Can Kundalini Symptoms Be Lessened?

I found that kundalini transformation is about total surrender of mind and body. When fully surrendered our higher-self or being takes over, which is experienced as a rush of energy and also is that which creates the symptoms we experience as transformation ensues.

I feel that a large part of kundalini transformation is learning better to go to center, as the observer, to watch the metamorphosis going on in the body. At first I felt it as painful and unwanted, or like negative symptoms, and I felt like a victim. Later when it got more painful, this pushed me even more to center to be able to take it. As I learned to do that, then I realized it was part of the process to learn how to surrender at will when needed. Then while in observing mode like this, I noticed that I knew there was pain in the body, but it was in the background. It was like I could see the locus of pain at the point in the body, as a point of fire or transformation. On one side I saw the energy rushing into the point of body being worked, then the pain was felt at the point, and behind it pleasure with the new healed tissue behind it while was filling with tingling blissful energy. I could see energy flowing away from that point being ‘healed’ and going down to the root, collecting, reforming and building energy in the pelvic bowl. I watched this process many hundreds of hours. My conclusion was that transformational pain was only experienced when I resisted ‘mentally or emotionally’ when I identified with the symptom as unwanted and negative. When I let go of that notion and went into quiet stillness, then there was no pain.

With that said, I don’t think the question should be about lessening symptoms, as symptoms are the signs one is being healed. The nature of personality and why it stays in place is because we don’t want to change. When we feel symptoms as annoying and negative, then it means we are resisting that which we feel as painful. All healing has the side effect of transformational pain, as when tissues mend and reform; there is heat and reorganization. But as ‘practicing higher beings’, there is nothing that we are faced with which we don’t have the strength to confront. That it is happening now, means it is a challenge we are ready to take on. If we don’t want the symptoms and side effects of the bodily changes and healing process, then we are reacting emotionally and resisting our own healing process. This resistance is what is causing the pain. The majority of pain that is felt comes from resistance, and what we are resisting is self-change, or metamorphosis itself.

Rather we should change our attitude and welcome symptoms and see them as signs of healing and transformation. When we do that, then we can lessen our resistance to the kundalini transformation process and rather nurture it and help it along by becoming a better observer. Learning to be relaxed and at ease in the no-mind state is our inherent destination. Who is it that doesn’t want to transform into our true being?

If we have the attitude to not want the symptoms then we are resisting the process of metamorphosis itself. I also don’t agree with medicating the symptoms because it’s the same thing as being resistant to the healing process and not learning how to go beyond one’s own resistance – which is that perceived as ‘unwanted pain’. To transform and heal, we have to welcome transformational pain as part of the process. There is no other way around it. By practice of relating to arising symptoms rather than escaping from them, we learn to go to center as being and stay calm at the center, which is the end-goal. So if we can see kundalini symptoms as positive and as signs of healing vs. something that needs to be avoided or eliminated, it will greatly help the progress of our kundalini transformation. If we resist, it takes much longer.


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21 comments on “Can Kundalini Symptoms Be Lessened?
  1. Hi Betsy, thanks of the useful information. Always fear comes whenever new sensation happens inside body then after few days everything gets normal. And again whenever new sensation and more energy begins to enter my body, fear comes. Please advice what to do in this case.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      You are welcome. The fear comes from your thoughts. You are not going to disappear or die. The energy comes from you, it is you expanding into yourself. You are just transforming and healing your body and it doesn’t happen overnight, it reality it takes a long time — think years. You change a little at a time. When a session is over, you will see, you haven’t changed very much at all. Still the same self, maybe a tiny bit changed. And that’s how it goes for a long, long, time. You are always getting used to every change, it’s a growing process that takes time to complete, just like turning into adolescent. Once you understand you are not going to hurt yourself, that this happening is a wonderful miracle, then what is there to be afraid of? Once you can trust in that, then just learn to relax and feel the energy flowing through you, just feel and observe. The better you are at observing the sensations and feeling them, the more your mind will quiet and your body tension will relax and then the energy can easily flow where needed and will feel good. You become one with yourself, with the flow of energy — alive, alert, observing it all — certainly NOT dying! It just takes practice to learn the knack of it and not want to run. Once you get through the fear reaction and not react to it, then the entire process becomes much easier. Hope that helps! Betsy

  2. Suraya says:

    Thank you for this good and down to earth information.
    I had a full blown kundalini awakening that began nearly six years ago and is still ongoing.
    I had a spiritual teacher at the time but he did not want to discuss kundalini and it has been difficult to find clear information that relates to how this is a deep transformational and healing process.
    My own awakening began fairly gently but soon became very intense and the pain in my upper spine and neck was,and is at times severe. I even had scans and xrays as it felt as if something was medically,seriously wrong..I had no idea that kundalini could do this. The doctors could find no physical reason for the excruciating pain. I took strong painkillers for a while but since realising all this was connected to kundalini I have been able to only use them on occasions. My voice as well shut down for a while and for months I was unable to speak at all clearly. The doctors were baffled by the symptoms. Yes, I too have discovered the way is to surrender deeply and allow the energy to do its work. Still I can find normal functioning difficult sometimes…for example grocery shopping. I can get intense muscle spasms and pain around my neck and shoulders whilst in town doing the weekly shop..I even collapsed a couple of times on the floor in the supermarket because the energy was shooting down my legs and up my spine. Its pretty hard not to feel some resistance when its like this. For most of the day my mind is quiet and I surrender and have to lie down on the floor or bed for an hour or two at regular intervals. At night it can also be very active and the energy around the third eye area uncomfortable…with a lot of wizzing and whirling…all good fun! I used to work full time but cant imagine how that would be possible now with all this intense kundalini.
    There are of course times of great bliss as well. I just wondered if there is a way to calm it down sometimes so I can more comfortably do things that have to be done..?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Suraya, thanks for your appreciation of the information, sharing your journey with readers of this blog and for your question. I still get kriyas frequently, but mostly when I am in meditative state and this is my 10th year. At this point is it very easy in this physical sense for me, the healing is quite effective and I feel many of the spine and joint defects I had are nearly healed. I still work with it consistently every day. In my journey, it gets easier every year and I never had any problem controlling unwanted reaction while out and about. I learned I could tell my body to settle down and it would obey until appropriate place to release the tension.

      In the first year or two, the body tension in various areas was the strongest and when I needed to go out, I would do a standing session to release the strong tension prior or find a bathroom where I could do a quick stretch. This usually gave me an hour or two before it built up again to strong level. Are you doing any kind of spontaneous stretch routine to open the joints and/or release physical tension? I found this was key part of my healing process. I mainly use these 2 routines which came to me from insight, I still do them today, although the Quicken Touch routine is very much simplified because my nervous system is greatly expanded so it only needs a bit to activate the energy centers/channels.

