How to Give A Distance Healing

How to Give A Distance Healing Using Reiki

The term psychokinesis (from the Greek, “psyche”, meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and “kinesis”, meaning motion; literally “movement from the mind”), also known as telekinesis (Greek, literally “distant-movement”), refers to the direct influence of mind on another physical system which is done ‘remotely’ or at a distance.

Psychokinesis, can’t be performed by violition alone. To have an effect on an object at a distance several things are required. The first thing, is one needs to use one’s imagination to hold an image in one’s mind, to provide a pattern, thought form or intention for the movement of one’s energy. The second thing, is one needs to build up power or a force of increased vibrational energy in the body. The charge builds up via activation of nervous system or energization of chi channels, this is also know as muscle vibration or emotional energy.  The third thing is one needs a relative medium or body through which the power can work, which is the end point or object of one’s focus, that which you want to act upon. It is not possible to change things without having an object to work upon. When we give a distance healing we act upon energetic objects, and even though we can’t see or touch them this doesn’t make them less real.

All changes in conditions in the world are brought about thru psychokinesis, which is a natural process of creation, employed unconsciously by everyone to greater or lesser degrees. The physical world is literally created out of our collective actions, which all action has at base ‘a thought’ as the seed to create it, and thus the physical world is a ‘reflection of thought’.

Conscious psychokinesis is what distance healers are attempting to do when giving a remote healing. One is trying to transform one’s intention (idea), into desire (emotion) and then into completed action on an object – but doing so at a distance.

Steps for distance healing

1. Raise your body vibration using your favorite method. I stand and hold a copper ring and intone 3 reiki symbols, the last being the long distance symbol. As I do this I focus on feeling the energy movement in my body. When I feel the vibration in the body is highly activated, I then sit to do the remote healing. See my Quicken Touch method for ideas on how to increase your vibration.

2. Next, put your hands on your own body (the body part of your choice), using either fingertips or palms. Keep your focus on movement of energy vibration happening between your palms and the body part you are touching. Now state your intention, which is the healing request. You must give a direction for the energy to work, by stating your intention of what you want to accomplish, create or do. This sets the thought at the base level and provides the idea or creative element as seed to channel the vibration force built up as energy charge in muscles (emotional energy) as desire and also determines the direction of movement of the energy and the time for it to happen. You also state the object of your focus or what you want to to act upon. For example: “I request a long distance energy connection with the Sandy Johnson, in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 10 pm her time. I request an energy healing for her highest good as determined by her higher-self and to be intuitively guided to give her a healing in the most effective way.”

3. After you state your intention, then you can let this thought go and enter into a meditative or quiet-mind state where you just focus on the feeling of energy happening between your palms and where they are touching your body.  You do not have to keep repeating the intention, repeating it just keeps the mind busy. The greater your ability to sustain quiet mind and be simply aware, the more your vibration will rise and the more effective the distance healing will be. Your body vibration can rise to the level which reflects your self-realization and ability. The longer you can sustain high vibration the more effective the healing will be for both people. When in state of no-mind even if it lasts for only a second, you are in that second one with the vibration of all, and while ‘like that’ you can exchange energy with other objects on the level of vibration or energy.

4. Establish ‘ethereal’ connection with the other object. Now that your intention is set, your mind is quiet and your vibration risen, lastly you need to identify the unique identity of the object your want to connect with. With distance healing you need something from the other that identifies their energetic signature as a unique entity, so you can clearly connect to that being in the world of all energetic beings. It’s much like an address. A photo of a person, their full name and location, an email address, a piece of something they have owned, a piece or hair – any of these will uniquely identify their energetic signature. For my distance healing I prefer to work with a photo. What I do is visualize my body and face as the other person and then imagine my hands are being placed on their body. I continue to visualize the body and face of the other and simultaneously focus on the feeling of energy exchange happening between my hands and their body, until I feel a physical link or connection established with them. This usually happens within a few minutes. One might feel this as a sudden inrush and elevation of energy or one will sense a kind of pulling sensation of the energy out of yourself. A push-pull or bellows link of energy exchange is established between the two of you. You have now established a physical link or cord. If you do not feel this link it can be because you are not yet that skilled to feel it or the other person is not open to receive the distance healing. If you get that kind of feeling, then you should not go any further but you can still giver yourself a healing…

5. Keep the link established. Once you feel this pull-push link, then you can drop all visualization and all intention and just sink into a pure meditative state, becoming your breath, not really doing anything, except moving your hand positions as you feel the other needs for your remote healing session. Palms positions can be determined by intuitive or by a specific sequence or method you are using. Thinking too much about moving your hands or trying to heal the other in specific ways, necessarily uses the mind and is counterproductive to being in a meditative state. If you are not very skilled yet I feel you can get better result at start by not moving your palms at all. Rather just put your hands in one position and hold them there for the entire session. A chakra works well for this. Long distance healing is different than ‘hands on’, because you are working at the energetic level you can treat the whole body easily from any hand position. The most important aspect for an effective remote healing is that you have set a clear intention, have established a firm link and can sustain quiet mind.

