How to Give A Distance Healing

How to Give A Distance Healing Using Reiki

The term psychokinesis (from the Greek, “psyche”, meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and “kinesis”, meaning motion; literally “movement from the mind”), also known as telekinesis (Greek, literally “distant-movement”), refers to the direct influence of mind on another physical system which is done ‘remotely’ or at a distance.

Psychokinesis, can’t be performed by violition alone. To have an effect on an object at a distance several things are required. The first thing, is one needs to use one’s imagination to hold an image in one’s mind, to provide a pattern, thought form or intention for the movement of one’s energy. The second thing, is one needs to build up power or a force of increased vibrational energy in the body. The charge builds up via activation of nervous system or energization of chi channels, this is also know as muscle vibration or emotional energy.  The third thing is one needs a relative medium or body through which the power can work, which is the end point or object of one’s focus, that which you want to act upon. It is not possible to change things without having an object to work upon. When we give a distance healing we act upon energetic objects, and even though we can’t see or touch them this doesn’t make them less real.

All changes in conditions in the world are brought about thru psychokinesis, which is a natural process of creation, employed unconsciously by everyone to greater or lesser degrees. The physical world is literally created out of our collective actions, which all action has at base ‘a thought’ as the seed to create it, and thus the physical world is a ‘reflection of thought’.

Conscious psychokinesis is what distance healers are attempting to do when giving a remote healing. One is trying to transform one’s intention (idea), into desire (emotion) and then into completed action on an object – but doing so at a distance.

Steps for distance healing

1. Raise your body vibration using your favorite method. I stand and hold a copper ring and intone 3 reiki symbols, the last being the long distance symbol. As I do this I focus on feeling the energy movement in my body. When I feel the vibration in the body is highly activated, I then sit to do the remote healing. See my Quicken Touch method for ideas on how to increase your vibration.

2. Next, put your hands on your own body (the body part of your choice), using either fingertips or palms. Keep your focus on movement of energy vibration happening between your palms and the body part you are touching. Now state your intention, which is the healing request. You must give a direction for the energy to work, by stating your intention of what you want to accomplish, create or do. This sets the thought at the base level and provides the idea or creative element as seed to channel the vibration force built up as energy charge in muscles (emotional energy) as desire and also determines the direction of movement of the energy and the time for it to happen. You also state the object of your focus or what you want to to act upon. For example: “I request a long distance energy connection with the Sandy Johnson, in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 10 pm her time. I request an energy healing for her highest good as determined by her higher-self and to be intuitively guided to give her a healing in the most effective way.”

3. After you state your intention, then you can let this thought go and enter into a meditative or quiet-mind state where you just focus on the feeling of energy happening between your palms and where they are touching your body.  You do not have to keep repeating the intention, repeating it just keeps the mind busy. The greater your ability to sustain quiet mind and be simply aware, the more your vibration will rise and the more effective the distance healing will be. Your body vibration can rise to the level which reflects your self-realization and ability. The longer you can sustain high vibration the more effective the healing will be for both people. When in state of no-mind even if it lasts for only a second, you are in that second one with the vibration of all, and while ‘like that’ you can exchange energy with other objects on the level of vibration or energy.

4. Establish ‘ethereal’ connection with the other object. Now that your intention is set, your mind is quiet and your vibration risen, lastly you need to identify the unique identity of the object your want to connect with. With distance healing you need something from the other that identifies their energetic signature as a unique entity, so you can clearly connect to that being in the world of all energetic beings. It’s much like an address. A photo of a person, their full name and location, an email address, a piece of something they have owned, a piece or hair – any of these will uniquely identify their energetic signature. For my distance healing I prefer to work with a photo. What I do is visualize my body and face as the other person and then imagine my hands are being placed on their body. I continue to visualize the body and face of the other and simultaneously focus on the feeling of energy exchange happening between my hands and their body, until I feel a physical link or connection established with them. This usually happens within a few minutes. One might feel this as a sudden inrush and elevation of energy or one will sense a kind of pulling sensation of the energy out of yourself. A push-pull or bellows link of energy exchange is established between the two of you. You have now established a physical link or cord. If you do not feel this link it can be because you are not yet that skilled to feel it or the other person is not open to receive the distance healing. If you get that kind of feeling, then you should not go any further but you can still giver yourself a healing…

5. Keep the link established. Once you feel this pull-push link, then you can drop all visualization and all intention and just sink into a pure meditative state, becoming your breath, not really doing anything, except moving your hand positions as you feel the other needs for your remote healing session. Palms positions can be determined by intuitive or by a specific sequence or method you are using. Thinking too much about moving your hands or trying to heal the other in specific ways, necessarily uses the mind and is counterproductive to being in a meditative state. If you are not very skilled yet I feel you can get better result at start by not moving your palms at all. Rather just put your hands in one position and hold them there for the entire session. A chakra works well for this. Long distance healing is different than ‘hands on’, because you are working at the energetic level you can treat the whole body easily from any hand position. The most important aspect for an effective remote healing is that you have set a clear intention, have established a firm link and can sustain quiet mind.

