How Can I Find My True Heart?

How Can I Find My True Heart Center?

Question: “The goal for me is to balance the emotional heart and mind in order to find the true heart center.”

This is a great intention as a goal — however one must be able to look very near and deep to understand the truth: The ‘you’ can’t DO this. No matter what ‘you’ try to do, it won’t work. It’s not a matter of having a technique to accomplish ‘what you want’, because when there is a technique in play then the ‘you’ is busy doing – the ‘you’ is activated and running full tilt, ‘you’ are and YOU is not. The two aspects of self don’t exist at same time, your energy can only be focused in one aspect of self. As long as there is an intention (goal, technique, want, desire, etc.), then ‘you’ is the manifest aspect of self. To get to that ‘true heart center’, one must only stand still, to let go of control of running things, to relax using one’s energy as being ‘the you’. When you do simply that, then it happens you are in your heart center. People can spend a lifetime looking outside trying to find the heart center, when it’s there all the time ready for you to recognize it.

To say it another way read this poem: Open Up Your Heart

March 26, 2011

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