      Quicken Touch:
      Moving as Being:

      I would also direct you to read my free online book which describes how I worked in detail with the various things that came up for the first year, which covers most problems people encounter.

      Hope that Helps!
      Love & Blessings,

    • Mamata Anurag says:

      HI Suraya,

      There are a few pertinent questions you might want to ask yourself here – Are you the intended recipient of all this energy at this very moment? Even if you believe you are, do you have the time and capacity to receive and work on it?

      In an electric circuit, if the current floods the circuit way beyond the limits, the capacitances blow off. Because they can only receive the current that their specifications allow…for whatever limits they are built for. Similarly, there might be infinite energy in the Universe, but we might have neither the capacity nor the need to receive all that, in a finite time!

      So no matter how much an individual works on how to deal with the flooding energy, there is no way that the individual can manage the flooding energy at any given moment. Rather, it would be more sensible to find out how NOT to be a recipient of that flood, if you wish to, that is!

      If you could direct the energy back to its source, it would at least be available to those who need it, those who are really in deficit of it. I’m not one of them NOW, but I was one of them some time ago – one of those who are in heavy deficit of energy whiling their life in void. I had intermittent phases of energy spiking, but most of the time was in deficit of it. As for me, at least the energy spikes were manageable, because during such phases I could manage to do my job. But energy deficit is a pretty terrible phase, I can personally vouch for that, since it feels as though you are literally blocked of all the resources, the most precious of them – time! Its like literally freezing in time, with no mind or will whatsoever to do anything.

      The more you want to take, the more you might get the energy. Perhaps that is the sequence already in action with you. But if you could direct that energy back to its source, it could be distributed to those in need. The human collective, I believe is given a quota of energy and as I see it, it is unevenly distributed. If that can be evened out, its a win-win for all!

      Again, this is NOT to say that you should not take any energy at all. Ideally, infinite energy too can be received, but it needs infinite time. So a well balanced continuous and gradual flow of finite packets of energy is what we need. That is the goal for the collective, I suppose.

      – Mamata.

      • betsy rabyor says:

        Hi Mamata,

        Thanks for contributing your interesting perceptive on this topic. I have not had the experience of void you speak of and don’t understand this idea of finite energy. I responded to the kundalini awakening how I knew to do it when it happened, which was to surrender to a ‘higher-power’. I let source guide me on what to do. I understand what I’ve been doing is like a ‘death absorption’, while in meditative state of Samadhi, my mass in converting to energy (light body)– which happens when one travels at the speed of light where Time stands still. I see the main resource I have been using is my own life, or collected energy of my soul’s journey. It’s like tapping into the infinite source, available to all those who are open to receive it. It is like being a receiver of sunlight, just like a plant that grows on the earth or of solar cells on roof tops. The majority of sun’s energy is reflected back out to space, and only a small fraction of it is used by the planet. Certainly putting more solar cells on roof tops and making them more efficient will give everyone who does that more ‘clean energy’, without taking from others.

        I think if one makes the decision to direct the energy when kundalini is triggered, to make oneself into ‘some-person’ using one’s intention, then in that time frame one tends to use up one’s mass and deplete oneself because no light-body capability is created, thus one’s ability to continue to receive source energy becomes limited and then one gets depleted. If you rather decide not to use your intention for the energy surge and just ‘surrender to it’, then the source does the changes needed for you. To me this is summed up when Jesus said: “For whoever wills to save his life will lose it and whoever will lose his life for me will find it.” Death absorption is a scary notion, but by being willing to die for others, to give up yourself, the reality is one gains life for everyone.

        When I read Suraya’s account, what occurs to me is she likely has a defect in the cervical or upper thoracic spine (could be lower spot also) and the energy is stuck there, so like building pressure in a body that continues to give her strong kriyas until those upper channels open. I don’t think she will get relief until she opens them. By energizing the channels with acupressure and reiki and then following that with stretches, the vertebrae will shift, the energy channels will open and this will then give relief.


        • Mamata Anurag says:

          Dear Betsy,

          You wrote: “I think if one makes the decision to direct the energy when kundalini is triggered, to make oneself into ‘some-person’ using one’s intention, then in that time frame one tends to use up one’s mass and deplete oneself because no light-body capability is created, thus one’s ability to continue to receive source energy becomes limited and then one gets depleted. If you rather decide not to use your intention for the energy surge and just ‘surrender to it’, then the source does the changes needed for you.”

          Nobody has the capability to transform into something they ARE NOT. In the same way, even if due to ignorance somebody denies their identity, whoever THEY ARE, the identity still remains.

          Even as you say that one must surrender without any intention for energy surge which results in source doing the needed changes there is still an underlying desire and expectation to use/take that energy. What I’m saying is, maybe the source did not intend that huge energy for any single person on Earth in the first place. Why would Source intend infinite energy for a finite person and a finite life? Is human life infinite? How do you know for sure that all this huge energy is coming to people with the intention from the Source that it is actually meant for them? What do you think people must do with this energy for years, infact decades? How do you know for sure that 10 or 20 years of work (and commensurate energy) is needed? Maybe an year or two should ideally suffice? How do you know that this process is not falsely being used by some higher power to exploit energy?

          What I’m asking Suraya to assess for his/her self is – if you strongly believe that you are not able to deal with the energy or if you do not know what to do with the energy (if you do not see the point of taking it for years continuously), then you might want to direct back to its Source – good or bad.

          You wrote: “I responded to the kundalini awakening how I knew to do it when it happened, which was to surrender to a ‘higher-power’” Even with my first comment to you in your guestbook when I started communicating with you in 2013, my idea is to ask people to discern whether the higher power they are surrendering to is good or bad. I know it is difficult to do this, especially because that higher power is more powerful than our human selves. But when there is this awareness that there are evil higher powers trying to deplete the energy stores of humanity and Earth and using people undergoing Kundalini Awakening as ‘energy buffers’, one can atleast do this – when you do not feel good using the energy, give it back! Maybe Betsy, you personally feel good using the energy you are receiving because you have the capacity for it, but somebody else might not. So it is for the individual to decide whether or not to use it or give it back. Neither your testimonial of Awakening nor mine can be a standard to decide and generalize that the energy ought to be taken or given back. The decision must be in the individual’s discretion!

          • betsy rabyor says:

            Dear Mamata,

            When you detach from identity, source energy easily flows through you, and what is seeded in your DNA, unfolds or grows, just like an acorn grows into an oak tree if given sunlight, good soil and water. Everything is constantly transforming, but humans because of ignorance of their true nature cling to their self believing it to be real, which in effect stunts their growth. There is a difference between having a personality and being a unique expression of the Oneness, versus being identified with that personality.

