Healing Happens When You Gain Energy

Healing and rising levels of awareness does not happen for the simple fact that we are using our energy for other purposes. There is plenty of energy in the body to heal oneself of any condition and to rise to higher levels of awareness. If one is not healing and can acknowledge degeneration in the body or mind, and realizes one’s awareness is not at optimum levels, then one might be motivated to take an honest look at how we are using our energy.

Healing will happen anytime one gains energy above one’s normal daily energy level. Healing happens when we sleep at night, because the personality is sleeping. Healing happens when we take vitamins, minerals or supplements that are lacking in our diet, as then our whole system operates more efficiently. Healing happens when we take oxygen or ozone therapies, because it helps to boost our immune system, and kill off bacteria and viruses that use energy of our system to fight them off. Healing happens when we meditate, because then we are releasing energy used by activation of personality aspect of self. Healing happens when we use energy therapies, as this excites our vibrational level, and helps us to settle the activated personality. Healing happens when we exercise, as this enervates the whole muscular system, resulting in greater efficiency of nervous energy moving in the body. There are many more things that can be listed that cause us to heal, but what is common about every one of them is it ‘increases our energy’, above our normal operating levels. When there is more energy we heal, it can’t be said simpler.

Now there is another category of energy drain that needs its own section, and this has to do with our bad habits. Every one of us has bad habits, lifetime habits, that suck the most energy, and there is a big reason why we won’t let go of them. We keep the habit, because it makes us feel dense, it makes us feel alive as personality, in a physical world. The habit itself keeps us grounded in earthly material, as a solid being, and that is also why it takes so much energy away from us. The kind of habit we hold most dear, and is the last one we would ever consider giving up, is that which is sucking the most energy. It will not be hard to find this habit if you take an honest look, and you may have more than one of them. If we look deeply into this habit, we will likely discover it roots are related to a very early childhood experience. Keeping the habit feels to be so much a part of who we are that we rarely consider letting it go. To give up this habit will be very difficult, not because of the nature of the habit itself, but because of the value we are getting out of it. The value we get is ‘feeling dense’ in the physical world as our physical existence itself.

When we try to give up this habit, it will feel like a real torture, beyond what others would feel giving up the same habit. As soon as we stop it, we start to get this feeling of flying, like we are losing our grip with the physical world and we feel weightless. This is actually the side-affect of a huge energy being returned to us, and it is what we are afraid of, we simply don’t like that feeling of our body suddenly gaining all this energy and feeling as light as a feather. We so will want to stomp this funky energy feeling down, and we know instinctually how to do it, by simply returning to do the old habit.

To increase one’s healing capacity and realize higher levels of momentary awareness, you need to look all the things one is doing habitually and try to make an accurate assessment of how much energy each is taking from you to maintain the habit. It is also helpful to observe while doing each habit, how your state of mind is while doing it. Does mind-voice tend to activate more during certain habits and activities than others? If so, then this will be a hint that this habit is one of the big energy drains, and you are doing it to get the entertainment value of being as activated personality aspect of self. You are doing it as habit to feel dense and materialistic in the world of forms. To get the speediest result of accelerated healing, go for the biggest energy drain item first, go for the hardest thing first, that thing which you tend to never let go of.

Of course as one stops old habits which are draining your energy, then there will be a huge space opened in which to do new things. Choose wisely among all the things possible for new things you can do in place of the old, which will give you back more energy than they take away. Try to establish new habits from pursuits which have roots in self-expression, creativity, meditation, exercise, being in nature, healing protocols and healthier diets, to name a few.

September 2, 2011

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