The Four Steps of Awakening

The Four Steps of Awakening

There are four levels of energetic form that keep our individual identity intact.
The first level is our body the physical form itself and being alive.
The second level is our mind, with ability to think and to know.
The third level is our ability to move energy from thought to energy form to outside world, such as in expressing emotions or making things.
The fourth level is our soul or collective memory of experiences over all our lifetimes, which is what creates continuity between lifetimes and keeps our energetic form moving towards enlightenment. You can see this as a large databank of all our experiences and collection of what we have learned so far.

Enlightenment can be understood to be the process of having experiences in physical reality to learn about oneself and these different energy layers. After one has learned all one needs to know about a certain layer of identity, then one can drop that layer of identification and then the next layer becomes apparent and the lessons begin anew. When all layers of identification with energy layers have been dropped, then one can say individual identity is gone and one has fully returned to one’s source or is enlightened.

Each time we are reborn into the world, we pick up where we left off last time working on the layer we are currently within. Major layers cannot be skipped. One must complete one before we can address the next. That is because the other layers of identity are invisible because our awareness level is not high enough yet to see them.

Before being awakened to one’s true nature, one is fully identified with the created form, or one’s body and the physical world. There is little capability to observe oneself, as one is not aware there is an observer within. “I think therefore I am” is the basic understanding. At some moment we will detach from body identification and the first awakening will happen. This happens at the point where we have tried everything we can to find happiness and keep ending in frustration, eventually driving ourselves to a deep dark hole or extreme suffering. We feel like everything we had that gave us a meaning to be alive has been taken away. We just feel we want to die to drown out our misery. When the dark is darkest then we are ready to fully let go. When we truly let go, which can feel like we are allowing ourselves to die, we detach from body identification. In that moment energy is released that held our identity intact of being ‘just a body’. This energy rises into our mind, and the observer is born. Then we become aware we are not the body nor anything physical, rather our true self is the energy form behind the body. It takes energy from our source to keep us in identification with the body, so when we detach from body identification this energy is released which then causes an awakening event. When we detach from a layer of individual identification, the energy that was being used to keep that layer intact is released which then is followed by spiritual phenomena, insights, visions and physical kundalini symptoms all of which are side-effects of transformation of energy from one form to another. When you let go of one form, it can be seen like a ‘death’. We know from physics, energy is never lost, it only changes shape from one form to another.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain the other layers in detail. To keep it short, when we detach from identification with an energetic layer, this energy is then released and our body and mind is physically changed due to ‘transformation’ of released energy from one form to another. After a detachment and release of energy, our awareness level increases. Now that our vibration has increased, we can become aware of the next level which vibrates at a higher level. At this point we can see where we were and where we are now, but we can’t see the remaining levels beyond the level we are at because they are at a higher vibration level than we are at, which makes them invisible. We always are learning in the layer that is the same as our actual realized vibration level. We start with the most dense layer or lowest frequency layer and move up through lighter or higher frequency layers. Each higher layer contains more energy then the lower layers. So with each release of a layer, the transformation process is stronger and the body changes more as well. You can see it as the body becoming more filled with light or higher vibration energy as detachment from each layer progresses. One is moving towards enlightenment.

The road to enlightenment often gets stalled because of these four levels of detachment and only being aware of the level we are within. Each time we detach from a layer of identification, we think, aha, we are done, now we are awake, and then we start to believe this is truth and this stops our quest and our evolution. We get stuck in a layer before reaching the end. Today I realized there is an easy way for those on this path to determine by themselves if they have completed the journey or not. Our body reflects our level of self-realization, it shows us the truth of our reality or how much of these layers we have detached from. If we have reached full enlightenment, this means we have let go of all layers of individual identity, and thus all the energy of source has been returned to us. After detachment from the last layer of individual identity, the energy of the creator itself, the seed that started us on this journey,  we then become THAT in body in the last transformation process. If we are truly THAT, our body will be fully healed of all defects, we will stop aging, the mind will be silent, the body will react fully spontaneously as allow that to channel through us. You must understand this, if you have truly realized one’s SOURCE fully it is logical to understand that you will be fully healed and will stop aging.

The body does not lie, just take an honest look and you will see the truth and then start looking more near to determine what you are still hanging onto.

November 1, 2013

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2 comments on “The Four Steps of Awakening
  1. Zack says:

    Hello Betsy,

    First off, I’d like to thank you for your wonderful contributions. I have read your book, and it was so refreshing to read through. I am in my early 20’s and have experienced much of what has been described in your book, through disciplined practice over the past 5 years.

    More recently, I have experimented with natural entheogens. I’m curious if you have an opinion, or any insight on how these plants may affect the process. In my personal, limited experience, it seems these plants have the ability to rapidly accelerate the process– although, I seem to be taking on as much as I can handle at the moment, anyways. Just curious.

    Thank you,


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Zack, thank you for your appreciation. A substance can give one the experience of momentarily letting go of clinging to false identity, which can then result in a healing reaction or increase in body vibration and maybe even some insights. But by itself this will never be enough to fully awaken, you have to learn how to ‘let go’ without any crutch. By taking substances to ‘let go’, one never learns how to do it ‘on command’ and then becomes dependent upon using the substance to get that effect. Then when the drug wears off, there you are identified with your lousy personality again, needing the next fix. Hope that answered your question. Betsy

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