Change the World by Changing Oneself

If we could learn to see others beyond the acts & deeds of their egos can we change the world?

Question: “If we no longer saw the error in others at all but only that which is real, without agendas, programs, or ego would the world literally change in it’s expression for us? Change your mind & you change your world. If so, what are the steps one would take?”

Learning to see others beyond the acts and deeds of their egos, is just another way to see the world with one’s mind. So you will still see what you want to see, now trading one’s old concept for a new one. When one’s seeing is being done with one’s mind then nothing is real. To see clearly can only be done by gaining knowledge about how one sees, how one’s own object behaves, by seeing how one reacts ‘directly’ first-hand, by observing in oneself how one receives information, thinks, feels and reacts to stimuli. Then via this process of self-observation (in meditation) of one’s own object, to answer the question: “Who and What am I?”, one will gradually receive the answers in regards to the truth of oneself, and how one actually is.

Changing your mind, by adopting another concept, is not real change; it’s more like a rearrangement of the existing pieces into a different configuration, but with no NEW energy input into the equation. New energy comes from insight, from the unknown, from the source itself; it doesn’t come from the mind, which is a past-tense construct. Now, one’s mind (and ability to reflect & see) will be changed by one’s essential source, all by itself as a physical process when one steps aside from one’s mind, when one lets go of being identified with thinking and gets totally quiet. So then one could say, as one’s mind physically changes from this process (by one’s non-thinking self), then what comes out of oneself as self-expression by that person, into the world as thoughts, feelings and reactions will be new *sometimes*, and this will cause chain-reaction of change around the world – because there is now a new energy manifest physically.

So in short, if you want to change the world, then learn how to change yourself in an essential way. That way is by doing regular and daily meditation, and letting the change happen to you, without your needing to do anything, meaning all you need to do is to set aside time each day and practice being quiet and just know it will happen when you do that. This process doesn’t need your mental help, your doing, your techniques, your beliefs, your concepts or any other thing. If fact, as soon as ‘you’ come into the picture trying to do something, you are giving energy to the mind and becoming it and getting in the way of the process itself – it’s totally counterproductive.So the magic here is if you make an essential change in yourself, you will change everybody along with you, and you don’t even have to know him or her, as energetically there are no boundaries, we are all connected, we are all ONE.

September 22, 2008

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