Why Are We Contaminating The Earth?

Question: “Are we contaminating Mother Earth because we are contaminated inside?”

It’s a good question. This is something people don’t want to know, that the majority of our actions are destructive and harmful, contaminating the earth. As I see it the majority of people are still trapped in turning around in their mind chatter (ego) and the essence of ego-chatter is defensive, fighting and consuming. Blindness in people is due to being trapped in their mind-chatter, they associate their identity or true self as being the ‘me’ voice that goes on non-stop. The essence of the problem is being attached to all that is physical or that which can be seen. They think they see themselves, but what they see is only the mind-voice; they can’t see their true nature. They think they see the world outside, but what they see is what they tell themselves in their mind that ‘they saw’. Look at any happening, and ask observers what happened and you will get lots of stories, few if any will hold the truth of what actually happened. Okay, this is because they can’t really see, they rather interpret. Because one is busy in mind-chatter, then one also can’t observe the outside world in a pure way and see what is happening when it happens. All is past tense, a second too late, revolving around in mind-chatter to see real-time happenings.

Okay, because people are attached to what can be seen, which is in essence materialistic, then this is where their values system lies at heart. Egos want more and more and are never satisfied; this is because the ego revolves around a story of self that the person makes up. This story will never match reality, and so one has to continually reinvent oneself, whenever one fails to reach one’s desires. As ego energy gets bigger, which happens to all humans over time, then the ego needs even more to satisfy it hungry demands. And thus starts the destruction on a larger scale, as egos become huge takers of everything, and the more people doing it, the larger destruction happens around us. You see it everywhere today.

The other way ego’s stay intact which is very important to keep the false dream alive, is to get validation from other humans for one’s ego story (what one believes one is). This validation takes thousands of forms: wealth, fame, prestige, career, great mother, being a bad ass, being spiritual, intelligence, being ugly, etc. This validation game all egos play with each other is a big reason why there is so much contamination. This is because to get it, one has to take something from another, either physically or by proving they are better. This is the main reason there are wars, because egos can’t see eye to eye, egos never want to give up anything, egos are takers. Nobody in this game sees the whole and the reality of what is going on around and the damage, violence, etc, it causes to play the ego game.

To see it CLEAR, is the wake up call, and the beginning of the dissolving of the ego and the transition to higher awareness. But it’s all part of nature, it is totally natural and to be expected. As ego’s get larger energy which most have today, then the destruction gets so bad to self and surroundings, that it eventually causes physical problems and destruction, forcing the ego’s to blow-up or fall apart. This is like a volcano building up pressure inside (higher spiritual energy), and as it does the container (the mountain) gets weakened, the static form (the ego), starts to develop cracks. When the cracks start happening, then one starts to feel ‘ill’, then one has a choice, to either let go of what one is holding onto (the story), or to let go of it (get quiet).

April 18, 2011

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