What are healing symptoms?

I’ve been pondering this for quite some time and think we don’t understand what are healing symptoms from our body because of how we feel about them. Most people consider their healing symptoms as a nuisance, undesired, unwanted and feel they cause them pain. So it is understandably a natural desire and reaction to want to get rid of them. Might there be another way to look at them?

Lately I have come to the conclusion that ALL physical symptoms that the body is making are for the purpose to restore homeostasis or harmony back to the body, thus they are ALL good. If this is true, then to treat any symptom – no matter the kind of treatment: medical or natural – with the goal to have the symptom go away, is bad because it prevents the body from working to restore us back to balance. To eliminate symptoms is like putting a stopper in the bodies natural path it was using to restore balance. The healing symptom exists due to our bodies effort to restore inner harmony; it is an outward movement to the surface to expel unwanted items that are harming the organism. This is true of every symptom.

The best thing to do with healing symptoms is to observe and question them to find out about what might be causing them, so that we might arrive to the root cause of the problem and be able to take corrective steps to facilitate the healing process. Eliminating a symptom will never cure the problem that actually caused the symptom. Most often the effect of symptom elimination is that one feels like the problem is gone and therefore there is nothing more to address and we become complacent to change causation habits. This mistaken way of eliminating symptoms has the effect that the underlying imbalance grows and gradually becomes more life threatening.

One might argue the case of someone in extreme pain from cancer that this symptom can’t be good and if we don’t treat it then the person will die. I won’t argue that this is not true and agree that everything should be done to stop the cancer to save the life. When the body becomes extremely out of balance and the life of the entity becomes threatened, the body will increase its effort to restore the balance to save the entity.

I don’t know what the answer is but somehow I know cancer is a symptom being produced by the organism trying to restore inner balance. The out of control growth of the cancer and intense energy being exerted to save the entity is losing the battle. So cancer tells me that there is something seriously wrong in the body, but it’s not the cancer itself. Thus there is increasing sensation and intensity of pain the more life-threatening the problem as the healing sensation intensifies. I do believe that anyone facing a life threatening situation will benefit greatly by learning to not identify with the pain and just learn to observe it, perhaps this might even be enough to turn the situation around.

Personally, I have faced extreme pain (mental, emotional and physical) at different times of my life and from these experiences I eventually learned that my sensation of pain had to do totally with my identification with my attitude. It was up to me on what experience I would have. I saw it could be painful, pleasurable or none of those. How I chose to label and experience it, was how it was. When pain would increase then it drove me to the center, as the observer, simply because to stay identified with the pain, became ‘unbearable’. Pain can be one of our greatest teachers, teaching us how to surrender.

Pain is what most people zoom in on when there are healing symptoms, which is why the predominant attitude prevails that symptoms are bad and need to be eliminated. Behind the sensation of pain there is a strong healing energy at work, the body is working on correcting the problem in the tissues whether it be mental, emotional or physical. Pain doesn’t have to be our experience, if we can observe the location of pain in the body with detached awareness and simply feel the bodily sensation, we might eventually observe that there is also arising pleasure as the area is being healed. The healing energy that is at the same time causing pain is also causing pleasure – underlying this healing energy there is a process of transformation happening. You can tune into either one of them, but neither one is the truth. The truth rests within the observer, with cool detachment and no need to label an experience as either causing pleasure or pain.

March 26, 2007

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4 comments on “What are healing symptoms?
  1. paddy says:

    I completely agree with the content of this article. I just know it to be true. The idea of ‘battling’ a disease or pain is a battle – a fight – but with what?
    Who are the contestants and who are the possible winners?
    I think we are fighting ourselves, an attempt to be apart.
    Thank you for this.
    I am surprised ‘no comment’ after years of this article.

  2. Rana says:

    If everybody becomes an observer, then who is the doer?

    Of course, one needs to observe the symptoms, no doubt, no debating it.

    But not “all” symptoms are good. They could well be “alarms” that need to be “acted” upon indicating something bad inside.

    >> “I do believe that anyone facing a life threatening situation will benefit greatly by learning to not identify with the pain and just learn to observe it, perhaps this might even be enough to turn the situation around.”

    If one keeps observing cancer, by separating oneself from the pain, then does the cancer cure or reverse itself? Funny!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      When truly aware the observer and doer are one.
      Symptoms are an alarm because you can observe something different is going on.
      If you think about any symptom deeply enough, you will realize it is a side-effect of the bodies attempt to heal.
      When symptoms don’t resolve, then it is because the underlying cause has not been determined/eliminated.

      There are many reports of spontaneous and holistic remission of cancer, which often are due to an attitude shift.

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