Healing Potential of Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an alternative therapy that has been used for many years. Many practitioners and patients report reiki as being effective, not only to relax and calm a person, but also to HEAL the underlying health problem itself, including cancer and many other diseases. Recently I heard from a woman who had been giving herself reiki self-treatments intensively and she reported that her pancreatic cancer was gone. While it may only be in remission, this is the first time I have heard such positive news about pancreatic cancer. I have heard many reports of healing, and also have experienced it first hand. I have been giving myself reiki self-treatments, twice per day over a five year period, and can report that a congenital defect which results in mal-formed joints is slowly healing in my body.

I have a basic understanding about how Reiki works part of which is founded in the principles of physics, energy, matter, and how objects react to each other, elaborated by Newton in his 3 laws of motion. To put it simply, a person gets sick or declines in health when one’s innate healing capability of the body is low in energy and therefore not able to remedy the problem. Via the principle of entrainment, when reiki practitioners put hands on a person, each person’s vibration level changes, due to Newton’s 3rd law. The person with low energy experiences a rise in energy as their body entrains to the higher vibration. This rise in energy is then used by the healing capability of the recipient to heal themselves. All healing modalities, work with this same principle. Anything a person can do to increase their energy level will foster healing potential.

Healing happens when you eat better, because you make your digestive system more efficient, your body uses less energy to digest healthy food, then it would use to clean out toxins and heavy foods, and the result is your energy is higher. Healing happens when you exercise, meditate, get a massage, or even take a pharmaceutical – all these increase your energy level. The healing is not happening by the protocols themselves, it is happening by capability of the body to restore homeostasis. Give your body the correct condition (more energy), and it will heal itself. Healing happens when you sleep at night, because systems go into resting phase and your energy rises.

Healing happens with reiki due to the principle of entrainment; the potential for healing effect is proportional to vibration (energy) level of the practitioner. The higher the vibration of practitioner, the higher the vibration in client will raise, and the greater potential for healing. Often during a session the client will go into a kind of sleeping state, as vibration level in body increases, one’s mind tends to settle down and one falls asleep. This is same thing that happens at night. You lie down, as you enter into resting phase, slowly your vibration level increases, to the point where a shift happens, you fall asleep and healing starts. When one has chronic condition, then sleep at night is not enough time to totally repair the problem as healing mostly happens while in REM and deep delta states. This is why using techniques such as self-reiki healing, help to increase the rate of healing, as one can go enter into an intensive healing state for a whole hour at will.

More rigorous studies are needed to prove the effectiveness of reiki therapy. Well designed scientific studies can be the best vehicle to evaluate something which can’t physically be seen. I know first hand use that it is effective and this is why I want to bring it to more people’s attention. It is easily learned and one doesn’t have to pay any money to learn how to do it. There is enough information widely available for free to learn everything about it. It is a tool that anyone can use to help heal self or others.

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