            I never felt like I was taking energy, it was always the feeling of transforming the old self into energy self, which is in-situ metamorphosis. Huge amount of energy is contained in each cell in the body, with fission process you release that energy. When you detach from identity with mind and body, then this energy release happens from the body itself. The kundalini energy before was being used to keep the structure of personality or a rigid form in place, as one quits grasping at that, then this energy is released and a ‘new structure’ is formed. I see this new structure as the new species of human being which is currently evolving on this planet, called it Homo Spiritus. It will be beings that exist at higher vibration, more light than mass, more adaptable to changing conditions. At first it seemed like another entity like ‘God’ was doing this remaking of the body, but eventually that split dissolved and I saw that the reality was there is only one True Self or Being that exists and that being was me and I was the one remaking the body. There is only One Being, and it is the same inside every person. It is a delusion any self exists at all. Everyone has plenty of energy in their own body, to fuel this process, one just needs to know how to do it.

            Everyone has basically the same amount of energy in their body, as all humans have about the same number of cells. The sun is shining every day and radiates down upon the earth. How I see reality is there is abundance of energy (source), all that we need and we are just learning how to tap into it. Each person’s *temporary* finite allocation would be this lifetime, with that mind and body and soul the One being has appropriated. But one must understand, that all beings on the planet are just different manifestations or variations of the single existing One Being. How I see it, is it is choice for each person on what to do with the life they have, which will be based on that person’s soul’s journey so far (karma). You either cling to your identity or let it go and ‘die to self’ for others. As you let go identity with self, oneness emerges. That’s the essence of the transformation happening. I chose the later. One is not right or wrong, they are just different choices depending upon one’s journey.

            I think it is FEAR based thinking coming from false notion of self, that is worried about higher powers exploiting energy or evil powers or being taken over for foreign entities. Objects/others don’t have any properties themselves existing inherently in the objects, such as Good or Bad. Good / Bad comes totally from the mind of the perceiver. What one person sees as good another will see as bad or even indifferent. When one believes in evil powers, one tends to attract that kind of energy or better said: One Creates it, as part of one’s own dream — being caught in duality.


  3. Mamata Anurag says:

    Dear Betsy,

    Last week, I was thinking of making a post on conflict between the extremes, but I guess I’ll be writing a fair share of it here.

    Duality and Non-Duality: As I read through your comment, I felt Duality is being discussed in the context of Non-Duality and vice versa, Non-Duality being discussed in the context of Duality. I can easily separate the contexts and make that evident.

    You wrote – “There is only One Being, and it is the same inside every person. It is a delusion any self exists at all.”“You either cling to your identity or let it go and ‘die to self’ for others. As you let go identity with self, oneness emerges.” You also wrote earlier – ” I see the main resource I have been using is my own life, or collected energy of my soul’s journey.”…”Death absorption is a scary notion, but by being willing to die for others, to give up yourself, the reality is one gains life for everyone.”.

    Let’s put together all these four statements in the context of Non-Duality>. On one hand, you say self is a delusion and that there is only One Being. If ‘self’ is a delusion, then how is it that you own anything at all? Where is your life “alone” here? Everything then must belong to that Oneness, not to you or anyone in particular because that ‘self’ is a delusion after all. How is your life safeguarded and preserved as “your life” in a sequence of lifetimes? How is it even possible that you are willing to die for others? You can only die for yourself then?!? because there is only One Being! No ‘you’, no ‘I’, no ‘others’. But again, I do not understand, for which self ‘you’ are willing to die? For a ‘self’ that does not exist or for a ‘Self’ that is Infinite Oneness?

    Do you see that there are many contradictions all along the path? I can see it clearly. Coz both the contexts are evidently being mixed up. We must talk either in the context of Duality or in the context of Non-Duality and clear it all up, but not both…stick to one! If you apply Non-Duality, there is no life that “YOU” can own up, so you cannot access just your life “alone” without affecting others (and their lives) because everything is a oneness after all! Extending the same Non-Duality, you can never die for others, you can only die for your self, if that self exists at all! But again if you apply Duality, all this is clearly possible. Yes you can have a life of your own, you can own it up, because there is a ‘you’ to own up and to be owned up. You can die for yourself and yes that self exists. You can even die for others. You are actually applying the tenets of Duality all along and yet saying ‘self’ is a delusion and that you are espousing Non-Duality. The Death Absorption that you talk about is impossible in case of Non-Duality, because the death of a Self, is the death of everything that’s part of that Self. You can never save others if you are dying, in that case. Death Absorption might make sense in case of Duality when rightly understood, applied and executed.


    Now that was some analysis of what you wrote. Coming to my understanding, Non-Duality is the Ultimate Reality, no arguing about it. But that does NOT go to say that Duality is an Illusion. It is Duality that is ever in play whenever there is any manifestation at all, of God and Oneness. Every manifestation is an expression of Duality. But the struggle of each of those manifestations is to experience that Non-Duality ultimately. Non-Duality is rarely realized, but when it is, it is a perfect expression of Oneness. There is no ‘you’, there is no ‘I’ and there is no debate of these words through minds. Non-Duality is an experience of that perfect Oneness and there is ‘nobody else’ to argue with, because everything just agrees and is perfectly in place. Even as we think about Non-Duality and strive to realize/experience it, we are striving to achieve it through the attributes and tools of Duality itself. This very discussion happening right now between us is an expression of Duality…Duality in play, in a striving to understand and reach Non-Duality. If Non-Duality was in play, both of us would have the same knowing and hence the same understanding.


    Good and Bad: I completely agree that good and bad are relative. There’s no debating about it. I was not asking Suraya to be bothered about what is good to me or good to others. I was asking Suraya to use his/her own perception of good/bad – that very relative perspective you were referring to. What ever does good to you, is ‘good’ for you, whatever troubles you constantly with no basis/morale for rewarding that pain to you, is bad for you. Isn’t it? If one does not like the energy that is flowing through self and if one’s life is being impeded by it for years and if one does not like it, one has all the rights to perceive it as ‘bad’ even if that very energy feels good for you Betsy, even if you believe that it is a life-transforming energy. It is all relative, isn’t it?

    Again in case of Non-Duality, there is no Relativity, there is only Absolute. So you should not be really saying good and bad is relative if you are indeed espousing Non-Duality. It is only when Duality is in play that good and bad can be relative. It is Duality that is indeed in play, on Earth. Every time a person is raping the other, every time a person is robbing another person’s wealth, every time a person is killing the other (the recent Turkey massacre, does it make any sense at all?!?), every time there is a war, every time an innocent person is beheaded in the name of religion…every time…every time, the Duality is in play. Should these victims just think that there is no good and bad and that the perpetrators are good in their own way? Should we all shut down our eyes to such crimes, saying there is no absolute good and bad and that it is all relative, so maybe the exploiters are right in their own way due to the choices they make?