6. The natural healing cycle in the body for energy to move up to higher frequencies on spine from tailbone to skull takes around 1 hour, so this is a good amount of time to allow for a session. When you no longer feel the push-pull sensation or when you have felt corrective energy rise up spine to head, the session is concluded and you can stop sending distance healing. Conclude the session by doing a verbal disconnect, to break the distance link you have established. I just say: disconnect with ‘name of person’. If you don’t do this you are still connected with them which you can notice sometimes by having dreams or thoughts that ‘aren’t your own’.

Signs that one is being effective in one’s remote healing:

When you are able to sustain quiet mind for longer periods you have less attached to bodily sensations and it feels like you are everywhere at once having no borders. You still feel sensations in your body, but you are not identified with them. You might even recognize pain in your body as healing takes place but you don’t react to it, it is easily passed through. You can easily observe or feel energy paths wherever energy is working in the body, in all kinds of patterned movements, such as figure-eights or vortexes or linear paths. With deeper states an hour session can go by in what seems to be a few minutes, you experience enhanced hearing of external sound, see visuals in your 3rd eye with your inner sight and hear melodic tones with your inner hearing. While in a deep state, you may receive images or thoughts from intuition or from the 3rd eye that don’t come from mind activity. They just pop up into view or mind. You can trust the information contained in them to be helpful for healing yourself or the other. It takes many years and much practice before one is able to sustain quiet mind and experience a session like this. What is important is the more you practice the better you will get at it and every second you can be truly quiet in your mind is what counts, as in that moment you are one with all and are not only helping to heal others but also you are healing yourself.

March 3, 2009

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16 comments on “How to Give A Distance Healing
  1. hoze says:

    It’s been 1 year and a half that i’m in this conditions
    I hear loud music in my head constantly, repeatidly
    because of this i can’ listen to music or watch TV
    can’t sit down for more than 10 minutes
    i feel anxious ,affraid of my own thoughts
    i choke when i drink water, then i can’t burp
    become scared very easily
    i’m taking antidepressants which don’let me sleep well
    i’m desperate
    i’ve broken my parents heart
    interrupted my study
    i’m restless, agitated
    i keep walking up and down all day
    i’ve lost my girlfriend

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Hoze,
      Thank you for trusting in me to ask for help.
      When you tell me you hear the loud music in your head, that tells me you are likely in an awakening process. I think that because I have heard this music for a long time and am very familiar with it. The sound of it will change over time and will not bother you once you accept the awakening that is happening to you and start to work with it versus resist it. It sounds like the most troublesome symptom for you is anxiety, which I believe you are experiencing because you don’t yet know how to focus the high energy that is rising in your system in a new way. I hear you and can tell from your sincere expression how hard it is for you right now. What I can share is my awakening journey started nearly like yours, with sudden panic attacks appearing out of the blue. That is a long story and I won’t go into it now. I can share that I have healed myself from this without using medication and it was worth going through, meaning the benefits of awakening are more than I ever could imagine. It was only years later that I could see that this period in my life was a ‘blessing in disguise’, it was the beginning of awakening. So what you need to do now is get information about it and how to work with it. As providence would have it, I have just come across a book that is written clear with simple language, from an author who awakened by healing this state you are in now. I would suggest you get the book and read it now, it will be the best way to use your time right now. You can read it in a few days. It only costs $3 on Amazon. AFter you have read it, please get back to me to give me feedback about the book or to ask more questions if you have some. I want to help you and will do the best I can.

      Love & Blessings,

      A excellent book and only $3 in kindle version (you can download free kindle reader for PC if you don’t have the reading device). So much clarity and insight about solving any problem as well explaining the self-realized state succinctly, the author learned it all from healing his panic attacks (anxiety), through observation. That is actually where my healing journey started too. If you check out the preview and read the chapter Flash Crash Awakening, you will get gist of the book and know if you want to read more or not….

