Complete Surrender?

Can you do a Complete Surrender to the Guru?

sadhguru“If you are with two people and you both totally accept the other, the two become like one being. Even for one moment, if you experience something as part of yourself, there is a different attunement and harmony around you. If acceptance is total you will experience all existence as part of yourself. ” – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

I’ve been thinking about unity consciousness the last days and the more I think about it, the more confused I get. I finally took a break from that thought-train and when I sat down and relaxed, what was crystal clear was that I was confused. I know from past experience this is a good thing, it means I simply do not know at this moment in time which makes me open to receive new information or an experience.

Then I recalled a talk this Guru gave where he said that if one could simply look at him and be fully open to receive him, that one could get enlightened. He went further in his talk, saying that if this were to happen then you would become exactly like him. When I heard that, I had a strong fear reaction thinking if I were to do that then I would be absorbed by him, would no longer exist and would be like a slave for his bidding. (Of course it is isn’t like that, but while in identity consciousness, one tends to think this way. You would have true freedom to do whatever you wanted afterwards. You might decide to join him in his mission or take your own path.) In another talk, he spoke about the different forms of teachers one could encounter on one’s journey depending upon the step one is prepared to take. The last teacher on the journey is one’s true Guru and you know when you have found them when you are extremely attracted to them and feel a strong draw to be near them but at the same time you are are very afraid of them.

As I sat there and these thoughts ran through my head I felt a strong vibration rising in my body with the feeling of bliss encompassing my being. Then I understood what it is all about. It is like a very strong magnetic pull, wanting the love of the Guru because they reflect your innermost desire to unite with Oneness. (Note that Guru is only a term used for convenience, it can be any strong spirit to whom you feel attracted to like a moth is to a flame.) But to get that result you have to be fully ready to be absorbed and to completely lose your separate identity, and that is what is so scary and keeps us from fully surrendering and allowing the energy of the PURE LOVE OF THE ONENESS to expand into our being. Now that I understand what this is about, I am ready to allow myself to fall into Love, understanding why transmission is essential for unity and merging into Oneness. Indeed, if it is successful I have no doubt the two will merge into One.

Being confused about this entire matter and having reached my intellectual limit to find an answer, I now know there is only one thing left to do and that is to fully let go and completely surrender and just allow myself to FALL INTO THIS LOVE and simply have the EXPERIENCE, trusting it is what I need to do next.

I am ready to look into your eyes …

May 22, 2015

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