Everything in the Cosmic Drama is Perfect

“In my opinion, everything in the cosmic drama is perfect, going exactly as planned and there is no ‘problem’ other than our personal inability to see that everything is okay.”

To attach the quality of ‘perfect’ to what is the reality of the manifestation of the present moment, gives the feeling of tranquility to be able to insulate oneself from acknowledging the huge suffering that is happening to humanity and the earth as a whole. I suppose to keep this belief in place, it helps to hold another one: that all is going exactly as planned. Planned by whom? The great loving father in heaven who is taking care of everybody? Ah yes, then a living concept to tie the 2 beliefs together makes it pretty secure: “There is no ‘problem’ other than our personal inability to see that everything is okay.” Therefore the solution is to: modify one’s own reaction to accept everything exactly how it is.

There is an underlying truth in the above statement and that is that non-judmental acceptance of the presenting moment allows clarity of sight, but note that there must not be judgment (no perfection, no planning, not okay, no problem). To be able to see without judging requires that one is not reinforcing one’s interpretation of what one has seen. This might be a goal but it takes a lot of personal work to chisel away at the existing structure of personality before one is able to observe oneself closely enough to even know if one is thinking or judging. In general these kinds of new-age phrases are too loosely used these days. I see the affect is that they allow a complacency of personal behavior allowing the person not to make changes in their own behavior and to not be personally responsible for what one is aware of. Beliefs and concepts are the biggest blinders humanity is wearing.

To put this belief into another perspective an example might help: I see in the river that there is a dog swimming and he is very worn out and is going under, struggling very much. I sense that the dog may lose his life if I don’t do something, but then I think: “Everything is as planned, I can’t know the reason for it. There is no ‘real’ problem here, I only need to accept things how they are and not interfere with the perfection that’s being wrought by the great creator. I need to stay focused on what’s the most important and that is my acceptance of what is.”

I’m taken out of my thoughts when a few minutes later I see that the dog has drowned… This causes me to feel sad but … “I realize this feeling also comes out of my non-acceptance of the great perfection that is planned. Probably the dog would not have been open to my saving him or even I might have drowned trying to do such a dramatic act. I did the best I could by working on my acceptance of this happening. In the end it’s not important that the dog died, all has it’s reason, what is important is that I made my own realization as this is what truly makes the difference!”


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