Is There a Soul?

is there a soul

Is There a Soul?

Wondering … What is the benefit of enlightenment?

What if one underwent the shift and without being able to share that with even one person and the next day one died in a car crash. Would that be helpful for collective consciousness or for others to achieve enlightenment or for one’s own soul journey?
Or is it only helpful to help other beings ‘see the light’ in one’s momentary existence in this physical world?

Is there a soul? Are there past lives? It doesn’t seem to make sense that such can exist if there is no separation. (Working on my handholds…) A little ditty came to me with my first awakening experience:

“DNA, The wiring of my soul, containing all the past lives that have come before.”

If that is a channeled truth, this would tell me that soul is just like a collection of energy like mind/brain, stored in DNA, and thus does not reincarnate but rather is just passed along in subsequent human births. Thus awakening would be a biological process, evolution, mainly a transmutation of the brain.

It seems that this existence / dream reality would go on eternally — and that only experience happens in this realm, otherwise nothing exists. So then, it would seem the Earth itself, or the place where this enlightenment can happen would be a primary concern or something to protect. But I’ve heard from a few here, that they no longer are interested to save the world.

If one attains enlightenment, does it stop something called reincarnation? Are there other bodies of existence, like in other planes or higher dimensions?

What is going on here?

August 30, 2016

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4 comments on “Is There a Soul?
  1. Ruby Alger says:

    No benefit to enlightenment except to know the Truth – The Truth awakened to The Truth. It’s quite the joke.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      I can see that now. 🙂 Thanks for stating the only benefit so clearly. Nice to meet you Ruby!
      Yes, it is quite the joke when one realizes how long one has been working to achieve that which
      was already one’s essential nature. But it seems all that efforting and striving was needed to
      find out what one was not – it is the great emptying, the clearing up of beliefs and perception
      to be able to see the truth: Awareness aware that one is aware.

      • Mamata Anurag says:

        Yeah, awakening is a process of unbecoming what one isn’t…not so much a process of becoming!

        ‘Becoming’ is usually perceived as accomplishment, growth and progress, not as a joke, but ‘unbecoming’ ironically becomes a joke!

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