    Are you saying that the victims in these cases are inviting the perpetrators of these crimes due to their false notion of self out of FEAR? Are you saying that the victims here are creating their own perpetrators in a dream state out of FEAR? Whenever there is any exploitation due to differences in power, there is Duality. So why, when I say that there is a possibility of energy being exploited, do you think that it is a FEAR based notion? To know that there is exploitation happening on Humanity and Earth (maybe not with you specifically), is an insight, it’s an awareness I received through my work as part of Awakening. If identification of exploitation is FEAR, what is it if one is NOT able to identify exploitation or NOT being able to act upon such exploitation even when identified? Ignorance? Cowardice? or Powerlessness? I don’t understand your logic of ‘fear’ and ‘false notion of self’ here.

    Anyway, as per me, in the finite existence of human life on Earth, where Duality is in play, if we do not draw that line between good and bad, the exploited will remain exploited. Even if we remain silent assuming good and bad (or) right and wrong is all relative, our governments and law cannot remain so and they have to arrive at a framework of morality and justice. So yes, the society definitely defines what is good for it and what is bad for it, for a collective well-being, at any given point of time, to progress into future, else it collapses in chaos.


    Within and Without: Again, I must say that in your comments there is a mixing up of both the ends – cause & effect, source and destination, within and without. All this is fine, but if only you are “strictly” confining to Non-Duality.

    The example of Solar Cells receiving abundant energy from Sun is a pretty interesting analogy you brought up. But in this analogy, are you the Solar Cell or are you the Sun? I ask this because, on one end you say you are only using your own soul energy accrued over life times and on the other end you are saying you are tapping into the infinite!

    Again, you might want to invoke Non-Duality and say that Solar Cell and Sun are one and the same, but I’d argue that if the Solar Cell wants to become Sun on Earth, the Earth shall burn. So clearly, the Non-Duality is of no use here because we don’t want a Sun on Earth and in such a case the Solar Cells are all annihilated and they are of no use. Instead, they have only destroyed Earth. So please be clear, are you tapping into a finite energy source or an infinite energy source?

    There is another thing I want to clarify here. How much ever abundant the energy is from Sun, the Solar Energy that is reaching a solar cell is only that which is offered by Earth’s environment. There is that filter first! What is at disposal to solar cells is only that energy that is captured by Earth’s environment. And that is finite owing to Earth’s capacities. This part of the analogy is what is really interesting to me. The Kundalini energy that is being triggered in humans on Earth is also very much limited by the finite energy of Earth. Because Earth with finite energy cannot deal with humans trying to tap in to infinite energy sources outside of Earth. That’s not even possible. Imagine a man with infinite lust asking a woman with finite energy to be at his service saying that he is trying to unleash his ultimate potential of infinite oneness and that he is drawing his “own” reservoirs of desire/energy (or whatever rubbish!) from infinite source. That wouldn’t be sex or love or living in harmony but raping. If one wants to tap into an infinite source that is way beyond the capacity of Earth, then one must be outside Earth. If one wants to be on Earth they ought to deal with the finite energy filters of Earth. Do you see the point? This is the idea of finite energy, I’ve been talking all along. To tap into anything that is infinite, one must be the “Infinite Self” first. Is it possible for a human to be his infinite self on Earth, a finite Earth, that is!?!


    The other side: If in your 10 years of Awakening, if you claim that you have not experienced the phase of Void, then I can only say that you have never touched the other side of the journey. You have laid down your thoughts on how one gets depleted of energy due to clinging and not surrendering. That is indeed a nice way of guessing and extrapolating things you have never experienced, but based on your knowledge alone. But unfortunately your guess is NOT right in my case. My Awakening started from my crown chakra with a beam of consciousness and my Kundalini did not get triggered almost until an year. The initial phases itself were those of energy deficit and it’s not something I landed up into due to incorrect handling of Kundalini or false ideas of self.

    But I did receive cosmic guidance through that Cosmic Consciousness and I received the awareness needed to mature into phases where I could receive the energy needed to cover that deficit. I can say that 3/4th of the experience was that of deficit and 1/4th of it I experienced energy. That 1/4th period included energy spikes too. And that energy was indeed quite sufficient to heal me and balance me. As of now, I experience neither void nor heavy energy spikes.

    The chakra system of human beings is designed to be so that a human being provides a free path to “both” Consciousness and Energy. Whatever enters has to exit someday. At the end of it, the energy/consciousness flow should not impede the lives of human beings and humans themselves should not impede the flow. We are expected to be (or rather evolve into) pure conductors or a “medium” for the convergence of Consciousness and Energy (i.e., for a perfect Shiva/Shakti union and hence the balance of the Earth and Universe) but not pure receivers of Energy. Mind you, the solar cells can only serve as receivers and reservoirs of energy, but can never transmit anything on their own. They are not ‘automatic’ transmitters. If a human being undergoing Kundalini Awakening only takes energy and gives back neither energy (from lower chakras) nor consciousness (never allows transformation of energy into consciousness through higher chakras), then they are playing just that – Receivers and Reservoirs of Energy – those solar cells. Whatever is entering them is never exiting them, so where is the free path here? How is it that they are serving the Oneness here, they are serving one’s own self at best or destroying one’s own self and creating the void for others at worst.

    Along with infinite energy in the Universe, there is infinite Void too. It is a perfect balance of both…all the time! That which IS and that which ISN’T. But we are bothered about infinite energy only, naturally because our manifestation is only part of that which IS. But for Non-Duality, to be realized, that which IS and that which ISN’T must merge. That is when we will be bothered about the burden of void, because as the energy grows infinitely in this Universe, there is always a corresponding burden of void created.


    My conclusion here: The delusion of self and detachment are much overrated concepts in this age of mass awakening. That very self and attachment are needed to strive for and realize the Oneness. The only thing that is important is, to NOT allow the ‘self’ to become a ‘destructive ego’. I have had the fortune of touching both the sides of the journey owing to my own soul karma so far, so I can clearly see the enemies, the exploiters. I understand that if you have not experienced it yet, you might not be able to understand/agree with/believe in it. There is no need to.

    I completely agree that one’s life is what one makes out of one’s choices. I believe and breathe that principle. If you are enjoying your journey, that’s very good. I too am enjoying the fruits of my journey. But all I’m trying to add is, others whose journey is somewhat similar to yours might not necessarily be enjoying it.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mamata, Thank you for your comments, sorry it took some time to get back and reply. The questions on self were good and I’ve been thinking about them since you raised these points and feel I now have more clarity.

