Knowing Gives Feeling of Security

Knowing Gives Feeling of Security

It becomes clearer that the reason we are so drawn to obtaining knowledge is that it gives us the feeling that we know what is happening in the world around us.  From our perception of the world, we believe we know which gives us a feeling of security.

What is perception? Take any happening that is observed by multiple people and ask them what they saw, and you will get a different story from each person. Each person sees a happening differently, because each individual has a unique history, collection of knowledge and differing levels of awareness.  From all the stories, you may be able to infer a truth behind the happening, by means of interpolation. But even this is still flawed, to really be able to infer the truth behind a happening, from the outside-in, you would have to get the story of each individual in existence, and then you would need a big computer to process all those interpretations to arrive to the truth of the matter.

Then I understand no matter what I perceive from any happening I see or what I receive from any question I’m investigating, this is only ‘data’. It can be called knowing, but this knowing is only an interpretation subject to change, as the outside world continually changes, which includes myself. Thus knowing can at best be called a theory, or my current take on things. Knowing that how I see or understand things, is dependent upon my past experiences and is very individual, i know that pure truth cannot be found there. Thus there is no value to me to cling to my precious knowledge.

What is truth? Truth to me is that which needs no interpretation, or that which exists in pure form before labels or perception or individual knowing get attached to it. Truth exists in the present moment where life unfolds, unadulterated by past or future thoughts. It is always there and can be tapped into for answers to any arising questions, as it is consciousness itself and contains all knowing.

So how can one feel secure in a world, which is not based on what one knows? What can give a sense of stability and centered-ness in a world that is constantly in motion? Okay, i see, it is impossible, the problem is the desire for security itself, which is a desire that arises from one’s past self, which doesn’t even exist. Therefore desire for knowing comes from the need to validate one’s created aspect.

Yes, that’s it, the next step to do is to give up the feeling of security you get from feeling you know. To do that you have to stay rooted in your center, which is the same as ONE where all truth exists. If you can do that then you are like a passer-by, in a good spontaneous way. As soon as I wrote that, then the thought pipes up:  But…. it sure would be good to know more about what is going on…. A hard habit to drop alright….

December 11, 2013 6:44 PM

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