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What is Kundalini Energy & How can you awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini energy is the energy of your life force in the body. In most humans today this energy is being used to animate the structure of personality, that which you think and feel is yourself and thus your full energy lies dormant - it's all being used by being the personality.

When one starts the practice of meditation, this has the side effect to take energy away from the personality, the reaction of being the thinker and feeling subside and then the energy which was released is used to biologically change the body. At first and for many years of meditation practice, these changes are very subtle and one only notices changes in perception and a tendency to not react emotionally. One sees things differently and is calmer.

As one continues down the meditative path, eventually there is enough energy released from being the personality, that the free energy as awareness (which makes biological changes to the body to support the new awareness), starts to have the side-effect of the person feeling symptoms in the body such as vibration, tingling, numbness, seeing lights, etc. These symptoms have the cause of the neuromuscular junctions being enhanced, the nerve and muscle cells are making new connections when 'stored tension' in muscles is released. Most of the symptoms come from changes being made to the nervous system. One can feel muscle charges as vibration; one sees flashes of light from nervous system changes in the brain, etc.

When a certain level of awareness is reached and this will happen after one surrenders totally the desire to be the personality, then this huge amount of now free energy will trigger a full kundalini transformation. This can't happen until the person totally surrenders and nobody can make anybody do this. Then the bodily changes become quite pronounced as a whole remake of the body will be underway and as it's a kind of metamorphosis all of one's time will be devoted to it. There really isn't a choice in this matter; it's much like having a baby. After this the body will undergo kriyas in an intense way, which serves to stretch out all the neuromuscular pathways in the body, further taking all effects of personality out of the body and using this energy to making a biological change.

What isn't understood about kriyas is that they are not spontaneous movements. Rather they are movements that happen that don't need the mind, thus when one experiences them the first time, they feel like one is not doing them. We are used to moving our skeletal muscles voluntarily, using our mind with thought and feelings. Being 'as awareness' one doesn't need the mind, the mind is a stepping stone to awareness and could be seen to be the same as the structure of personality. The mind is that which allows us to reflect and become aware of ourselves. For awareness this is an obstacle because in the mind everything happens after the reality has past. It's all a reflection. To be aware one needs direct access and ability to respond without a reflection. When the kundalini transformation is complete then the biological changes that happened will result in the person no longer having a mind. I know this is hard to believe at this time that such a thing is possible, but I know it to be true because it's the only way that a person could possibly be fully aware. The body must change to support it.

Kriyas are your true being coming alive and stretching oneself into a new form. After kriyas start then each time you surrender your personality such as in meditation, the kriyas activate. It is a growing process and the more one surrenders the faster the kundalini transformation is. But it does take some time. For me it has been nearly 2 years, but I think it's close to finishing.

The only way to go through this process in a genuine way is to meditate or to reduce the influence of being identified with one's personality. The more one practices this, the more awareness and the more changes.

It is not true that one can awaken this force before one is ready for it. There is no danger like many say, because in fact you are the one doing everything. If you keep your energy in the personality then that's what you have, if not you have awareness. Yet also know that this is a biological growing, awareness comes gradual, step by step.

The best way to awaken this force is to find out what it means to surrender your personality, and meditation is the best way to do this. So practice this and you will find out.


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