What is the Cause of Disease?

When I look at most therapies, I can’t help but see that many are still focused on treating the symptoms of disease rather than healing the cause. I feel that to truly cure disease we need to find out about and deal with the cause. I mainly think the cause has something to due with an energy imbalance in the body and mind. I feel then that energy based therapies are probably the most effective to heal the condition. But then I have to wonder if there is actually another cause for the energy imbalance. If so, then any amount of energy treatment won’t have a lasting effect. The energy therapy might work to make one feel better ‘temporarily’ as it rebalances the energy in the body, but if the underlying cause isn’t dealt with then soon the energy patterns will revert back to their ‘learned patterns’ that are causing the unwanted symptoms.

I think that what causes the energy imbalance mostly has to do with our own holding patterns of energy in the body. These holding patterns I think we developed early on in our childhood, basically triggered from traumas that we felt threatened our existence. So we might be able to see it as ‘our personal defense system’, which is also the kernal of our personality and all that which we are identified with. I think our way of responding emotionally to what life presents to us is basically our action based way of holding these energy imbalances in our body. Mostly because these patterns are so ingrained then we are not aware of how we are doing this. One has to look with a very fine eye to be able to discern how one is holding and using one’s energy through one’s emotions.

I think about imbalance of the main energy systems of the body: the chakras. In myself I found out that I primarily use one chakra to defend myself. This is the energy system point, that I chose that was most effective for me at the time. What I see about it is, is that there is a finite amount of energy in the body and when I hold more energy in one chakra to defend myself, then the other chakras are depleted with energy, eventually causing problems in the areas of my body that those chakra systems take care of. In essence this means some chakras are overdeveloped and some underdeveloped, there is an imbalance. I think healing means we have to learn to internally balance our energy equally throughout all the chakra systems and to do so we have to go into ourselves and find out about how we are using and holding our energy in our body as a means to protect our past pain. Then we have to find effective ways for us to bring our energy into balance within, which I see basically has to do with changing how we react to life on all levels of mind, body and spirit.


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