Awakening Help, Guidance & Support

Awakening Help, Guidance & Support

The awakening process is accelerating with everyone and it known by several names but is all the same thing and is due to an increase in awareness level which has the side-effect to change the body and produce awakening symptoms. Here are some common words being used for it today: Kundalini Awakening, Light Body Activation, DNA Activation, Ascension, Quickening, Rebirth, Transfiguration, Metamorphosis, Awakening, Self-realization, Merkaba, Enlightenment, etc.

Here are a few edited comments (to keep individual identity private) from yesterday of recent awakenings. I have many more accounts and currently am getting around 3 requests per day for help.


“I am very glad I found your site. The awakening has made me different than I was before. This is the strangest experience I’ve ever had. I have all the awakening symptoms plus I’ve seen: the vortex, insights, multiple visions, synchronicity, Angels, Colors & numbers everywhere. This is a VERY UNIQUE CASE. I assure you I am not using drugs or drinking, it will not stop and I feel like I am going insane and do not want to land in a psych ward. I need to know more. Please call and help me.”


“I was greeted by a vibrating bright golden light that completely filled my room and I was totally absorbed by the light and lost all sensation of my physicality. My body has been vibrating for days and I see flashing lights in my inner eye. Ascended masters or other people are visiting me and I am getting information about religious prophesies, end days, God — coming from a religion I knew nothing about before. I’m seeing things in my room, smelling odd scents, getting strange vivid dreams, feeling invisible entities on my body, feeling I am out of my body, feeling I am space traveling, etc.. All this is too much, I cannot do my work, go out of my house or take care of my family, I just want to quit my job and not move. I really need some help, can you guide me?”


“I met a guy online and felt that he was my soul mate, but he said it cannot work and he left. The heartbreak was strong and that’s when my heart started pounding very hard and I was guided to meditate. The meditation went very deep and I saw lights and then felt an immense bliss in my heart, brow and crown chakras. I knew that something divine was happening. I thought there was an entity inside me because whenever I asked a question, I got a response in form of hand movements or automatic writing. I thought I received the message to love myself and we all love you. I still am not sure if this is kundalini awakening. The positive voice turned negative in time and then I had several sensations and physical movements in my body. I was very scared and could not sleep for 4 days. Then I started to take medicine because the doctor said it was psychosis. But after looking in Internet I find many are going through this right now and it is called awakening, so I stopped taking the medicine. I really need some help, can you help me heal my kundalini awakening?”


“I would like to talk to you regarding the awakening, as I am going through some changes myself and all this is so different. Just need some insight on this.”


What I say to all those who are awakening now is: “Thanks for reaching out and trusting in me with sharing your experience and to ask questions and I will the best I can to help you.”

The reality is many are awakening right now, and getting profound experiences like the sample above and know that you are not alone in this! Today, it seems like the awakening or transformation process is being squeezed into shorter time frame so you may have more happen to you in shorter window of time. This happens because our collective consciousness is rapidly expanding with the large number of people awakening, so there is more energy available to speed your transformation. This is all good news, as it won’t take so long and will be mostly easier. The main challenge in this wave of awakening souls is that many have little experience with spiritual practice and many know nothing about this. It comes on so sudden and unexpected and the first thing that rises is FEAR. What you need to realize is this is a natural process, many are going through it and you are going to be okay and will not go crazy. Just learn how to quell the mind-voice which is where the fear comes from, learn how to relax and go with the flow of what is unfolding and do not take off in mental fantasies.

IMPORTANT: what you see in terms of visions, experiences, visits from entities, lights, vibrations, vivid dreams and ALL SYMPTOMS (which are as varied as there are individuals), are just SIDE-EFFECTS of the transformation process of your personality. ‘What you see’ and ‘what you experience’ will be directly related to your ancestral past, your soul’s journey and your religious belief system (even if you are not aware of it). That’s what makes it so freaky when this stuff rises, you wonder where did this stuff come from. It is part of your DNA or of your SOUL or past lives. So it is information you often did not know about from this lifetime, it is mostly very old history and experiences and beliefs. The thing to understand is NONE of this is YOU, NOR it is TRUTH, see it like deeply buried *memories from the subconscious mind* which are rising to the surface and now coming into conscious awareness.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT a UNIQUE CASE as in YOU are NOT the ONLY GOD, or The God, or the Second Coming, The Goddess, The Christ, The Prophet, The Messiah — or whatever your ancestral religion is expecting. Drop all these notions, it is the ego speaking, it is the collective illusion-dream speaking. The reality is everyone is GOD inside, there is no separate being, and every ego thinks deep down they are GOD, because that is the inbuilt urge to become like GOD. So the only way to actually become like God and continue with one’s ascension process or evolve is to let go the notion you are God, otherwise you can never get rid of the pesky mind-voice and self-created fake self. And if you can’t let that go, you will never fully awaken. So to get full self-realization or awakening one must let go of identity with one’s precious personality that has taken so many thousands of years to grow — let go identity with it completely… It is only by letting go of ‘that old life’, that one will gain ‘everlasting life’.

