Body Pain When Meditating

Question: I recently began meditating more regularly. I definitely feel more energy moving during my meditation than ever before. I am having a lot of discomfort in my upper back, more than usual from an unidentified cause. My chiropractic adjustment (muscle testing) seemed to show that it was coming from my neck, but now the pain has switched to the opposite side of my upper back. Also, I am noticing a LOT of heat in the upper part of my body when I cry.

I have experienced many episodes of this kind of body pain when meditating and for me it was not due to a physical problem. In the beginning when the energy started rising high then my body would slide into various positions and I was in what I now call a hold. I could observe the energy in the body building tension at the location where I was feeling body pain. I could see the energy pulsing on that area and trying to push through it. I used the hold as a signal to go deeper into my meditation and hold the position until the pain receded.

I learned much about surrender and how to stay quiet sitting through and allowing these kinds of painful holds. You learn how to not identify with it and just observe and then also you start to see what is being done and can see the energy movement and conversion of healing pain to pleasure as your energy increases. Usually the pain would go away. Sometimes it didn’t and then I would stop and the next time I was meditating it might pick up again on the same body part or it may have moved on to another part. The purpose of all this is beyond the scope of this article.

These holds continue today (after after about 2 years since my full-blown kundalini awakening), but of course are working on different areas and in different ways today. The way I see them is that energy is working on nervous tissue or finer tissues, to open up an area of the body. Much like what happens when one gets an energetic body treatment, such as reiki. (I can put myself into a hold by giving myself a reiki self-healing.) There is not much physical movement during the hold, one can visually observe it inside one’s body as the energy works on the area and one can feel when the energy work is done. But with kundalini awakening and transformation that’s not the end of it. When the hold is over then one’s energy is higher and one’s body is now looser or longer in a sense. This higher energy will now collect at and start to work on the next restriction, all in the order it needs to be done to continue to increase your vibration. It doesn’t need any decision on what body part to work on, indeed you could never figure it out. Our part is just to allow it. Later I would notice that a spontaneous kriya stretch would then work this area physically. It was always like the area was being prepared to then later stretch it out, having made the change to the nervous system in this area laying out the path for greater movement in the stretch.

In regards to the heat, the heat rises in me quite often when extra energy is needed to loosen body restrictions. Heat in healing is the symptom that greater energy is being used to heal something. When you cry you release built up emotional energy which is held in body tissues, so also crying can happen when energetic work is being done on a tissue in the body that is holding emotional memories. This would also be an area that’s very tight because of held emotional tension, so heat would be needed to loosen it. We do hold a lot of tension in our shoulder girdle and neck and muscles of the upper back, because there are so many muscles here connecting to the skull, not to mention the muscle complexity, which is strongly related to our facial and emotional expressions.

I can’t be sure what is going on in your case because I don’t know you, but I feel that if you observe more closely in your meditation and ask a question about it you will get the answer about what is happening and what you might need to do if anything.


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