Healing is the same as rising awareness

My current theory is healing is the same as increasing awareness level. Healing happens when energy or vibration rises, which for most people some form of healing happens at night while they are resting. As long as vibration in body is strong enough there is not degeneration or disease. The denser the personality gets, the more blown-up the ego the more one clings to held form of energy (as oneself) and the less energy available there is available to heal, one’s vibration goes down as one becomes more solid. An internal pressure builds from this reducing energy flows and vibration and disease of some kind soon follows.

As far as the process of enlightenment, I see that healing is conversion of matter to energy from converting held energy in form as identity to energy not held in any form of identity. All this energy held in form equals our personal identity, which is thousands of years in the making, so there is much energy to be converted or released. When in the meditative state of non-attachment to identity, then it’s like ‘feeding off source energy’ because one is AS ONE with the source. Matter converts to energy at the speed of light. Traveling at the speed of light is possible if you fully let go of clinging to form and join with the source. This can also be understood like being a channel or vehicle for the divine to do it’s magic: releasing some part of your held energy and converting it to unheld or light energy, which is a growing process and takes it time as we can see for any body part that heals.

I’ve noticed that the healing process happens in reverse order of the erection of the personality itself, it is like taking a trip backward through time, back to one’s origin or source seed. The newest layers or problems are healed first, then after one layer is healed, the next layer surfaces for healing. Higher levels of vibration are needed to heal the deeper layers, or release older identity attachments. For instance releasing the energy held in past lives takes quite a bit of vibration (awareness) to let go of something that for so long has given you the feeling that you actually exist. You have to see it clearly for what that is, in order to detach from it. It has been my experience that this is where the majority of energy is tied up in form (held in identity).

April 15, 2014

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