Your Awakening Vision

Your Awakening Vision

 When you truly detach from your physical world you will awaken. Your true self will be revealed, a whole new world will open up before you and you will receive your vision in four parts, each of which will be EXPERIENCED VISCERALLY over the course of several weeks. Afterwards, all these experiences and abilities will gradually fade and you will feel normal again. But there will be one aspect that doesn’t fade, you have seen your true self and will always know your center and what you are not. The other thing that won’t fade is the experience of this awakening itself. The awakening experience itself is the vision, it is your revelation. The vision shows you the four stages of detachment that you get individual identity from and what you need to accomplish to reach full enlightenment. The experience itself gives you a TASTE of what of what full enlightenment will FEEL like.


First I will rise into your body and I will open your eyes.
When you let go of your physical world, you experience my world.

You will see your true face, the creator behind your body.
This is so shocking that you might ask aloud: “I AM GOD?”
You will see the world newly each time, as being alive, always moving and vibrant.
You will see beauty all around that far surpasses the best painting ever painted.
You will see colors with such vibrancy and depth you never have seen before.
You will hear all sounds at once for miles around, and know what each means.
You will detect subtle scents never before recognized and get information from them.
You will detect subtle flavors and know what is good and bad by taste.
You will be hyper-sensitive to everything you encounter.

This is part of your vision, I am giving you the experience of true seeing.


Next I will rise higher into you at the level of your mind and my knowing will replace your knowing. When you let go of your knowing, you have direct access to my knowing.

You will speak spontaneously; words of light will fly out of your mouth.
My wisdom will come to you and automatically be written.
When speaking with others, you will speak with my voice.
When listening to others, you will hear with my ears.
You never have to think about anything, knowing is spontaneous.
You will receive all the information you need to know to fully awaken.

This is part of your vision, I am giving you the experience of true knowing.


Next I will rise higher into you at the level of vibration and my ability to control energy will replace yours. When you let go of controlling energy, you will experience my ability to renew.

If you are too thin you will gain weight, if you are too fat you will lose the excess.
You will know exactly what to eat and eat exactly the amount you need to eat.
Your body will stop aging and you will feel like you are young again.
You will have ability to heal yourself and others.
You will not tire and will not need to sleep.
Your body will move spontaneously.
Sexual energy will be robust.
You will feel intensely alive and energetic with a strong vibration in the body.
You will be sensitive to feeling energy vibration in all beings and things.

This is part of your vision, I am giving you the experience of true healing ability.


Next I will rise higher into you at the level of your soul and will show you your past.
When you let go of your individuality, you will experience oneness.

The window to your soul will open and you will see you have lived before.
You will become aware of past persona’s and the sound of them will be deafening.
Looking back through all these lives, it will seem you are eternal.
From your history you will become aware of your intention for this lifetime.
When past life memories become visible as thought, you will experience thinking from a mind that feels buried deep below the surface with the capability like a computer that is churning through millions of experiences to come up with an answer. When you identity with this mind, you will become fully blind to outside experiences and can do something having no sense of time passing. This is a WARNING — you do not want to attach to this mind, it will put you in a big HEAD TRIP, make you crazy and completely blind.
After you detach from your individuality which is kept together by your pastlifes, which is like the seed of you, the container that keeps individuality together, then the past life memories will release, our attachment to individuality will end as all these memories and energy are merged into the one.

This is part of your vision, I am showing you what ultimately keeps you in identity.


The first awakening is only the beginning! Your revelation shows you step by step what you need to detach from or let go of, which correspond to the four main ways that energetically keep us in individual identity.  As you detach from each aspect of identity, this is known as growth or self-realization. After each step is experienced directly, you will move to the next step as you work towards attaining full ONENESS. You only need open eyes to begin and a willingness to work for it. You have been given all the information you need and also your road map. The visceral experience, the gifts you experienced on the four levels over a short period of time, are showing you exactly what you will feel like when you have reached the end. This experience itself will negate our tendency to believe we are finished or are fully awake.

With our vast ability to know, we are easily fooled. For those of you who have NOT had this Visceral Experience and received this vision, you have not yet truly awakened. If you HAVE had this Visceral Experience and received this vision and are not having all these experiences full time, you are not fully awakened and are still in identity at least in parts. If you continue to work on self-inquiry and don’t stop meditating, you will continue to grow and will have increasing abilities of many of these revealed experiences, but never fully. Many of you who have awakened have stopped growing because you believe you are ‘enlightened’. The longer you have believed this, the more all these abilities will fade. Your light will become dim, you will become forgetful, you will repeat yourself, you will get diseases and turn old. Because you firmly believe this, nobody can tell you otherwise as you will just think they are the ones that can’t see. Nobody needs to point out the truth to you, it has already been revealed to you. I am sure every one of you from deep in your heart wants the truth. Now it only needs courage and desire for truth to turn back to ourselves and start to honestly question ourselves and deepen our meditation efforts.

Your vision will be revealed to you in this order and as you work on attainment of full awakening, you will realize each of these steps in this order, by detaching from that way we get our identity. But understand you are only detaching from one layer of identity, so the abilities at each level still will not come to you fully until you reach the very end. After each major step you complete, I will rise into you again to the next level of identity and you will have another strong Visceral Experience that is unmistakable just like the first. Each following rising is stronger than the first. When you near the end of the journey, after the 3rd rising of IAM, then you will see your vision from your first awakening and all of it will come back to you and you will understand what it was. You will understand you are now moving through it in reverse order as you fully realize each step and receive the benefits full time that were shown to you.

Until you reach the end of your journey, you need the four parts or abilities that give you individual identity, so you can continue to make experiences and learn from them by questioning them so you can continue to grow. Thus it is good to know you will still be behaving blindly, acting like a fool just like everyone else. You will believe your story that what you see is truth, and move your energy in action and response through your interpretation, to get your feeling of existence out of it. This can be deceiving, because as you grow you have more capabilities to not attach to identity and can easily fool yourself into believing you are not in identity. There is much misinformation about this. The truth is you need reflected thought and all your past experiences and ability to question this arisen knowing, so you can continue to ask: Who Am I? When you have asked: “Who Am I?” for the final time and directly SEE the final answer, then you no longer need reflected thoughts which creates the illusion of ‘me’. After this experience the I AM will arise and the past lives will be revealed again and you will understand that this structure or seed is what is keeping individual identity going over all our lifetimes giving the illusion we are eternal and also keeping us behaving like everyone else which is blindly.

The truth is when you are fully enlightened there is no more reflected thought or arisen knowing, there is no need for experiences of your individual history nor is there a need to voice questions internally. The phenomena of ‘me’ or of visible thoughts either as triggered memories or mind-chatter totally disappears – gone, only pure quiet remains. Then Seeing, Knowing & Being are all spontaneous, you are full open channel to express oneness on all levels, no longer limited by your individual past. One more thing, after you let go of identity with your past lives, then you understand that the eternity they seemed to show you because you can look through them and see only ‘transformation of form’ by itself is only an energy form, like a seed, creating the illusion you were immortal…

No matter where you are in your journey to reach the end, you only have to keep using our innate abilities that everyone has to observe ourselves, question ourselves, quiet our mind-chatter to receive guidance and wisdom and to keep working to get the answer to: “Who Am I?” and to deepen our meditation or ability to let go. The more we stay honest and question ourselves to get the truth, the more we commune with our creator by becoming still in mind by meditating and learning how to let go or surrender, the more we will grow. More you don’t need to know.

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