Can you Die from Kundalini Awakening?

Question: I read that if people have no enlightened teacher as a guide and if Kundalini energy awakened, the person without any guidance could die. That the body would deteriorate if energy trapped in chakras does not flow up to the crown chakra. Has anybody gone through a complete Kundalini transition without any guidance? What is the truth here in terms of dying from Kundalini?

I have gone through the Kundalini Transition without a guru or teacher. This does not mean I did not have guidance! I was guided by the universal intelligence that is present everywhere and anytime I had a question. When it was hard, I simply got quiet, asked my question or asked for help and I received the answer or help I needed to go on.

I feel strongly that Kundalini Awakening is only triggered when you are ready to go through it, because your higher self is actually the source that triggers it. Your higher-self which is vastly intelligent is not going to give you something which is threatening to your survival. If kundalini awakening is triggered and it is a challenge for you and you are afraid you might die, consider the alternative if it were not triggered. Might you die anyway, because the cosmic vibration is becoming too strong to be able to adapt to faster changing external conditions and you might not be able to survive in the old human form? Resistance to change has always been the human problem, and this resistance comes from our fixed ego aspect. Our true self wants to evolve and change. Kundalini awakening is a growing phenomenon and when it happens we cannot turn it off. It is the same, as when our teeth come in; we cannot stop the growing of our teeth. The best is to accept our reality and not to resist what is. In the state of non-resistance our growing will be much easier.

In the beginning it was a bit scary at times, more so because I did not know what was happening and had little support or information about this process. I did not die, although at times it felt like I might. Fear of dying came from the ego that was dying, not from my higher-self. When aware there is no fear. If you have fear, then you recognize it is ego manifestation, and you get quiet and relax, then the fear goes away. When you let go of the fear, then you can receive the answer you need to guide you. Kundalini transformation has the purpose to dissolve the last elements of your ego and enlighten you in the body. To become enlightened you have to let go of attachment to all material aspects, which include body, mind, emotions and even external teachers. You are entering into unknown fields, yet there is a rock of stability and that is your ability to be aware itself. The more you let go of attachment to physical aspects, the more you are guided and the more self-sovereign you become. The more you let go, the more aware you become. This is a journey that everyone must take alone. In the end nobody can teach you how to be aware and be as *love*, you must do it yourself by letting go of your fear. When there is no fear, love is present.

I feel the essential part of kundalini transformation is learning how to be higher-self and becoming self-sovereign and independent from authorities. You are learning how to become a master. This is my seventh year of the transformation and it is much easier now than it was at the start. In all this time, I have been through quite a bit, yet never have I been hurt. In contrary, each year I feel stronger and the benefits I receive are well worth the journey. I would do it all over again. I have an online book of my first year of this experience with insights I have learned about it: Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial.


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