable and no work is required. you just sink into it. After the nervous system changes are made in the body, then tension will build again in the muscles and joints preparing for another round of stretching to do more work to open more pathways. And so it goes on for quite some time until the process is complete and all pathways are opened. I just want to add that none of this which is described above is intended or a technique. Once one has had genuine full kundalini activation, then the body will respond as it needs to, every time one surrenders to the process (quiets the little voice inside). Growing body tension in the muscles will eventually force that you surrender to the process. It's like being between a rock and a hard place. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Surrender is the easier softer way...

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms / Stages - in order of happening

Whole Body Activation #2: After the first whole body activaiton, there will be another one which then forms vortexes of energy along all of the pathways in the same order as the first. Symptoms during this include: energy in skull making fine adjustments to the bones. Internal music very strong, sounding very rich with all notes of the scale, tingles in various areas of the body, feeling that the bones are moving, feeling of internal rain, rotation and popping of shoulder girdle, vortexes of energy in skull and spine, rotation and stretching and pulling of neck to all sides and holding the neck in one position for a long time, shoulder and sides of back stretching making connections towards spine, sparks of light seen in air outside, nervous system work in heart area, kidneys, liver and gallbladder, sinuses and lungs.

Major Nervous System change: This is a phase of main nervous system changes being made to all the body parts. It is likely that one will want to fast or not each very much during this period. For me this lasted around 3 weeks. I would call this the true 'Dark Night of the Soul', because it is hard mentally, emotionally and physically. This is probably the hardest period for many because it will challenge you in your beliefs, in your mind, in your trust in this process, in your trust in yourself and you will be totally alone with it. I want to assure that anybody who has made it this far, has the strength and the tools to do this. You are never given more than you are ready for. Many people are concerned about going crazy, but one should know that it is one's identification with one's mind, emotions and body that is what in truth makes one crazy, and this includes nearly everybody on this planet. To transform your personality you are going to have to surrender all: the mind, the emotions and the body. That in essence is why this phase is so difficult to go beyond, 'you', the 'personality' simply is afraid to let go of itself and will find every reason to stop at this point. In fact the decision to surrender or not is entirely under your control, only you can do it, nobody can do it for you. Which is why you are alone with it. One part of this phase is learning how to surrender and learning about different levels of consciousness and how you can distance yourself from your body when needed during parts where the body pain seems too much to bear. If one doesn't surrender in this phase then you won't progress any more with the kundalini activation. For people who have had similar symptoms and for some unknown reason the process has slowed down, it is most likely because one did not surrender. I guess for these people then they will have continuous tension in the body and kriya type symptoms for many years, a very slow type of process.

Symptoms from January - February 2006

Strong tingling sensations that sting sharply like being pricked with needles, doing one section of the body at a time, going over and over it for many hours, being bent over for 8 hours straight, sitting with my legs to the front, while the energy criss-crossed back and forth across the spine, like it was being laced up like a shoestring in a tennis shoe. I had the sense new nervous connections were being made in the spine; limbs growing numb and the feeling that one can't get up or move from the position one is in. Spontaneous cleanse of liver and gallbladder. Sprinkles of light, like being rained on from heaven. Being taught procedure of how to do the kundalini transformation, strong internal sound like music, episiodes of incredible joy and laughing and of intense pain and crying. Natal and prenatal memories, stretching into hip and shoulder and TMJ joints.

Work on T1 cervical vertebra. There was a building force upon the joint, and then I heard a snap. Nearly all the time it felt like it was making connections all around the T1 joint. After it snapped then soon the energy rushed up into my head and then the movement back down to work on the spine again. The work in the spine finished, then at the end of this session, the energy inside sounded like a storm with huge winds it was so strong. Then it felt like connections were being made, so many - billions – in my body. First the right leg, then the right arm, etc. I feel asleep getting the best energy massage I’ve ever had. I watched the energy coursing around in my body for around an hour, not doing anything. That was so nice to just receive this. I felt my whole body coming alive with a warm and tingly feeling. A few hours after this a big energy vortex rose up into my skull from below and as it did so I felt a whoosh, then felt it close with a loud windlike sucking sound.

Whole body vibration: The healing energy feels different, not limited to the paths of the energy meridians anymore. It is like waves of light prickles moving up and down my body, just massaging it all over, it feels good.The light prickles collecting together and forming waves of energy all over the body. This is the sensation of body vibration which happens after the main nervous system change is made, this senstation will continue to grow in intensity each day.

After the energy work in the body, then there was much work going on in my head for maybe 30 minutes or more. I remember having an internal view of the galaxy pretty clear at one moment. I was “holding” still while this went on, feeling it important. Then at the end there was a rush of energy, then some music and it felt like sprinkles of light showering down from heaven. I could see the rays coming from above with a bright light and waves of energy coming down from that center point in descending circles, sort of like this falling on me. Then there was a whirlwind and the sound of a stormy wind. A little later this stopped and it was totally quiet. At the exact time it stopped my eyes automatically opened. It felt like my eyes were pointed to the outside edges. Then they slowly settled to being straight ahead.