      Life Is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation by Vivbala

  2. hoze says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me
    It makes it easier when you know that you’re not alone.
    I pass my time trying to keep under control negative thoughts
    that come to my mind, it’ exhaustin.
    I see no signs for a normal life, not nealry at least
    This bothers me a lot because i don’t know when it will end
    but i keep tryin

    Best regards

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Hoze,
      The book I referred to you has suggestions that are easy to follow on how to deal with negative thoughts.
      Keep trying! For sure if you try, you will get a positive result.
      You are stronger than you realize!
      Love & Blessings,

  3. mark says:

    hi Betsy

    i like your article, its the best [what i call technical] description of how distance healing works.

    id like to ask ur advise: i have been at reiki 2 level for years and treat myself most days and others very occasionally, . now i desperately want to do distance healing to a friend who is in a bad way emotionally and very ill.

    Ive practiced/sent reiki several times now but im far to busy minded [un quiet],unable to concentrate for long,call it what you will.[this will probably not change although i often relax when self treating].

    the more i read about “feeling the energy” the more i despair, as i have never felt more than occasional warm hands while practicing. i seriously wonder if its possible for someone such as my self to send reiki effectively

    thanks mark

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your appreciation Mark.

      I understand your desire to help your friend, the best you can do is do it as best you can and accept that is the most you can do right now.
      With your desire to help and trying, that is healing energy you are sending to your friend — whether you can feel it or not.

      The more you practice with energy healing techniques, the more sensitive your get to feeling the energy movement.
      One should also be working with self-inquiry, gaining wisdom about one’s true nature though self-observation of reactions and questioning what one sees.
      The ultimate question being: Who Am I.
      Insights come from asking these kinds of questions, which often can cause a peak experience or awakening event, which further increases your vibration level.

      I suggest you try this simple meditation and do a few times each day, it might be helpful for you to learn how to be still.

      It is not about quieting the thoughts, the thoughts never quiet with your intention! The more you want it the further away it gets.
      What it is about is learning to be the Observer of what appears in your consciousness, that which you see reflected within and can feel
      or experience through your senses. So observe the thoughts arising, but don’t cling to them as in mind-chatter or telling a story.
      Of course you will do that as it’s old habit, but the more you just keep returning attention to observing what is appearing,
      the more the mind will settle down, the more your vibration or good feeling will rise.

      Hope that helps!
      Love & Blessings,

  4. mark says:

    hi Betsy

    i the been doing the technique now several days [GateTechnique] . the one where u simply observe a particular word…ha ha, so easy, but strangely it works.

    first time i practiced: three times my body shook violently from top to bottom for a moment.
    second time: just a big shake
    and third time: only a couple of twitches..

    can u say why this is happening and why the occurrence is decreasing . the fact that its decreasing worry’s me a bit, is my practice getting less effective?

    ill be looking at the simple meditation i saw explained on ur site

    uninteresting the GateTechnique seems to have much in common with several other Techniques

    thanks for all this

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Mark,
      wonderful you tried the meditation and it is working for you.
      apparently the technique worked for you to sit in stillness. so when you can truly do that, it releases held energy, like tension.
      this tension then is returned to your source supply, like ‘free energy’ or more abundant energy.
      Then that energy is used to heal or awaken you body, so you get a shaking sensation as it expands into your energy channels.
      the shaking itself is not indication of success, it is just a momentary healing reaction. which again tells me this meditation
      seems effective for you to learn how to let go and just be in the observer seat or as the witness.

      you are welcome.

  5. mark says:



    interesting what you say, i get a good general idea but not the exact meaning of first half of ur message. could u clarify a bit, thanks

    can u suggest why i no longer feel any “shaking” or other signs that its working, maybe its time to stop for a while

    thanks mark

    • betsy rabyor says:

      For the first part, please ask a much more specific question then I can answer.
      Are you giving or receiving distance healing and for how long? What is your goal?

  6. mark says:

    hi Betsy

    as for clarification, i’ll pass on it for now if u dont mind.

    i have been sending distance healing for about 7 days. goal is to: feel the energy so as to get some indication of the condition/needs of the recipient [where appropriate], to whether a recipients spirit is rejects or accepts reiki, and of coarse to heal

    Thanks, mark bogdanovic

    still not getting notifications

    • betsy rabyor says:

      This kind of notification and ability to read subtle information will require much more practice and expansion of your awareness to be able to detect and receive information from higher frequency.