      One does not own anything; it only appears that way to the one identified with one’s self-image. Nothing has permanent existence. There is no belonging to anything as nothing has permanence or inherent existence, there is just being. I see that a soul is like a spark of light of the Oneness, which over many lifetimes of experiences collects conditioning, which can be seen as karma and the building of personality (it’s most like a mind). The soul wants to be happy (reunite with Oneness and enlighten) and be freed from suffering, but it is still stuck in cyclic existence, clinging to its own creation. That desire to get freed from suffering and reunite with Oneness, causes subsequent rebirths. Until you liberate yourself from the notion of an inherently existing self, you continue to reincarnate. You become willing to die for others (detach from ID with self-image and let it go), when you understand no self exists (it is all in your mind), the only thing that exists is ONE. If one can become enlightened in earth plane, then because we are all One, that will help all other beings. In summary, you are just giving up your hallucination. Having thought about it deeply, I don’t see any contradictions. The mind can only understand concepts, not something that has no form.

      I see it like reality is applying the non-duality notion that you wrote: “There is no life that you can own up, so you cannot access just your life “alone” without affecting others and their lives because everything is oneness after all.” Everything is obviously interconnected, and every action by another affects all beings. The death part is easy to clear up, the self only exists because you believe it exists, there is actually nothing that dies (I’m not talking about the body here) – you are just clearing your delusion. As far as responsibility, then that is the duality notion, I am responsible for this body-mind self, one could say to enlighten this speck that was implanted long ago which then ends the rebirth cycle. I am motivated to do that to end my suffering. Any notion you are enlightening yourself or want to gain enlightenment for self (which is impossible), just reinforces notion of there being a self at all and keeps one in the rebirth cycle. Death absorption is another topic, but it is still just changing forms, with the same essential One Being and no inherently existing self.

      As I see it, their is neither duality (eternalism) nor non-duality (nihilism) existing, the truth is in between the two. As in: Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form, so reality is more like a dream or play of consciousness. Sure, there are what appears to be solid objects all around, coming into and out of existence – in constant state of change – but duality only comes into play when there is a notion that there is an inherently existing self. One can never achieve enlightenment as long as there is a notion of an inherently existing self (grasping at that is what keeps one in the duality or suffering dream state).

      As far as your comments on Good and Bad, etc, it is all subjective in the mind of the perceiver from viewpoint of duality, so I don’t see reason to make counter points. So far I hear nothing from Suraya, if they come back to read these comments, I trust they will surely arrive to their own dualistic conclusion, whichever way that goes I trust it is right for them…

      Good & Bad: The comments I made on good and bad were all in context of a dualistically oriented mind, which then produces actions which are always self-centered and harmful to others at some level. I was NOT talking about common-sense MORALITY here. It’s obvious the majority are suffering and there is much harm to other beings & exploitation of physical resources being done all around. The world is in desperate need of more love, peace, compassion and awakened beings. I do what I can to reduce planetary suffering by modifying my own behavior, raising my awareness level and reducing my resource consumption and sharing what I know about these things with others.

      Within & Without: I see I am both the Solar Cell and the Sun, both the receiver and the transmitter. So nothing is being lost or gained, it’s all just transformation of form. A solar cell is limited in its ability to absorb and convert sunlight (body limitation), although this keeps increasing over time with technological advances, the same could be seen to be happening over time with the bodies and minds or nervous system of human beings. See it like, anchoring more light-love upon the earth, which to me is a good thing as it increases the possibility for more beings to ascend, for reasons discussed prior in Non-duality section. One can’t absorb infinite amounts, the earth and body are the limitation, but the source is infinite supply. One can tap into the infinite source, because one is the infinite self (there is no other self), the body is not a limitation to make the connection because at heart you are that. When you stop clinging truly to body or mind, then you are tapped in, like being in state of total stillness. The energy runs through you and changes you while in that state, without you needing to do anything or direct it in any way. The same way you can tap into guidance or wisdom, you can tap into energy. I don’t know what is possible to be manifest as on earth, but I can see we are growing over time. But infinite self, definitely not.

      The Other Side: It’s been 16 years, since my crown awakening. As I see it, at the first awakening event, the person releases grip on thoughts long enough for energy to enter the mind. After that then one gets a top down awakening, the energy goes from crown to root. So this is like opening one’s eyes or one’s mind. The second awakening I had was in 2006, what I call full-blown kundalini awakening was 7 years later, which was bottom up and continues to this day, although it seems to be close to finishing. I saw that happened when I let go of body identification long enough. In both awakenings, there were strong kundalini reactions, but the second one was much stronger and never let up the first one faded in about 1 year. I do recall a long dark night after the first awakening, which felt VOID at times. Also in the first time, I had much less energy because I naturally was attached to many conditioned reactions (IMO: the mood making drains energy the most). I’ve had void phases after 2006, but they were very short-lived, which I understand void to mean experience absent of any sensory information. I’ve had other altered states, with different sensory experiences, but it really depends upon what you mean when you use word VOID. Do you rather mean VOID as in dark night of the soul? As far as your own energy levels, I do not know why there is such difference between people, I only know about my own experience. I had no shortage of energy after 2006 awakening, but often felt drained or zapped in 1999 awakening time frame.

      What I notice in myself since 2006, is continuous expansion of the nervous system body, which I can tell from increase in vibration. I thus think it is like building slowly over time a better receiver, capable to hold more light energy, like expanding fractal pattern. I also notice increase in awareness level in this period. I am not sure what exactly I am doing, I’m just following the guidance I had, which it looks like you did the same. From what you describe, I would go with the notion I am expanding receiver ability vs. *absorbing light* at this time, which makes me more sensitive to the growing planetary vibration. Lately, I come across information that when people enlighten (when Shakti meets Shiva), 99% of people lose the body (so they don’t accomplish enlightenment, as it needs to happen in form) – it is the same as physical death – because the vortex is so strong the person cannot hold onto the body. So perhaps by expanding the neural network, this allows the person to be able to absorb that huge energy vortex and not lose the body? I also get the hint, that having a new identity or next life laid down as a kind of ‘energetic blueprint’ waiting in the wings, helps at final union via the intense climatic desire feeling to keep rooted to the body and not depart from the form. The body is Shakti (the receiver, the earth), the source is Shiva (light, sun), obviously they are in the same container of every human being — although Shiva has no boundaries and is everywhere at once. I’ve realized one can have intimate union with Shiva simply with that intention, it doesn’t need a physical being.