Double Helix in Spine: I can sense the energy waves in my body starting to spiral. As I view it from the inside it’s counter clockwise. I see they are actually waves and they are coming from two angles, so like a double helix creating a crisscross spiral. Connections are being made in the body in many directions. Before there were only the main ones connecting the vertebrae in the spinal column and to other joints, such as T1 to shoulders, etc. This type of connection seems to have an advantage of not needing to connect in a line or in sequence, it's like each vertebra can act by itself. The neck can spin and rotate and also the tailbone, creating an energy spiral up and down the spine. Before the energy just went up in a singular line on either side of the spine, one up, then one down. Consciousness automatically withdrawn from body while skull work is done, creating the symptom of enhanced or amplified hearing lasting during the duration of skull work. After the skull work, another pass is made down the spine to the tailbone. The whole process takes many hours.

Stretching into joints including hips, spinal column, neck, tmj's and shoulders, many pops and cracks as tendons are loosened up and move and pain is experienced with the corresponding sensation of release of huge amounts of energy from the joints. One can feel the energy being released like a huge wave going on for hours, and feels it as pain being released, as well one can feel the conversion of this released 'emotional' pain being directly accumulated into the pelvic bowl. Neck rotations in all directions, making new connections for amazing possibilities of movement. One will feel a looseness and new capability in the neck but it will not last. Much later this will come back as one gets closer to completion.

Skyrocketing energy, feeling of billions of nervous connectoins being made all over the body. Tingling in face and skull, ear popping and opening. Energy vortex forming in neck and head. Sleeplessness. Soon after the feeling that one's body is springy, light and bouyant.

Continued stretching working on hips, neck, shoulders and jaws with popping and nervous system changes. Intense tingling in genitals.

Energy dancing starts, full body spontaneous movements which are often yoga or dance like. Learning to surrender one's bodily movments to the muscle charges, letting the work go on by itself. this is a growing capability, where one's capability to surrender to the body movement increases along with the changes to the nervous system. Continued emotional and traumatic releases from joints and body tissues. Spontaneous liver and gall bladder cleanse, moving out many liver and gallbladder stones. "When one closes ones eyes, there is a sprinkle-like energy path that one follows with one's eyes and one's body automatically follows, if there is no resistance it’s like that. So it’s like finding the path in the dark. There is no tension and no pain; in contrary one constantly gains energy. Not tiring at all."

Intense heat building and sweats. Afterwards, I was brought to this position and I was lying there on the floor with all my joints being smashed into the ground. Where all my problems are, the right jaw, the neck, the right shoulder and hips. My feet turned inwards hurting my right ankles. I lay there like that for around 15 to 30 minutes. Then I cried and got so angry and got up and forced myself through all the pain only wanting more of it, to let it all out. I went way beyond myself, crying and in so much pain. I went like that for hours. Then it was late and there was not enough time to receive the release, as I had other work to do. So finally I got back to my room and I am still crying and tired. I feel ill and sore all over and the music plays so strong inside. I feel so alone and at the end of my rope. I don’t’ want any more treatments, enemas or stretching. I feel like dying, pretty close to that. My ear is still stopped up. I feel between 2 worlds. Being wants to be, yet I resist still, feeling I like my pity-party or something. I will make a rest and just sit and see what’s next.

Neck work,“crack” in T1 vertebra. It gave with a very loud pop. The last few days were incredible stretches through the back, shoulders, hips, legs and arms. Each time after the stretch, then sitting on floor with legs out front and leaning forward relaxed. This seems to accumulate the tension (from the stretch) then when you go forward it can go out the spine somehow. Then after sitting upright, one floats gently following the same stretch pattern, seemingly removing that ‘knot”. I went through many repetitions of stretches before I realized how to complete the process. I was usually so tired after a session that I often skipped the complementary step. One stretch forward and one stretch sitting upright.

Ending February 5, 2006 -- I will type in more as I get time, there are 3 more years after this ending date, as of march 2009. With more data from the daily notes over these three years, I have a much better idea of the stages of kundalini transformation and what is the intent with all the symptoms and transformation process. I hope that soon I can summarize it for you.

Update: I have written a book which covers the first year of my kundalini transformation as well it summarizes my ideas about Kundalini Awakening. It can be read online for free at Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial. My Kundalini Transformation is still active but it is much calmer and easier to work with today (October 9, 2012). I plan to write the second book this winter but at the moment it does not look likely because I am spending too many hours at work to pay the bills not leaving time to write. If you would like to support my book project you can give a donation at this website.



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