6. The natural healing cycle in the body for energy to move up to higher frequencies on spine from tailbone to skull takes around 1 hour, so this is a good amount of time to allow for a session. When you no longer feel the push-pull sensation or when you have felt corrective energy rise up spine to head, the session is concluded and you can stop sending distance healing. Conclude the session by doing a verbal disconnect, to break the distance link you have established. I just say: disconnect with ‘name of person’. If you don’t do this you are still connected with them which you can notice sometimes by having dreams or thoughts that ‘aren’t your own’.

Signs that one is being effective in one’s remote healing:

When you are able to sustain quiet mind for longer periods you have less attached to bodily sensations and it feels like you are everywhere at once having no borders. You still feel sensations in your body, but you are not identified with them. You might even recognize pain in your body as healing takes place but you don’t react to it, it is easily passed through. You can easily observe or feel energy paths wherever energy is working in the body, in all kinds of patterned movements, such as figure-eights or vortexes or linear paths. With deeper states an hour session can go by in what seems to be a few minutes, you experience enhanced hearing of external sound, see visuals in your 3rd eye with your inner sight and hear melodic tones with your inner hearing. While in a deep state, you may receive images or thoughts from intuition or from the 3rd eye that don’t come from mind activity. They just pop up into view or mind. You can trust the information contained in them to be helpful for healing yourself or the other. It takes many years and much practice before one is able to sustain quiet mind and experience a session like this. What is important is the more you practice the better you will get at it and every second you can be truly quiet in your mind is what counts, as in that moment you are one with all and are not only helping to heal others but also you are healing yourself.

March 3, 2009

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4 comments on “How to Give A Distance Healing
  1. hoze says:

    It’s been 1 year and a half that i’m in this conditions
    I hear loud music in my head constantly, repeatidly
    because of this i can’ listen to music or watch TV
    can’t sit down for more than 10 minutes
    i feel anxious ,affraid of my own thoughts
    i choke when i drink water, then i can’t burp
    become scared very easily
    i’m taking antidepressants which don’let me sleep well
    i’m desperate
    i’ve broken my parents heart
    interrupted my study
    i’m restless, agitated
    i keep walking up and down all day
    i’ve lost my girlfriend

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Hoze,
      Thank you for trusting in me to ask for help.
      When you tell me you hear the loud music in your head, that tells me you are likely in an awakening process. I think that because I have heard this music for a long time and am very familiar with it. The sound of it will change over time and will not bother you once you accept the awakening that is happening to you and start to work with it versus resist it. It sounds like the most troublesome symptom for you is anxiety, which I believe you are experiencing because you don’t yet know how to focus the high energy that is rising in your system in a new way. I hear you and can tell from your sincere expression how hard it is for you right now. What I can share is my awakening journey started nearly like yours, with sudden panic attacks appearing out of the blue. That is a long story and I won’t go into it now. I can share that I have healed myself from this without using medication and it was worth going through, meaning the benefits of awakening are more than I ever could imagine. It was only years later that I could see that this period in my life was a ‘blessing in disguise’, it was the beginning of awakening. So what you need to do now is get information about it and how to work with it. As providence would have it, I have just come across a book that is written clear with simple language, from an author who awakened by healing this state you are in now. I would suggest you get the book and read it now, it will be the best way to use your time right now. You can read it in a few days. It only costs $3 on Amazon. AFter you have read it, please get back to me to give me feedback about the book or to ask more questions if you have some. I want to help you and will do the best I can.

      Love & Blessings,

      A excellent book and only $3 in kindle version (you can download free kindle reader for PC if you don’t have the reading device). So much clarity and insight about solving any problem as well explaining the self-realized state succinctly, the author learned it all from healing his panic attacks (anxiety), through observation. That is actually where my healing journey started too. If you check out the preview and read the chapter Flash Crash Awakening, you will get gist of the book and know if you want to read more or not….

      Life Is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation by Vivbala

  2. hoze says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me
    It makes it easier when you know that you’re not alone.
    I pass my time trying to keep under control negative thoughts
    that come to my mind, it’ exhaustin.
    I see no signs for a normal life, not nealry at least
    This bothers me a lot because i don’t know when it will end
    but i keep tryin

    Best regards

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Hoze,
      The book I referred to you has suggestions that are easy to follow on how to deal with negative thoughts.
      Keep trying! For sure if you try, you will get a positive result.
      You are stronger than you realize!
      Love & Blessings,

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