      Conclusion comments: In regards to identity. As I see it there is an identity, an evolving self, but it is just a manifestation of the Oneness, a temporary manifestation of form and not having permanence or self-so existence. The spark keeps going, but only so long as it does not deplete it’s own energy supply and/or there is earth/heaven available suitable for reincarnation and growth in subsequent lifetimes. One cannot fly off to any planet to reincarnate, it has to be in vibration range of one’s own evolution level so far, which I imagine pretty much limits people to this earth/heaven. Energy supply I think would depend upon that sparks choices in it’s lifetimes. If over lifetimes one is moving increasingly towards belief of existence of separate self or trying to make oneself into a God for one’s own benefit (becoming more self-centered), then I think one’s inner light would be growing dim or losing energy and vice-versa.

      I can’t write more at the moment, too much sitting… These are all interesting points your bring up, to challenge my mindset and I enjoyed making the comments.

      Love & Blessings,

      • Mamata Anurag says:

        Dear Betsy,

        I’m glad you took the comments in the right vein.

        You wrote: “As I see it, their is neither duality (eternalism) nor non-duality (nihilism) existing, the truth is in between the two.”

        As for me, I believe both are true, but one at a time. Both obviously cannot be true at the same time. That is why we need to delineate the contexts. As for your view of truth being in between the two, it is similar to Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean – “Virtue is a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess, both of which are vices”. “Truth lies somewhere in the middle” is true most of the times, but not all the time, sometimes truth lies at the extremes too. Anywayz, that is a different debate altogether, but the point I’m trying to drive home is, we need to stick to one context and discuss that aspect. Discussing Non-Duality in the context of Duality and vice-versa is like trying to defend a truth using itself and nothing else (self-referential truth), like “What I’m saying is true. It is true because I’m a truthful person!” That would lead us to vicious debates but wouldn’t lead us to light.

        If you say you are both transmitter and receiver, then you must be giving back energy at some point. If you say you are both Sun and Solar Cell, I would say it’s possible, but only one at a time. And if we stick to that time of you being Sun, you are inherently “creating” more and more energy through fission and fusion. How is it different from an Atom/Nuclear Bomb on Earth and how can “creating more and more energy” all the time through your “own” life always mean a ‘constructive’ activity? Can you not see, it can be destructive too? We want Sun yes, but we don’t want a Sun on Earth.


        As human beings on Earth, we do not communicate/interact with the Infinite Oneness of the Universe directly. We do it through Earth. Earth is our mediator – mediator between the Universe and Earthlings. So you or I cannot tap into the Infinite Energy/Consciousness directly. So the term “Infinite Oneness” which both of us have used so much without reservations, is not directly at our disposal – it is only a “Finite Oneness” that any of us could tap into. And even Earth cannot tap into the Infinite Oneness all at once, because it cannot tune to all frequencies all at once. Earth uses Schumann resonances to mediate with the Universe. Given this context, I do NOT believe this statement of yours to be true: “One can tap into the infinite source, because one is the infinite self (there is no other self), the body is not a limitation to make the connection because at heart you are that.”

        Given that ‘finite oneness’, “within” Earth, a seeker tapping into oneness could as well mean using internal resources – like accessing the finite fossil fuels of Earth. Of course we must handle such energy resources with care, given that others too need it. So it is not always external resources that we are accessing here. Sun – Solar Cell is just an analogy you picked up, but how the interconnectedness of Kundalini Energy for human beings is fashioned, nobody can be sure of that. It could be that Earth is given a bountiful energy which needs to be distributed for the Kundalini activation of human beings on Earth. In such a case, the analogy of ‘receiving’ energy from Sun shall become void. Infact no living being on Earth is receiving energy directly from the Sun, each of us is only using the energy of Sun through Earth. Can the same earthlings go to Mars and use and harvest that very energy from Sun? No! Because Mars has its limitations!


        You wrote – “The soul wants to be happy (reunite with Oneness and enlighten) and be freed from suffering, but it is still stuck in cyclic existence, clinging to its own creation. That desire to get freed from suffering and reunite with Oneness, causes subsequent rebirths.”

        This is true, but that is only a part of the story. Of course every ‘self’ is a manifestation of the SELF or Oneness and has to dissolve back into it someday. But that is the end of the journey when the soul runs out of its gas. Now talk about the beginning of the journey – why was there even a manifestation, why are there so many manifestations? Because the Oneness wants to evolve and experience a variety of experiences through those multiple manifestations aka selves. So yes, each self then needs a meaningful identity and purpose to fulfill that Journey of Evolution of the Oneness. The clingling, the ignorance, the depression, the nagging everything is part of realizing that purpose. If that very attachment of self wasn’t there, we would never see the infinite wonders of the Creation take shape – Art, Writing, Music, Architecture, Painting, Philosophical/Scientific Enquiry and the many fields of Sciences such enquiry leads to. All these are a result of passions at play. The purpose of every life time is not detachment and letting go of the self. Ah well, that is needed when one reaches the end of one’s cycle, but one is NOT always at the end of their life cycle! They need to make the whole journey “prior” to reaching that end! So to let go or NOT let go of self depends on where exactly one’s soul is at! If the soul is at the end, then the soul’s truth lies at the end, if the soul is in the middle of the journey, then the soul’s truth lies in the middle! So NO, “letting go of self” is NOT the panacea of realizing Oneness. The Oneness infact very much evolves through the passions of selves. Oneness can very much be realized through passion and attachment too, if that is where one’s soul finds its truth.


        One last point, you often bring up about “willing to die for others” and “dying to self to save others”. If indeed you are tapping into the infinite Oneness, what is the need for one person to die for others? What is it that others are being saved from? Why should the death of one person (in any form/at any level) bring life to others? It is all abundant, isn’t it?

        • betsy rabyor says:

          Dear Mamata,

          When I said existing in regards to duality, etc, I should clarify that I meant that neither state exists *always* at one extreme (as some believe). Things are continuously coming into and out of existence, just like a dream – nothing is permanent, rather all is in movement being born and dying as one continuous inter-connected whole.

          As far as the transmitter / receiver comment, there exists only One Being and we are a manifestation (one part) and all the parts make up the whole, therefore we are everything that exists as one interconnected whole. When you inhale you take in energy and when you exhale you give it back, when you are born you take a body and when you die you give it back. We are all receivers and all givers, each in its own season. We are just beings ‘being grown’ on the planet. The divine is giving us light, etc and we are unfolding for whatever purpose the divine intended for us as our part of the that whole — it’s really impossible to be different than what the divine intended for us to be.

          As far as communication, I still see we interact and communicate with the Absolute Oneness directly, as that is all that exists, so it can’t be otherwise. However, we are limited in what we can receive, based the questions we ask. (In that sense, I can see how you conclude we are limited by material density or vibration, which is another way to say it, but then you use that as logic to conclude you are therefore not the Absolute.) The answers are always already there, we just have to ask the question to receive whatever information. The limitation is the mind’s wisdom from that souls’ journey so far. We simply cannot ask essential questions about things that are not on our radar. Belief in an inherently existing self, is what creates the dualistic viewpoint where there are object/others and self, and along with it notions such as limited *source* energy.

