How Can We Stop the Mind-Chatter?

How Can the Mind-Chatter Phenomena be Stopped?

Luke 9:58, Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

This quote came to mind today as I was looking for a way to anchor my attention so as to deprogram the mind-chatter habit itself. I understand that growing ‘just happens’ when you are in the state of being and when you fixate on your reflecting capability and identify with it, this takes you out of the state of pure being and also cuts off the growth factor.

From healing some of my conditioned behaviors, I learned that the habits we have had in place for longer time and that we do more frequently throughout the day, are those which are hardest to deprogram or stop doing. These old habits are the ones that drain the majority of our energy (but we don’t know that) and they are also the ones that we do not want to let go of. The longer we have used them, the more they feel part of oneself and automatically run feeling to be part of the real self. When I think of all the past lives I have lived and how long this old habit has been going on, it is no wonder that it is so hard to see one is doing this and why it is so hard to let go of it.

Because we have used a certain habitual way to respond for so long and use it frequently, then the program keeps getting reinforced as a pattern in the mind as something we need or want to keep in place. As I understand it, a conditioned auto-pilot response pattern will be deprogrammed when we make clear decision to stop responding that way. In short, the brain cannot be changed if we busy using it. You have to realize you are doing it, like catching yourself in the action, and then redirect your energy or withdraw it from doing that programmed reaction, which is done by returning to the state of being or stillness. Deprogramming does not happen by coming up with a new response pattern, that just creates another program. Only by Being in a state of being do programs get erased which lessons the number of times we will get lost in conditioned reactions. For each program you erase, you decrease the number of ways you will react as the personality and increase the possibility to just be.

Then I understood the essence of the quote, there is no ‘physical’ place where you can anchor your attention, because all that you see is an experience happening only in the mind (like moving pictures), none of that is real or physical.  If you want to go beyond being fake, then you have to take your fixation off of being fake, but of course first you have to see you are being fake to be able to stop being fake. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

There is only relating and responding to what appears in one’s field of view, even the mind-chatter phenomena itself is a happening that can be related to as a whole. But with thoughts it is tricky, because as soon as you start thinking about what you’ve been thinking about (to relate to it), that generates more thoughts and soon you are turning around in endless mind-chatter again having lost the state of being. So it seems to me the only real anchor is the state of being (the only real thing, the creator itself), that which is constantly there but you can’t see it nor rest upon it, you can only be one with it.

If you are truly being it, in that state you know you are not trying to become anything, you are just returning to the stillness of your true nature and trusting the growing process will take care of transformation and transforming this annoying mind-chatter habit that has been around for what seems to be an eternity.

October 13, 2013

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