How Can I Return to Blissful Feeling of Oneness?

Question: I had a very intense experience with a woman half way across the globe from where I live. It all happened in a magical way. I had published a short article on being still. A number of readers responded back to me with feedback and I acknowledged all of them. However one woman made such a deep connection with me something of the kind has never happened to me. What do I need to do to stay with the blissful feeling of oneness (the connection) and flow with the energy? 

I understand your desire to stay with that connection, it comes from deep within. You want to know how to make it a permanent feeling. I guess your article when you wrote it had some elements of light within it, meaning it came from your heart not your mind. This I guess because you got a good feedback response, light responds back to light, even one doesn’t know one is doing it. Light passes through the barrier of personality, the defensive part of self that is the interface that normally prevents such exchange. This is because pure light is finer, less dense, hardly has any mass, and is like invisible, it just goes through. This connection you seek is there within you always and right now — it has nothing to do with the woman, although it’s easy to presume this. I had a similar experience years ago and attributed it to that person. the truth is, it was you ready to rise, you awakening, you already shining, (as is evident to me because you wrote that article), and she simply triggered that response in you, by responding to light in kind. Your light -> her light -> your light rose higher.

To get this feeling back, you only need to continue to do the work you have been doing that has gotten you the result you have so far. The most effective is to keep practicing being the observer as much as possible (re: meditation skills), do this twice daily, the more you practice like this, the stronger you will get, the more awareness you are, the less dense personality. It needs quiet dedicated time, two hours per day; it’s not enough to do only things like Power of Now (PON), as Eckhardt Tolle explains. For most people their awareness is simply not high enough to be able to observe themselves objectively while personality is activated, which is normal daily life mode. The best is to do both, sitting sessions with full focus on meditation skills, and also do PON techniques during the day time. in this way, you will hone your skills, and your inside will respond, you will slowly rise and get that feeling back.

Question: I would like to know if u can throw some light on this phenomenon – our ability to connect energetically from a distance?

We can connect energetically because the truth is there is no distance between us, we are all connected ‘physically’, and we are one. The best way I can describe it is it’s like we are all fish living in the ocean, when one fish moves, all feel the vibration of that movement. There is actually a web all around us, that connects one to the other, call it dark energy or dark matter, physics knows it’s there and works to explain it and understand it better. When one object moves, all the objects in the universe move with it. Theoretically, one can reach to the sun, Pluto and even other solar systems.

Then there is created and creator. The matter is created (past, objects, form) and what creates the matter is creator (present moment, observer, light, unformed, inspiration), Creation happens with simple decision, you put your focus into a particular area, then move and put your energy into that intention/activity. What you focus on, you create. It should be said if you are still mostly driven by ego, what you will create will also be ‘materialistic’ in nature. (Be careful, this is a seductive ego game to fall into, that of wielding power to create things, such as in magic or The Secret, Creative Visualization and the like, one can be entertained with this ability one’s whole life. If one chooses this path, one will pay a huge price. One will have all kinds of material things, but at the expense of having no growth in evolution or spiritual advancement for one’s entire life.) Know, you are both of that, what is created is what you can observe of yourself (all past tense), and who is observing all that is the creator, which has no inherent form, it is pure consciousness, pure light. This is your eternal aspect that can never be destroyed.

You connect energetically at a distance by: setting your focus onto the object you want to connect with (visualize the person with a unique identifier) you hold this focus until you feel the connection, it’s like two scalar waves (see link below), deciding to synch up with each other. When the synchronization happens, it feels like a push/pull, I describe it as a bellows, your energy comes towards my energy, my energy mixes with yours, then this goes back the other way to you and mixes with yours and comes back to me, etc. I feel this push-pull sensation during my entire distant healing session.

I do this often with my distant healing, and am able to do it well, because my light is strong, I can be ‘as bliss’ with a simple decision, coming out of 1,000’s of hours of sitting meditation and reiki practice over the years. When I am as light (my awareness is high, I’m in observer mode), then it’s like traveling as light on that invisible web that connects us all. I am as the creator I feel simply as a point of light, and can put my focus anywhere into the universe, but at the moment I need a point of reference (so something known, like a person). I haven’t tried to put my focus into other places outside of earth, but it’s interesting to think about it.

In short, your ability to actually do this, will get better as you are more aware. If your are interested to know all this (your intention with this question)  is so that you can try connecting long distance with that woman to get that feeling again… then that desire comes out of ego-mind, and you better drop it. A better intention would be to learn how to bring out your own light, as you do so, then desires like this will be seen clearly (by light) as ego driven and you will drop them. There is a new term and science that works to explain this, called scalar energy.

Question: Everything happening is very real yet there is an underlying dismay about the process. Can you throw some light?