          You wrote: “Of course every ‘self’ is a manifestation of the SELF or Oneness and has to dissolve back into it someday. But that is the end of the journey when the soul runs out of its gas.”

          I offer another perspective: there is no beginning or no end. There is only continuous transformation or taking on of new forms (evolution), but one will not be able to go very far along that path (one will run out of energy) if one does not let go of the belief of an inherently existing self with ‘limited energy’ and tries to do it on one’s own.

          I reply to many people each day who ask for help, I modify my replies and suggestions to them according to what step I think they are on. Because of my website content, the majority that write me are in an awakening process, so I share what has worked for me in that regard. I understand that if someone’s main interest is to build a business and make money, they are still in the part of the journey of building their personality and gaining material. I am happy to help them with this too, because I know that the sooner they wear out this material game and find out it doesn’t make them happy, then they will be ready to turn away from material world and look within. As I see it, the only thing that matters is awakening and letting go of what you *think is you*, that is why we are here and we learn to do that with whatever point in our journey we are at. The more we quit clinging to the past, the more artistic and creative we become. My wish is that the entire planet is full of awakened people, each doing what they do best and not causing harm to the planet and living peacefully with nature, animals and each other.

          RE: Dying to self to save others… It is just letting go the notion you exist (which is not an easy thing to do!), it is not physical death and when you can truly do that then you see everything is One, everything is you and you love everyone and cannot harm any being. When you break through your own delusion, then you are in position to help others do the same. Before that it is all self-centered and like the blind leading the blind. Saving others, means to enlighten them, and the only way to enlighten others is to enlighten yourself, but you can’t enlighten yourself because there is no you to enlighten. Once you see there is nothing to enlighten, you totally give up and then it’s like opening your eyes and pure seeing happens. You’ve give space for God to use your body as a vehicle. And what do “I” get out of this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

          Now clarity comes to me. By losing your own life, you take ZERO resources, you ‘turn it over’ to God to use as hir would.
          So imagine two very old people of approximately equal length of soul journey, and having great wisdom-mind capability. One concludes that they exist as separate entity and the other concludes that they don’t. The one that thinks they exist, keeps their body for themselves and the one that thinks they don’t exist, gives up their body. One is clinging to a very precious resource (Life), the other clings to nothing (Death). One draws material to itself (earth, receiver) and the other reflects light (sun, transmitter).

          Excellent testimony of awakening: “Your Heart Drops”

          Love & Blessings,

          • Mamata Anurag says:

            Dear Betsy,

            I’m glad this discussion happened. It only brought out, through us, different facets of Awakening . The discussion has been intellectually stimulating and many interesting things came out of it. At the end of the day, as we all know, Duality and Non-Duality both are experiences and not understandings we arrive at. So we cannot really quantify and conclude about them verbally, but yes this is all our attempt to put on paper, our understanding, to help one another. I hope this discussion indeed helps both of us and many more, on our journey of waking and walking one another home.


          • betsy rabyor says:

            Dear Mamata, I am glad this discussion happened too, your words reflect my thoughts — thanks for summing it up so nicely. What you wrote I feel is most essential – that we are here to help each other – walking one another home — each person helps us see ourselves if only we want to open our eyes and see. From the start of this round of discussion, you really helped me to give up idea of waiting til future to work to awaken because I was clinging to this certain date. What I discovered, is it has little to do with physical body, it mainly needs wielding of one’s creative mind and ability to observe and ask question with deep introspection to find out how things and self truly exist. I am still reading Waking from the Dream by Detong ChoYin (second time through is even better), whose clear words really have helped me with that task. The thing that comes up in today’s passage is why it’s so important to enlighten, as only an enlightened person can help another (those rare few that are ready to receive) awaken and see through the delusion. When you look and see that the majority of the problems and suffering in the world are due to people being trapped in their own illusion and being willing to fight for it or ‘get more’ or eliminate the opposing view, so it’s like a mass delusion that everyone believes in. One by One as we awaken, it expands and grows as we help each other awaken and know the truth and when enough have awakened, I imagine there is some kind of tipping point and that the ‘veil is lifted’ world wide. Well, I am never correct with my predictions and am always surprised with the next revealed mystery … Love & Blessings, Betsy

  4. Mamata Anurag says:

    Also I do not understand one more thing: How can a process that does not touch anything else apart from one’s own energy affect others’ Karma/Energy/Lives? How is it that you know, that you are not taking from anybody, yet tapping into Oneness and yet further saving others by Death Absorption? The very process of tapping into Oneness very much implies that you are affecting (giving and/or taking energy from) others too because we are all connected – we are all One. You cannot tap into Oneness (Infinite) without affecting others because others too are part of that very Infinite Oneness!

    Either you are tapping into your self and not affecting others or you are tapping into Infinite Source and are indeed affecting others (in a good or bad way). There is no other middle way, because we are all connected and not living in prisms of individual universes!

    Also I do not understand what you meant by becoming “some person” in your earlier comments. We are who we are. Identities are NOT transformed, at best they are discovered. Through Awakening we might discover our forgotten/suppressed identity but cannot transform into some other identity that is not ours! We only transform our states of evolution (into higher states ideally ;-)), but we cannot transform identities. At least I don’t know how to transform my identity.

    Furthermore, using loads of spiritual energy to cure physical ailments is extremely costly, especially when man has already devised Science to do just that. If there is no cure through Science that is different, but if somebody is using bouts of Spiritual energy to cure physical ailments even when there is a cure through Science, then that is a waste of energy and time, IMO. The spiritual energy is meant for increasing the awareness and evolving mentally and spiritually and physical healing is just part of that process, but not the main intention of it, IMO.

    • Mariposa says:

      Good morning all,
      Thank you Betsy for sharing so many free resources on kundalini. About a month ago I have had my first symptoms of kundalini, I have never ever felt so fearful in my whole life, I considered what was going on to me to be severe anxiety and panic attacks, only after talking to my meditation teacher he explained to me what was happening…..I wanted for it to go away, I wanted to stop and hated the fact that such horrible emotional and physical symptoms were being “imposed” on me. I spent sleepless nights searching on the web a way to stop all this!
      I guess I live a strange situation were when the symptoms are back, I want them to go , and I plan on stopping with meditation and so on…but when the symptoms are not with me, I do all I can to get them back. I feel like I live constantly in half. I want it, I don’t want it, I think I am ready and it is a blessing, and then I think this is going to send me directly to a mental institution….I question myself about my sincerity, my faith in God…I feel like a mess to sum it up. It is when I read the comments above, in this case between yourself and Mamata that I realise how ignorant I am, my knowledge is a very big fat 0! I read your comments and I have no idea of what you are talking about, I find it all so complicated, yes, English is not my first language as you have probably gathered, but it is not the language I don’t understand. I try to engage in what you are talking about and feel so stupid. I don’t know where to start, I am very confused. I feel so so scared, this is much bigger than me, I cannot reason as you do, I cannot analyse as you do….I have started meditation as I wanted to improve my life, I have this package in my life now, and a part from some few, basic, confused, childish concepts of spirituality, I don’t have anything else. I am not even able to explain properly and with sense, what is happening to me, so much so that after my silly way of exposing it, a friend of mine said to me to be careful as it does not sound as if I know what I have started….she said to be careful……maybe she was right, this is happening to the wrong person.
      Thanks to whoever feels like reading my comment and replying to it.
      Love to you all out there.

