Emptiness, The Missing Piece

Last night I wrote these words:

I feel I have all the essential wisdom that makes up reality, self, truth, etc, but it’s like they are separate facts and it feels I still need to See Something that is missing. And once that is seen or grokked all these pieces will come together into a conclusive unified whole or answer. I don’t want to read any more wise words and I can’t think of any more questions to ask. I feel I know what is the truth so feel that seeking is done too.

I know it’s there, but cannot connect to it. I also realize that anything I try to do to connect to it is futile, there is nobody to connect to it, nothing to realize and nobody to get it.  I feel like I’m trying to find the “sweet spot”, how can I hone into it? Where is it? How do I stay in alignment with it? How to not focus and just Be in a Natural state? Like how does one simply be continuously aware of the simultaneous constantly streaming perception?

I guess I’m looking for something to Orient towards and I can find Nothing.

Nothing! That’s the Whole Point? That’s the Missing Piece? What ties all the facts together into one unified whole is all is Emptiness?
Emptiness is pristine reality!

A few quotes from the book Natural Perfection, translated by Keith Dowman come to mind:

“Resting free and easy in the nature of mind, planning nothing, analyzing nothing, surrendering to pristine reality, no intellect remaining, Bare Pure Being Superseding Causality and Moral discrimination, *here is* pellucid clarity, brilliant shining emptiness, timeless uniform luminosity.”


“In this vast matrix of open space, the mind’s hold on linear progression of past, present and future is irrevocably broken. And in equilibrium we rest in naked, unthinking, indeterminate clarity.”

Now it’s clear that thought is what creates separation and the only way to go forward is to be natural and rest in an unthinking state with the door of the senses held wide open – forever more.

The fact of Emptiness means there is nothing to orient towards, nothing to hang onto, nothing to define you, nothing to direct – it’s like the Zero Dimension from which everything arises all by itself.

February 19, 2017

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5 comments on “Emptiness, The Missing Piece
  1. Jo Garceau says:

    Love it!

  2. Paddy Linehan says:

    That is exactly what I have been ‘feeling’ this morning. And I needed confirmation that I wasn’t falling away somewhere.
    These words are like I wrote them myself … this morning.

  3. Asaf Ayub Pesiwarisa says:

    This is an issue, I always questioning so far, especially during my healing process, during meditation,visualisation. I am thank full that you gave some ideas on this matter, Empty, but I feel I feel Something. Perhaps mixed up between Emptiness AND Nothingness?and Somethingness? that Something is still beyond my limited knowledge, Thanks Betsy

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Yes, we feel. The feelings and senses happen in the brain, so we are conceptual beings. It’s more like both at once, emptiness and appearance where experience happens, so one could understand one’s appearance as being empty like a reflection which gives some definition but it’s not solid. You can see all experience is constantly changing as well the body itself, nothing stays the same. The emptiness can be thought of like awareness which has no location, qualities or characteristics — so it’s like watching the experience spontaneously happening (unfolding) in our streaming swirling perception. The truth is in the middle between the 2 extremes, so both at once and neither one nor the other. I liked your comment – Thanks Asaf!

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