Quit attaching to experiences and thinking about them and trying to understand them, and trying to come up with a way to make them happen again. Trying to do this is all ego-mind being in the driver’s seat. Look closer at yourself, to see for yourself this is truth.

The dismay comes from activated ego. Know that to be truth. Attaching to experiences and thinking of ways to repeat them, is the mode of busy mind, activated ego/personality. Know that.

Now to get more light is an easy solution, the hard part is you have to want to make the decision: the alternative to activated personality (ego mode) is simply to reset your focus to turn it off, re: go into meditative mode, as in PON techniques, = shut up – get quiet, quit thinking. Practice this often, find different ways that work, do your twice daily sitting meditation, the more you practice the better you will get at it.

Now, we normally don’t want to truly stop this old habit, because we get something out of it, which is very precious to us. Activated ego with it’s mind chatter and emotional energy charge (emoting) is what we get out of it, and this feeling of strong emotion generated in body from the mind-emotion internal operation, gives us ‘the feeling we are alive’. (But this is a lie, that is not the real us, it’s the ghostly pretender…) To let that ‘old way we are used to being’ go, feels to us like death, to fall into that empty void of no longer having that entertaining busy mind-chatter and emoting, feels like we have nothing to hang on to. It is so foreign, we are not used to being ‘totally quiet’, and we even don’t know what might replace all that mind chatter. It’s an unknown space, it’s going into a new frontier, into the unknown. The ego-mind then asks, how will I think? how will I be without this? The ego-mind wants to always have something ‘to hang onto’, a new concept, a new way to pretend, to keep the old game going. Rarely does it ever consider dropping the container the main cause: The thinking process itself, rather it will invent something else to keep the old chatter going on unchecked. Ego-mind never wants to totally let go, because if one does that, then ego-mind mode starts to dissolve, as BEING ARISES. Scary, the firs time this happens. So mind chatter and emoting is also a kind of entertainment, a way to keep one’s energy low, dense and solid as blind formed personality. For sure engaging with this old habit, gives us something back, or we wouldn’t use our precious energy in that way. We need to see clear what we get out of it, and what happens when we do it vs. not do it, only after we see this clear are we able to make a clear decision to drop it. When we look close we will see doing this old habit always gives us trouble, unhappiness, negative emotions, harm to self and others, nothing good ever comes out of it. Then we will be ready to let it go.

Okay, so know this: who you are always IS, you can never disappear or die, death = TRANSFORMATION. look back as far as you can remember in your history, maybe you recall a past life or two, maybe not, but if you do, then it should be clear, you are there to remember it. You are always there as the observer no matter what happens on the outside or to your form. you are the rock in the middle of the chaos. YOU ARE ETERNAL, There will always be you there to observe no matter what. Hang onto that, this is where true security comes from, knowing that for sure to be truth.

When one thing dies, another thing takes it’s place. it is not like ego is here then in an instant full awareness is here, it is rather a SLOW GROWING PROCESS. If you are working effectively with spiritual techniques then what happens is each day, ego is less and being is more. It is like what you let go of old way of ego, (what you drop), is freed energy from form, which is returned as free awareness to being. This is what TRANSFORMATION means. Too many mystics have reported one just wakes up fully and instantly, and so many egos are confused about that. it’s a process, this is one of the main things I work on clearing up, in my articles and future books (if I ever finish them…)

Question: The unspoken question is how one can be still or attain this stillness with nature in a turbulent world? The answer is that there is no quick fix solution, but one can start by going back to nature, being in it and observing and listening.

The crux of this problem is one simply has not the ability to do pure direct simple observation. One thinks one can observe ‘nature’ when the fact is, one can’t. This is the big lie we tell ourselves, we think we can observe. One can’t even look at a tree for more than a second or so, the mind always starts up and adds its point of view, and this is what makes us blind. If one could simple gaze for longer extended period of time, then you would see amazing new world leap out and open up: vivid colors, connectivity between all moving things, things you never noticed before, that tree would look more alive than you had ever seen, the bark is moving, it is undulating, etc., and you would feel great because in that moment the real you IS.

At one’s current state of evolution, one can’t tell CLEARLY the difference between simple gazing pure observation and observing through the mind-interface. this is the step you now are on, to be able to tell the difference. Dig into this question, practice more. When there is not the ability to observe one’s internal thinking & emoting one is doing, one can’t see the veil that is in place, as unchecked thinking & emoting is the VEIL. There is no distance between the created and the creator, thus no possibility to observe.

This is why all the mystics say the most important question is ‘Who Am I?’ or Know Thyself, or Look Within, it by gaining self knowledge (knowing what is the blindness), that then subsequently opens up the world to pure sight. This one keeps asking until one SEES the truth oneself.

June 12, 2010

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