How Can I Activate Kundalini?

Question: How can I activate kundalini? I am trying with breathing exercises now but I don’t feel anything. The exercise that I am doing is very simple: I inhale and try to feel how the energy is going up from the root chakra to the crown chakra. To be honest I do not feel the energy.

From what I know from my own experience the kundalini force will not activate until your awareness is high enough. To rise your awareness there is needed only one exercise to do correctly and that is to quiet your thinker or stop clinging to arising thoughts. Every second you succeed in becoming truly quiet in mind; your awareness energy will rise and your system will change all by itself. This change is kundalini transformation. This takes time and practice is what is needed to accomplish it. The more you practice the more you will become aware, that is if you are not lost in a thinking loop or technique in your meditation. For this reason it’s good to get your meditation practice checked by someone who is more advanced, who can see if you might be caught in a mind technique and help steer you beyond it.

There are many techniques that can help you to quiet your thinker, both physical and meditation sitting practices. Energy sensitivity increases as your awareness level rises. It is normal that most people cannot feel their energy vibration when starting. As you practice your awareness will raise SLOWLY. When it gets high enough then you will become more sensitive to feeling the energy. I would suggest that you drop the technique of watching the energy flow from root to crown because this needs use of the mind which is contradictory to achieving deep surrender or quiet mind state, besides which you can’t feel the energy. In place of this I suggest you learn meditation techniques that are proven to get results for many over the years. Please check the resources below.

The other important element of activating kundalini is not a technique, rather it is simply using one’s mind to question yourself, or questioning what you observe that appears in your consciousness. This is known as self-inquiry, or using our mind to find the root cause of the thoughts that appear, where do they come from? In this way we find the source or our true nature which is our ultimate goal.


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