IMPORTANT: The important thing to understand is who you are in truth has no qualities what-so-ever, you are just PURE SPIRIT, PURE AWARENESS at core. So the most important thing to do is witnessing meditation and self-inquiry each day as much as you can and learn how to be the OBSERVER, or the PURE WITNESS of this profound cleansing and transformation that is happening with your ‘personality’. This requires daily practice to gain these skills. The more you practice the better you get at it. What you are moving towards is ONENESS and the collective and what is going away is the separated individual – the personality. Which does not mean that one will become bland and without character, every person will still have their own unique characteristics, it is just a shift in realizing that all of us make up the One Whole, we are more like brothers and sisters and co-creators versus the old way of thinking where everyone was ‘separate’ and each person was mainly out for themselves.


Especially since late 2014 the awakening is accelerating. The main age group now for new awakenings is 20-30 years and I’ve seen some as young as 15 as well women who are pregnant. I also see a new group of awakening in elderly people who have meditated for a long time in the 60-70 age group range, who are now experiencing kundalini reactions that never did before. I am also noticing people are having peak experiences at this time which seem to be around their birthdays.  I have been writing many articles here in my blog to try to keep up with the demand for help.

INFORMATION: I have many free articles and transformation tools on my blog about awakening and to help with awakening. The following articles are of particular interest for newly awakened, to give basic information and help with the first awakening steps and learn how to use transformation tools to help with transformation of mental and emotional conditioned patterns, which are the first things to clear.

Many Are Awakening Right Now
Anxiety and Mental Health Help
Emotional Help

IS THIS AN AWAKENING? The awakening is happening to EVERYONE, what symptoms you get are dependent upon the awakening step you are working on. Awakening now is not based on prior spiritual experience in this lifetime, so many are shocked and do not know what to do and yes, fear and panic are the first things and going to doctors who can’t find anything wrong. (However, it is really hard to tell if your experience is from awakening or a medical problem, so it’s advisable to get a reality check and go to the doctor just to be sure.)

READ MY FREE BOOK: Our Light Body, it will answer many kundalini awakening questions. So please if you have a question read the book first to conserve my time, before firing off your questions to me. If someone really wants help, they will read it. Many are writing me now saying this information has been very helpful for them at this time.

I highly suggest reading these 3 books, I Have more information on each in my My Favorite Books section
1. Waking from the Dream by Detong Choyin  (Enlightenment, finding out about reality)
2. The Little Book of Hercules by William Bodhri (Help to understand Spiritual Cultivation, Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Steps)
3. Life is Binary by Vivbala  (Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

EMAIL / DISCUSSION SUPPORT: Please be sure you read my free online book first as it will often answer questions you have, saving me precious time. After reading my book if you still have a question, make your question as specific as possible and then ASK BETSY and I will answer you. I do not charge anything for email questions. If you would like more support or to discuss your experience with other people, I suggest you join this kundalini & awakening discussion group, which has people with much experience in this process. I also am in this group. You can just join and read the posts and often can find an answer to a question you have that someone has already asked.

Kundalini & Awakening Help Group in Facebook

PHONE GUIDANCE: More people each day are writing me with awakening experience and are asking for my help, and many would like me to just pick up the phone and have a chat with them. I totally understand this and I would love to do this but the reality is I simply do not have enough time to talk with everyone seeking help! I do offer phone support but I charge a low hourly rate for it. If you are interested in talking with me, please email me and will we arrange payment and schedule a time to talk. I offer this service as well distance healing for awakening help at Betsy’s Distance Healing

July 8, 2015

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