Awakening & Cranial Sacral System Expansion

This is what our cranial sacral system looks like:


With awakening, this is the main part in the body that is energizing and loosening. As it energizes it enlivens and physically loosens and this ‘expanding light’ then spreads out from this center of our body to all of our other tissues. This is a gradual process taking a long time to complete, although these days it is going much faster. It is a growing process and feels like multiple refinements or passes through the body, with each pass you feel lighter and more aware. In addition, you will experience many healing reactions as this light energy moves into all the crevices of the body and opens them. These are NOT fun to go through and you will have periods where you have pains, feel sick and are challenged mentally and emotionally. This is a physical growing process, and it is common to have fear and think something is seriously wrong. Yes, also one should be careful as you might not be in an awakening process, so a visit to the doctor is a good first step to allay your concerns. The painful cleansing part is most prevalent in the early part of the awakening stages as toxins and memories and repressed emotional energy are released. Please see links for more information below.

Later you will experience clicks or sounds in the spine and head and can hear different sounds in the ear. This is just another phase of the enlivening process of the Cranial Sacral System. Your energy is now strong enough to start loosening the physical structure. When you hear sounds in the ear, it can be due to the skull bones starting to separate. Prior to this, you will have experienced similar happening in the hip and shoulder girdles. All these parts are directly connected to the spine. There is a general pattern: first the hip joints loosen up, then the sacrum, then the shoulder joints, then you may experience pops in the neck and after that energy starts working more in the head. Although you can get a movement for a shorter duration at any time in this process.

The skull bones are special because they are a part of the spine. So as the light energy expands, it will also loosen all the cranial bones. You can hear many strange sounds in the head as this process accelerates. There is also a special bone in center of skull called the sphenoid, which looks like a butterfly.



What is unique to it is, it is like the driver of all the other bones in the skull, it articles with each one and sits next to control center in brain. It is much like the body follows where the head goes, like an elephant can be controlled that way with a head harness. So as awareness increases in body, it can move the body more spontaneously through this key part. When the sphenoid makes a movement, it makes all the other skull bones move in turn, which also goes down the spine and moves associate body parts. It is actually how conscious thought of an action gets translated into any form of bodily expression. Eventually this bone will start loosening and the other bones next to it, and often the temporal bones on sides of head and by ear you can feel these shifts, sounds, tones, when it is shifting. These shifts mostly happen in tiny increments, but as your transformation continues you can experience sudden shifts or lifting sensations because you are stronger and have more ‘electric’ energy to move them. You do not need to know how to do these things, indeed you probably couldn’t figure it out. I am just giving an overall view so you are not alarmed thinking something is physically wrong.

Later you will feel it on the head, as crackles or pops between the suture lines of the skull plates. This rarely hurts and if it does, it is only like a second. The pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle will continually have energetic passes through them of loosening these structures further, as well all the other parts in turn. As this energizing / awakening of the Cranial Sacral System happens, vibration will continually increase all over body, further opening and energizing all the tinier parts. The arms and legs are extensions of the spine, and don’t experience as much opening, it is more like they just dangle along and energize and straighten with a growing sensation as the spine aligns.

As far as what symptoms you will experience, it just depends upon your physical defects or where your energy does not flow in perfect balance. Even with a normal healthy person, even looking like Jennifer Lopez with great symmetry, they will have internal blockages. No body is evenly balanced on right and left sides, and every personality has traumas and injuries they’ve had that will be cleansed out. Although Jennifer would probably go through a kundalini awakening with ease because of her great symmetry.

As far as exactly what symptoms and experiences you have, there are many factors:

  1. It depends what you observe. Paying attention internally to what happens in the body at any particular time. One person might report experiencing something and other people also experienced this same thing, but they just didn’t happen to notice it when it happened.
  2. There is the complication of our language used to describe these things, not having vocabulary for it not yet having a large enough knowledge base about this process. What two people describe which appears to be very different, can actually be the same thing.
  3. Not everyone will experience the same ‘reactions’ specifically because they may not have that blockage in a certain area or system. There are also male and female differences. It also depends upon your current step you are working on in your evolution process. You may have completed some of this transformation in a prior lifetime or only complete some of it this lifetime.
  4. You can’t compare my experience from my book “Our Light Body” to yours and presume yours will be like mine, because 10 years has passed since mine began, and our energy is now stronger and it is easier and I believe will be much faster for people. I also had a congenital defect in my spine, so it was harder for me because of this.
  5. Not everyone moves at the same pace, it depends upon how much free time you have to devote to it as well from your temperament. Some people like slower pace and some want to push their boundaries.


The good news is this is all worth it, I cannot describe to you how it feels today, like my body is coming to life and there is so much strength in this ‘light energy’.  For all those years it seemed like nothing was fully healing or correcting where I had the major blocks in my body but at least it was always better. Today, it feels like I hit a level in the transformation process and now there are waves of bliss in the body and it is like everything is straightening as one whole and all the problem areas are in a profound healing state. Not to mention an incredible expansion of feeling of unconditional love, heightened awareness level with increasing intuition and feeling of becoming united with all beings and life itself. In summary, what it is like is a long time expanding the nervous system, with vibration and awareness increasing every day, and parts clicking open and cleansing out here and there and then when it has expanded enough it is like a magical happening – being filled with light from the Sun / Father and having everything healed at a miraculous rate. I would say a big YES to go through this entire process again because the rewards are truly that wonderful!


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