Distance Healing is a Form of Quantum Entanglement

ringsI have been giving people distant healings and in person energy healings for many years. When I give an energy healing to another person, I feel in my body where the energy is working in them. After I have given a long-distance energy healing to a person I can tell them where the energy worked in their body and what they may have felt. My clients have reported that they felt the same thing I described nearly every time. I can do the same thing when the healing is in person.

I have thought the reason I could feel this, was that all nervous system paths in the body that electrical energy travels through, and must be at a different frequency. It is the same principle that no two things are the same as no two energetic paths in the body are the same. Yet, because we are all the same species of human beings, we all have the same mapping of these paths of energy. Each energetic path in the human body has a unique vibration signature that is different from all other paths. Therefore, when energy works in a certain energetic path in their body, it works in the same path in my body. That is why I can feel where energy works in their body, because it is working in the same place in mine too.

To understand this, needs more information. When you place your hands on a person to give them an energy healing, it is as if the two of you merge and create a single energy circuit together. It is as if the two of you become entangled in the quantum sense. I feel this entanglement sensation or connection to the other by an electrical pulsing at the interface between my hands and the other person’s body. It feels like a pushing and pulling sensation of waves of energy. Energy from my body goes into their body, circulates with their nervous energy, and takes on a new characteristic vibration, and then it comes back from their body and enters into my body, also taking on a new characteristic vibration. These pulses continue during the entire healing session and cycle close to the rate of respiration. These pulses between the two people, excite the electrons and nervous energy in the body and causes the overall body vibration to increase over the duration of the healing session. I feel the increasing vibration is what causes the healing effect. As the vibration goes up, it charges muscle fibers at the neuro-muscular junctions (NMJ’s) , which then vibrate the body and shake open areas in the body with low energy flows.

A few days ago, I saw the Nova television show Spooky Action at a Distance from the Fabric of the Cosmos series, hosted by Brian Greene on public television, which discusses quantum entanglement. When they explained quantum entanglement, it sounded so much like what happens in distance healing. This quote is from that show:

“Something that happens over here can be entwined with something that happens over there even if nothing travels from here to there-and even if there isn’t enough time for anything, even light, to travel between the events. According to quantum theory and the many experiments that bear out its predictions, the quantum connection between two particles can persist even if they are on opposite sides of the universe. From the standpoint of their entanglement, notwithstanding the many trillions of miles of space between them, it’s as if they are right on top of each other.”

This is saying in scientific terms what distance healers have known for hundreds of years, there is no distance in space, all times exist at the same time and when two objects are entangled, changing one also changes the other at exactly the same time. Two people become entangled for a distance healing either by placing your hands on the person or by placing your attention on them by using their photo or name from a distance. An interesting part of the Spooky Action show happened when they separated two entangled objects in an experiment. They were able to show that if they measured the one nearby it changed the one that was far away, simply by measuring it! Now, that got me thinking, how could just measuring an object change the other one? To me the instant answer came: It is because our attention was upon the object, simply by looking at the object we change the object it is entangled to. I know that our ability to be conscious is what is making that change. Without an observer, no change to the objects would have happened. The second question I immediately had is what causes two objects to become entangled, which was not explained in the show. I searched on the Internet and could not find an answer to this question. My hunch is two objects become entangled when they are communicating with each other. When they are done communicating, then they simply break the link, by removing their hands or taking their attention off the other object.

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