Can Kundalini Give Super Powers?

Kundalini is widely misunderstood. When people first encounter the spiritual dimension of themselves, then they give mysterious names to things they encounter and don’t understand simply because they have no no language for it yet.

As kundalini is used as a term today, it means the energy that is inside you like life-force energy that everyone has. When kundalini is not activated, it means that ‘you’ are mostly still in the state of being identified with your personality. When you start to practice meditation effectively, energy or dominance of personality is reduced and the energy inside you as ‘awareness’ starts to emerge and strengthen. This is transformation and it takes time, it is a gradual process. You have to be willing to surrender yourself, to let go of the way you think you are, and have a strong desire to find out who you truly are and to have the dedication to practice daily. To reduce personality you have to go against yourself, and few are willing to do this work because they don’t really want to change.

There is no technique to learn this, as it’s not something that the mind can help you with, but there are ways you can practice. The energy of personality is predominant in humans because of our identification with our true self as our reflected aspect. We believe we are what we tell ourselves. Animation as the personality uses up all our free awareness or innate energy. To transform our personality is a matter of withdrawing energy from the personality and then kundalini rises — slowly, step by step.

The potential of a human whose energy is no longer occupied with pretending to be the false-self is much greater than what most people know, mostly because few people today (if any) have reached ‘full enlightenment’.  When people come forth who have completed this process, then we will have more information about our full potential and possible super powers.

Because I am not at the stage of fully enlightened I can only speak of the benefits I have noticed with reduction of influence of the personality and increased awareness.

Rarely get ill, robust immune system.
Rarely have misery or suffering.
Rarely have fear.
Slow down in aging process.
Increasing love and compassion for all beings.
Happy to be alive and enjoy life very much.
Efficient digestion without toxin buildup.
Excellent vision, hearing and other senses, beyond normal.
Free of mental illnesses and stress.
No longer get lost in dream world, interpretation or being a drama queen.
Feeling of boundless energy.
Feeling of being physically fit.
Ability to think very fast and with much clarity.
Ability to learn new information quickly.
Ability to spontaneously react.
Ability to spontaneously adapt to the changing world.
Ability to self-heal and help others heal.
Increased insight and wisdom.
Increased creativity.
Able to get answers to questions directly from source (intuition).

I feel these rewards are enough reason to get started with meditation today!


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