      • betsy rabyor says:

        Hi Mariposa, thanks for sharing yourself with us and for your appreciation of the content here. As I understand it the awakening process happens when you are ready for it, in other words: your true Self triggers it when you are strong enough for it. It is happening to many more people each day, because humanity is ripe for awakening. So forget the idea, it is happening to the wrong person or the timing is not correct. It is happening, so best to go with it. A common early awakening symptom is healing of our habitual thought pattern, and anxiety/panic attacks presents for many. As I see it one should work on what presents that causes the most suffering, so if it were me I would work on the anxiety. The anxiety is not caused by the awakening, it is caused by how you direct your attention into thinking, so finding out about that with introspection is the task at hand. Check out this article:

        The anxiety, panic attack and fear you are experiencing all go hand in hand, so that is *what is happening now for you to deal with” and where to put your focus in finding out what is the cause of it. And that is pretty much how the awakening process goes, step by step. Things appear that give us suffering and present as *challenges* to us. These are things we need to change about ourself, better than change is to say “let go of old conditioned habits”, rather than make something different.

        As far as your comment on the exchange between Mamata and myself, you will not find much interest in that topic unless it is your current concerns, which it is not. You don’t need more knowledge from ‘outside sources’, the true wisdom comes from direct experience and exploration of self and world not from books or written words. Where you start is just where you are, observing and questioning and finding out the cause of things that appear (the effects). For sure you have the skills to see and question, so just start using those innate skills and the answers will come.

        Hope that helps!
        Love & Blessings, Betsy

  5. Mamata Anurag says:

    Dear Betsy,

    You are welcome. And in fact thanks for facilitating me, through your blog, to write so much stuff.

    In reply to one of the points made in earlier comments, I guess there is never a point when a person gets “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING” even when they are open to death by letting go of self. There is no bigger gift than Liberation/Redemption wherein you are ONE with your SELF. When a person gives something, they get something back, when a person takes something, they need to give back something. I guess that is the way of the Universe to balance itself. But ofcourse, this act of give/take happens “perfectly” only at that point of “judging” the returns. ‘Absolute Nothing’ can happen only in case of Zero Karma, but as long as one is alive as a human being, that state of “Zero Karma” is not possible.

    Also another small point! You wrote: “RE: Dying to self to save others… It is just letting go the notion you exist (which is not an easy thing to do!), it is not physical death and when you can truly do that then you see everything is One, everything is you and you love everyone and cannot harm any being.”

    If loving everybody would do good, then the world would have been an easier place by this time. Maybe one wants to love everybody, but everybody else is NOT in “need” of that love, so they cannot appreciate it. Unrequited love is dangerous and when we love and do things without knowing what is good to others, we might be doing bad without our knowledge. That old adage – “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions!”

    Regarding the tipping point at which the ‘Veil is lifted’, I guess it’s not necessarily about a specific number of people being enlightened. It’s about the amount of light vs darkness on Earth. And we know about that 51% rule which is needed for tilting scales to one side in any tug of war. So when that threshold is reached tilting naturally happens.

    Let’s say there are three classes of people A, B & C. And let’s say work “X” by 10 people in A = work by 100 people in B = work by 1000 people in C. In such a case if let’s say “3X” work needs to be done, the number of people varies depending on the category picked —> {30 people in A} (or) {10 from A + 100 from B + 1000 from C} (or) {20 from A + 100 from B} or {3000 from C} and so on…So you see, there are so many possibilities. It’s definitely not about the number of people being awakened, but the amount of light on Earth as a whole through the process of Awakening. And to me, that time doesn’t seem too far away 🙂


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mamata,

      You are welcome. Thank you too for writing here and challenging our mindsets.

      In regards to ‘Absolutely Nothing’ is gained when one enlightens, I think that is because in truth there is nothing to enlighten, one is already enlightened and perfect in every regards, just we don’t realize that. The other aspect is realizing one only exists as a manifestation or mind of the Oneness (like a dream) and is just a vehicle for the One to be in the world. It is that way before and after enlightenment. So what is there to gain? The idea of ‘giving your life’ is just that ‘an idea’. The truth was there was no life for me to give… What is gained by detaching from illusionary non-existing self, is possibility for others to do the same. Who are others except yourself, there is only One Being. All for the One, and the One for the all.

      In regards to loving others, as I understand it you become love and with enlightenment you see all other beings as yourself. Everything IS yourself, you are love, you love all other things. This is not the kind of love based on conditions that we can only know while in the unenlightened state, it is just mirroring the One self, it is more like spontaneous response with no thought about it. Whatever is appropriate for the situation is just expressed or not expressed, and every expression is love.

      A little part of this poem from BeiYin,, comes to mind:

      “Urge to express oneself finally vanishes
      as well seeking and search for sense
      expressing oneself by being alive
      responding by reflecting light
      mirror of creation in love.”

      Thanks for sharing your mathematics and thoughts about the tipping point, I never would have thought about the 51% even, as ratio of light to dark.
      In that vein, what you write makes sense, that it’s the amount of light vs. darkness on Earth, not the numbers, that creates the tipping point.

      Nice example with the equations to illustrate the many possibilities, makes sense nature would be that way, a reflection of mathematics itself.

      Thanks for the Cheers! I hope that time comes soon…

      Love & Blessings,

  6. Mariposa says:

    Dear Betsy,
    Thank you so much for your kind and clear reply. It means so much to me to be able to freely be myself and ask for support. I have read the article you have suggested and was very useful for myself. I have started counselling some weeks ago to tackle my fear, to understand where it comes from, I have had fear since I was a very tiny baby. Since the kundalini symptoms started, my fear has amplified so much. I will work on it as you suggest, I cannot and will not live in such a depressive and anxious way forever,I’m refuse to do it. I am very grateful for your guidance.
    Love Mariposa

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mariposa, you are welcome. I am happy that you are able to receive what I write and are taking steps to confront your fear. That is the most important. Love & Blessings, Betsy

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