The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion

In the beginning there was ONE creator, neither male nor female, who was pure energy and wanted to make other creators. From hir vast experience hir came up with an inspiration or unique idea how to do it this time around. You can understand this idea as ‘Hir Story’ or inspiration. After hir had her idea, hir divided hirself into matter and energy many times via successive explosions, where the first explosion was the strongest and each successive explosion being less strong. Hir did this until there were tiny bits of matter and energy. Each matter bit can be understood to be like a seed containing his energy and her matter, a male and female part. In this way hir spread hirself out all over and now hir existed everywhere as energy and many tiny seeds each with growing instructions containing hir story. Over a long period of time the tiny seeds grew and eventually became living people like we are today, each endowed with the same capabilities of our creator to create things.

People on earth are like infants or seeds of the ONE creator. Each person has the potential to mature and grow to become a child of the ONE if they learn how to do that, which basically happens through guidance from the ONE creator which is present both inside and outside of every seed in the world.

As the people grow over a long period of time, it can be seen that the one creator is gradually coming back together as ONE. As people live and create in the physical world they collect experiences over their lifetimes which is knowing. Over time the people become more alive which can be seen as the awakening process of humanity.

At this point in time it is good to be reminded of our reality. There is only ONE creator, and all beings were created by the ONE creator throughout their long growing history. The ONE creator not only supplied us our matter and our energy but also supplied us with our creation story. The reality is that there is only ONE creation story which came from the ONE creator. The ONE story is embedded in each tiny bit of matter; it is like a growing instruction for everything so that it can come back together as ONE at the end in the way that the ONE creator envisioned. But also because we were created and grown as parts of the ONE whole, each individual has been created and grown over time given a unique role to implement one part of the story. This has to be because we are separate and parts of the ONE whole. You can see this like each person has a special role to play in the grand scheme of the ONE story.

When awakening happens we become aware of the ONE creator within ourselves and also become aware of our created aspect. Our created aspect is a collection of life experiences; it is our part of the ONE story known as past lives. We were created, grown and envisioned by the ONE creator as one part of the whole that was our role in the ONE story. The past lives are not what is important, that is and was a created role as part of the One Story. What is important is what you have learned from having had that role, which is expansion of your knowing which is not a memory or physical and subject to erasure, it is your *potential* being, but not yet manifest. Your unique individual being manifests and becomes independent from the ONE creator at the end of the story, a true child of the ONE creator, at the moment when all matter returns to ONE energy. When awakening happens we can easily be confused, that our story is actually ‘our story’ and that we are thus independent beings. Our story ‘by itself’ is not real. There is only ONE STORY, and we are all part of it, we each have a part of the ONE creator’s story. In reality there exists only ONE creator who divided hirself into male and female and at the end of the growing the male and female will come back together into ONE Physical Being, as all matter returns to its source to join with the ONE creator.

At the point of awakening when you SEE your created aspect you will be given a most essential thing to think about. Do you think you created yourself and your story and you are alive as the ONE creator is or do you rather think you were created and your story is part of that ONE story and you are not alive (yet)? So that is the crux of the matter, will you believe your story or will you rather detach from your story and understand it is part of the whole?  And the latter is the only way to gain true independence as a living being, by giving up your ‘fake life’ (which was given to you anyway and is not real), you gain ‘true life‘ (what this is all about, becoming a separate living child of the one creator).

The One Story can also be seen as One Huge Ego, and each part of the whole or each being as having a separate ego. Awakening progresses by going beyond our Egos, by letting go of identity with it. The more people that go beyond identity with their ego, the stronger the ONE EGO gets, you can see it as the ONE STORY having more influence and thereby also the internal pressure of all beings builds which pushes more people to awaken. The truth is there is only ONE Creator, there is only One Story and there can only be ONE Alive Physical being. When you find the beginning, there also shall the end be.

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