How to Give A Distance Healing II

To have an effect on an object and heal it from a distance several abilities are required which require many hours of practice to develop strong skills. The more you practice the better you get at it.

1. The ability to build up a force of strong vibration energy in your body.

2. The ability to maintain quiet mind for a sustained period.

3. The ability to maintain focus on the object you are healing for a sustained period.

Steps to do a long distance healing


reiki-symbolsReiki Symbols from left to right:

  1. Cho Ku Rei (show koo u ray), activates Root chakra
  2. Se Hei Ki (say hay ee key), activates Heart chakra
  3. Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (hone sha-ha zay-ay show-oh nen), activates Crown & higher chakras
  4. Dai Ko Myo (die ko-oh my-oh), activates source or soul energy

1. Build up your body vibration to a high level.

There are many techniques to do this. The higher your vibration level, the less effort and time it requires. You can stand and invoke the reiki ChoKuRei and SeHeiKi symbols and tune into feeling the vibration in your body. You can give yourself a mini-reiki healing session. You can activate your chakra centers and many other things. Use what works for you and build your vibration high before starting. Then sit down.

2. Invoke the reiki long-distance symbol of HonShaZaShoNen.

Focus on this symbol until you feel connected with it and your mind is very quiet, relaxed and calm. You are now connected to the universal one-energy. Seeing a galaxy view in your 3rd eye with your eyes closed, is a sign you are now connected to the universal energy.

3. Request a long distance connection using a unique vibration signature and time frame.

You need to identify clearly what you are connecting to, and in the world of energy, you need a clear identifier to identify the correct entity. Unique identifiers are a person’s name, an object they owned, a piece of hair, geographic location, email address, date of birth or a photo. Any of these can be used. If it is a common name, then you need the geographic location. You also need to specify the time frame. As all times exist at the same time, you need to say when the healing will occur. You can specify a time such as “time best for the person to receive the healing” or a specific past time, real time, or future time. If it is a pet or person, request a connection with the ‘being’ or the pet or person, you do not want to connect to the personality! If it is a place or time, simply ask for a connection to that place of time.

Example Connection Statements:

“I request a distance connection with the being of Matilda Smith, from Reno, Nevada at 9:00 pm her time.”

“I request a distance connection with the being of Matilda Smith, from Reno, Nevada on July 4, 1976, just before she had her terrible car accident.”

“I request a distance connection with the being of Spot, the dog who is owned by Matilda Smith, from Reno Nevada at the time that is best for Spot.”

“I request a distance connection with the being in this photo I hold before me at the time that is best for them.”

“I request a distance connection with the being whose energy is in this object I have in my hand, at the time that is best for them.”

“I request a distance connection with the geographical location of 27 North Road in Reno Nevada, longitude 87, latitude 34.”

4. Right after your request for connection, state your intention for the healing session.

You should clearly state what healing you would like to occur in the distance healing session. If a person has requested the healing, they usually have something they would like you to work on. After the specific intention, I ask that I am guided by the being of the person in my energy healing techniques during the session to help me work on their problem. I also ask to be open to receive intuitive messages that I can relay back to the person after the session.

Example intention statements:

“Matilda is asking for help to heal her cancer.”

“Matilda is asking for help to heal emotional trauma from the car accident that happened in July of 1976.”

“Matilda is asking for help to heal her dog Spot’s anxiety.”

“I ask that healing is for their highest good.”

“I request healing for the land from toxic chemicals.”

5. Establish the distance connection.

After the connection and intention requests are stated, now focus on making the distance connection. The way I do it is, I put my hands on my body and imagine my body is the person, animal or place I am connecting with. At this point, I drop all visualization, and switch to entering into deep meditative state by feeling the pulse between the interface of my palms and my body. As I focus on this pulse, I feel the distance connection being established to the person, place, or pet, as a type of pushing and pushing sensation, like a bellows happening between my palms and body. The connection starts at base of spine and as the two vibrations (you and them entrain), the vibration moves up the spine to the skull and it is common to hear a tone in the ears at the point of full connection. This only takes about 1 minute.

6. Do the Healing Session.

I keep the connection established simply by feeling the pulse between my hands and my body. If it feels like the vibration of the energy healing is not strong, I will go back to step five to reestablish the connection. I do no visualization during a healing session; I simply stay in a meditative state by feeling the pulse of energy vibration in the area where my palms are placed. The healing session can be activation of each chakra center in succession, or focus on only one body part or chakra, or moving through a reiki healing sequence. It can also be purely intuitive. I stay open to receive intuitive messages, so the placement of palms for healing can be guided by intuition. I encourage everyone to practice listening to and trusting in their intuition in healing sessions. If you are not very advanced, it is best not to move your hands too much, just keep them on a single chakra for the entire session. Distance healing is different from in-person healing; you can easily effect healing in the entire body from any hand position. The most important aspect for an effective distance healing is clear intention, maintaining distance connection and sustaining quiet mind.

7. Break the Distance Connection

At the end of the session, do not forget to disconnect from the distant connection. If you do not do this, strange things can happen. For instance, you can pick up dreams and experiences from the other person.


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