What Is Healing?

sleeping buddha

Sleeping Buddha by Ulrich Gerhard Osterloh

What is Healing?

Imagine you are thinking about something and at the same time you are cutting a vegetable with a knife. Because you are lost in thought, you are not paying attention to what you are doing in the present moment, and you cut your finger with the knife. Immediately, your hand draws away from the knife, it happens spontaneously. Your nervous system just reacts, without you having to think to do it. At this moment you have not felt any pain from the cut. Next, you will even look down at your hand, to see if you have cut yourself, which the flowing flood will show you if you did. Next you will try to stop the flow of blood by putting pressure on the wound. After this your wound will start to heal, and when the healing starts you will feel the pain. This pain is from energy concentrating at the site of injury, with a fire and heat, to heal the tissues. Healing is a transformation process, converting mass back to energy. In the case of the finger, a cut was made in the energy path in the finger, which can be seen as the body as a whole. The healing restores the parts back to the ONE whole. Now, everyone wants their finger to be healed, right? So this pain is a good thing, it is healing your tissues.

When the finger heals, it will be healed in reverse order of how the wound occurred. You can imagine this like the knife moving down towards the finger, seeing contact, and then the knife continuing on down through deeper layers until it stops. How deep the cut is dependent upon the forces between the two objects. The healing of the wound will happen starting with the newest part of the injury (the deepest part) and will move in reverse or backward until the entry site is healed. When the scab forms and starts to flake off, then your cut is healed, right?

All things in the body are healed in this basic way, and all reactions in body that are deemed painful to the person experiencing them are a healing reaction, an attempt to bring the parts back to the whole. I think the main reason we don’t heal is because we are pain avoidant. In the case of the finger, we may arrive to the conclusion that we did not like cutting our finger and don’t want that experience again. This then leaves us with two choices, we can either refuse to use a knife again by not putting ourselves in that situation again or we can learn how to me more aware when we are using a knife.

We have many experiences in our life, and we make this type of choice each time we have a painful experience. When we choose to avoid the situation that we felt caused the pain, we have basically programmed ourselves to cut off certain similar feeling experiences as a way to protect ourselves from further harm. When we choose to confront the situation when a similar scenario presents, it is like we face our fear of the past and go beyond it by going through it. We choose to increase our awareness and learn from the experience versus avoiding it.

Transformation pain is experienced when one identifies with the healing reaction as being painful and therefore unwanted. It is good to point out that if you experience sudden acute pain, this is something that needs immediate professional attention. Acute pain builds up from not paying attention to healing reactions, over time. In other words, if you are too often choosing to avoid situations that are painful for you rather than confront the happening and increase your awareness or ‘change’, then this blocks off energy paths and overtime eventually causes large obstructions which then become life threatening.

When we choose to avoid pain, we are creating a program in the mind and body, it is a learned response. Each program is like a path in mind and body, that will not respond to that similar energy pattern, it is a way to keep ourselves ‘intact’ which doesn’t allow true healing to happen.

As we live our life we have many such experiences that cause us pain on the main four levels we go through in our growing into maturity. We come from a seed, which is like our soul, containing all our past history. Then this seed is fertilized, and our soul gets unique inherited elements from our father and mother in the conception process. When we are born this is our first painful experience in life, and mainly the baby is mostly energy and not so much matter when born. This is evident as the baby grows very rapidly and over time the growth process slows down as the energy converts to matter, or the mature adult. The first learning experiences are on the level of energy or emotions, as our mind is not yet developed. The baby just feels everything and responds to it that way. We create our first set of defense responses to our painful experiences on level of feelings. Next our mind or knowing develops and we do the same thing on level of the mind. After this we learn how to control energy in outside world as little creators, we move our energy through our idea (which is our interpretation), into the body as emotions or into muscles, and then make our movements in the outside world to affect objects. This is a long learning time and through our testing in outside world we complete the building of this lifetimes’ personality or ego.

When the personality has had enough experiences and the ego is large enough, then it becomes burdensome because there is too much pain to keep it any longer, and at that point one detaches from ‘the big pain’. At this point the healing process starts. Now a finger can easily heal, because we don’t really identify with it and it is not such a large part of ourselves. One thing you might notice about the healing of your finger, is that while you are using it during the day, not much healing happens in it. Then at night you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning you see the finger has healed during that time. Transformation pain is not experienced as painful when we detach from identity with the sensation. When we sleep, we detach, better said: our mind goes to sleep, thus the need for most people to sleep so their body can be restored to homeostasis.

When we first detach from our big pain (the ego), then the reverse healing of the ego starts. The healing happens in reverse order of how it was built up. First we heal our body, the outermost layer, that was last built up. With each layer we heal, our matter is converting to energy in certain areas, we are removing energy blocks, and making our one energy stronger. After one layer is healed, then we are confronted to heal the next layer. After the body, we heal our mental defense systems, after that layer we heal our emotional defense systems. After that we heal our birth. This is our current life. After that we heal all the life’s which came before, which is our soul’s journey. To heal a layer, we have to move through it, to face it, in a state of non-resistance to pain. As we heal each layer, we are converting our personality back to pure energy, it is like reverse growing or returning back to our source, from where we came as pure energy.

Transformation pain is a healing reaction and does NOT have to be experienced as painful. Basically, healing happens when you let go of identity with whatever thing you are working on healing, healing ‘happens’ when you sleep. You actually don’t do the healing, it happens all by itself. If you are experiencing transformation pains, you can prove that it does not have to be experienced as pain, by learning how to detach or not identify with the ‘healing sensation’. The healing sensation is just energy moving through the tissues, and it actually feels good. When you are successful to detach from this sensation, you actually are in a pure state of awareness, and will not feel neither pain nor pleasure, it is more like bliss or PURE LOVE. Transformation pain can definitely be your teacher to help you find the spot where PURE LOVE always is and always will be.

November 22, 2013

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