  7. Jazmyne says:

    I have been trying to figure out something that happened in a dream of mines.
    For years I believed I could heal by placing my hands over someone – it came to me as a strong feeling.
    Anyhow, recently, I decided to pray for a sick friend, whom is also a classmate of mine. In doing this, I wasn’t physically with him, as we both live in different states. So, I decided to lay my hands on my own body and use myself as if it were my classmate, but I prayed on each of my chakras along my body in accordance and reference to my classmate. I visualized myself physically there with him, and physically laying my hands over his body. I also visualized his sickness as negative energy, in which I had the intention of removing. The problem is I had non idea where I would dispose of this negative energy once I had it out.
    Next thing I knew, after praying and meditating and visualizing, I fell into a deep sleep. The moment I hit my dream mode, I dreamt of myself in bed exactly as I was when I was trying to perform distant healing. And above me was this brown mass just floating over my body and I was looking up at it. There was absolutely NO harm or “red flags” of danger in my dream, as I felt complete neutral. In my dream, I knew right away that the brown mass was the sickness I was meditating to be removed from my classmate, and it appeared to me in my dreams because I had to dispose of it…… I just didn’t know where or what to do with it.
    And now I have come across your article, and I thought maybe I would ask your opinion and see if any of this makes sense, and if so, what can I do the next time I decide to attempt distant healing? Also, if I did not find a place to dispose of the negative energy/sickness, does that mean it went back to the body of where it came(my classmate) ?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jazmyne, sounds like you are a natural healer and your intuition is working well. I have not done healing in the way to take negative energy out of a person, nor to manipulate their energy field. Rather I just state the healing request, ask the Oneness to do the healing and then just entrain to them like placing my hands on my body, visualizing myself as the other. Then I observe and where I feel healing naturally working in the other, then I may put my palms on that area knowing it needs a boost. How I see sickness in a person is it nearly always caused by the individuals own karma / conditioning. You cannot change a person’s will power or karma, that is work they need to do to evolve, so likely if healed the sickness will come back. Entities can be removed, but it is not my field of expertise. I tried it one time by requesting the entity be removed by Archangel Raphael, and then did visualization of the person being surrounded by a blue light – while I maintained distant connection through my body. I felt energy moving up through the chakras and coming out the head. This may have worked and the person seemed better afterward. But I think the person can attract an entity back as well, if the reason why the entity is there is not resolved by that individual. I think negative entities are around some people, because they attract them in some way. I really don’t know about this brown mass and if that is possible or not to do. From the dream and your insight on it, it sounds like this ‘energy’ is now in your hands although it is not affecting you. Maybe the dream is showing you that the brown energy is not negative? I guess you could ask Archangel Raphael or the Oneness to take it for you and do what is best for it / you / the other. And it might just be that it went back to your classmate.

      It sounds like the lesson is, be careful what you do and get more information, as you seem to have powerful innate healing skills.

      In general, I think one should not manipulate the energy in the body of another, unless they have asked you to heal something specific which then is your focus. To do otherwise, you can negatively affect their evolution, by taking things away from them that they have placed there to help them learn. I feel it is best, to just allow the energy to flow in a healing and let their internal healer do the work, with the entrainment (laying on of hands) that is happening. You basically are giving them an energy boost. You do that by just letting the energy run without using your mind with intention to do this or that.

      Hope that helps!
      Love & Blessings, Betsy

  8. Steven says:

    hi betsy i like to ask how lang does it take to heal someone who as got fibromyalgia i been healing her for a few days now but she is still in pain

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Steven,

      To come to full healing a person must be involved in their own healing. As healer,
      you are only a catalyst to ‘boost their energy’. Which energy boost can make them
      feel better but it is only momentary, because it does not heal the cause.
      You cannot change how they use their own energy with their thinking, emoting and
      all their conditioned reactions from their personality.

      It is said that 75% of illness is caused by the personality, only self-realization
      work (dropping old habits and attachments) will fully heal most illnesses.
      I direct you to this page of my mentor who healed himself of fibromyalgia,
      and he was a very spiritual person and had done meditation for 40 years
      every day. He did this when he was 65 years old.

      Fibromyalgia is often part of the awakening process itself, so the person
      really needs to work with their thoughts, feelings, and change many of their
      habits of eating and exercise too.

      Love & Blessings,

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