Ascension & Autoimmune Disorders

What is an autoimmune disorder?

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake. There are more than 80 types of autoimmune disorders.

The white blood cells in the body’s immune system help protect against harmful substances. Examples include bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, and blood and tissue from outside the body. These substances contain antigens. The immune system produces antibodies against these antigens that enable it to destroy these harmful substances.

When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system does not distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens. As a result, the body sets off a reaction that destroys normal tissues in a particular part of the body.

Common Autoimmune disorders include: Addison’s disease, Celiac Disease (gluten-sensitive), Dermatomyostis, Grave’s disease, Hashimotyo’s Thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, Reactive Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, IBD (Irritable/inflammable bowel disease), Crohn’s Disease, Guillain-barre Syndrome, Psoriasis and Cancer.

Symptoms will vary based on the type and location in the body of the faulty immune response, common symptoms include: Fatigue, Fever, Malaise, Joint Pain and Rash.

References: Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disorders & Ascension

The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is currently unknown. I am going out on a limb here, and am going to suggest that when you get an autoimmune disorder it is actually part of your awakening and ascension experience. It is part of ascension, because the condition that is presenting is showing you what is not balanced in your system. I say this because nearly every awakening story I have heard there is some history in the person’s journey with an autoimmune disorder. I had either light case of Chronic Fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia, not sure which it was because I never went to the doctor to get a diagnosis. This isn’t really relevant as these disorders were not even recognized at the time I had them. Needless to say I healed the condition over time by doing organ cleanses, fasting, changing my diet and lifestyle, meditation, taking vitamins and supplements and working with my emotions and reaction patterns to life.

What comes to mind is the story of my spiritual mentor and friend BeiYin. He had a high level of self-realization and there were few around that understood him and that he could make a true connection with for most of his life. I think he always felt pain because of that and had the feeling of not being loved in the way he could give love to others. One thing that happened to him is he got Fibromyalgia and it put him on his back into bed, he was so sore and sick he could not move. For years, I often wondered why that happened to him, because I knew he had a high level of spiritual attainment. Back then, I concluded the cause was repressed anger. But recently I become aware of another possibility that seems much more feasible, the cause was due to a lack of receiving love and the heart gets more wounded the longer this goes on. No wonder that the autoimmune response takes over as there is a deficit of love inside.

“Scientists estimate that fibromyalgia affects 5 million Americans 18 or older. Between 80 and 90 percent of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women. However, men and children also can have the disorder. Most people are diagnosed during middle age.”

Here is the dichotomy. BeiYin is male and not so many males get this disease, as well he got the disease much later than average when he was 68 years old. Then I understood the connection. I would theorize that more women get this disease on average because they tend to focus their love outward, on building up, nurturing and helping others. It is part of the female instinct to nurture the young. The link is BeiYin was like this, he dedicated his life to helping others to awaken, everything he did was focused on that. I think what happened is he way overdid giving all his love and energy to everyone else and this then resulted in a deficit in his own ‘love energy’ levels for healing himself.

For sure, he learned the lesson as this disorder put him on his back and then he had to give attention to himself. There was nothing else he could do. I was living in the Falconblanco community at the time, and truly he was helpless. He could no longer run the community and I can tell you he was the one keeping that place together. He was so ill he had to accept help from the other members; he could not do any work for quite some time. The only thing he could do was focus solely on his recovery. And the community responded, we all learned new skills and took over running the place and helped BeiYin to do research and test drive all kinds of healing protocols until he found the found the ‘cure’. The end result was it was a healing experience for all community members. The other embers learned to take more responsibility and BeiYin learned how to rein himself in.

So what does it mean to have a lack of love? It means you are giving nearly all your energy to your work, your partner, your life mission, your children, your animals, your garden, your friends and colleagues, etc, and by doing so you are robbing yourself of the love you need to keep you growing and healthy. If it’s like this for you, you will likely feel that you give so much love to others and get very little in return and deep inside you actually feel empty, incomplete, like something critical is missing. We all want to receive love, but it will never happen if we don’t love ourselves as much as we want to be loved.

The way to fix this is actually quite simple (but not easy!), you just start turning your attention back to yourself, look inside and see what you need and be willing to do things for yourself that are needed. Give yourself at least TWO QUALITY hours per day that is ‘only me’ time, where you do some form of healing or give attention for yourself. On average we are awake 16 hours. Make it a priority to give yourself two hours each day (or more if you need it) and the other 14 you can give your love and attention to all that needs your attention. Always give yourself these Two hours of healing time each day, it will recharge you and keep you healthy. You can also learn to do something as simple as putting your palm on the body area that has the problem and just asking, what do I need to help heal this area? And then get quiet and listen for the answer. You might not hear the answer right away, but the more you practice this, for sure your intuitive center will open and your healing process will be underway.

The reason ‘paying attention to yourself’ works to heal you and gives you love is because the true self that is paying attention is love-light itself. Once you start turning your attention on yourself and looking inside at your wounds, it is like you are now directing the healing light of love to your own heart – like the Rumi poem and image in the article.

If you have an autoimmune disorder, I highly recommend reading BeiYin’s healing testimonial in full. While he had fibromyalgia, the insights he received in his healing journey apply to all disorders. The protocols are mostly generic, but for sure you should investigate, ask questions and find other protocols that are helpful for your own variant.

BeiYin’s Fibromyalgia Testimonial

June 11, 2015

I have more clarity on this topic, please see the related post expanding on this topic: Too Young to Die





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3 comments on “Ascension & Autoimmune Disorders
  1. Holly says:

    Wow, this must be true. When I read this I smiled. I had cancer and absolutely knew it was a wake up call from spirit. I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened as it has led me down this self-discovery path. Thanks for writing this! So glad I was led to ur work and book.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Holly, thank you for your appreciation. Always lovely to hear from and meet a kindred spirit / strong spiritual warrior!

  2. sonia hemming says:

    This has confirmed what i thought. My chakras activated nearly 8 years ago and ive been going through the light body process for nearly 3 years.. my nervous system vibrates and i channel a lot of energy… then all of a sudden in march i got sarcoidosis… autoimmune disease. I was gob smacked… at first i thought this a punishment… but ive realised this has been dormant and with the energy clearings has brought it to the surface. I too have completely changed my diet and lots of deyox.. thank you for this article

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