Kriyas are like a Baby’s First Steps

Kriyas are like a Baby’s First Steps; they are the Symptom of YOU coming alive.

Comment: “Right after a Kundalini workshop I had cleansing kriyas everyday which were very intense and it taught me a lot. I always started with specific exercises which were recommended and initially it started with snake like motions, when I was able to surrender to that, there followed the yoga poses.”

As I see kriyas, there are transforming energy held in body as personality, the movement itself is happening by awareness, and happens when one has withdrawn energy from reacting as the mind/emotions. The movement is stretching that area of the body to open it, which holds an element of conditioned aspects of the personality – which one is holding one’s energy there as that. So kriyas to me are the process of physical transformation, and they start out sporadic and over time increase and get smoother. The time between them getting less and less until one’s whole life is ‘kriya’ or as spontaneous movement – meaning one now moves as fully aware, not needing the mind.

Comment: “The best tip I had, was the tip that during meditation you DON’T have to sit STILL, to do so just blocks the flow, and that the silence will come automatically once the clearings are done and the energy can move freely.”

That’s a good tip, and good wisdom there at the end. I would just add that clearing is the process, so not to see it as ‘done’ or as a goal or one time thing. I think too many think of some people having blocks, more or less than others, and then kriyas only happen to remove blocks. I see the whole structure of personality as being one’s current state of being, reflected as the body and it is loaded with millions of blocks. As one clears the blocks, one reclaims and transforms one’s energy, it’s a process, and one’s kriya movements will increase as one’s energy rises.

Comment: “At a later stage came ‘having fun, dancing, dry orgasms and even spontaneous singing. Then I had an encounter with another being and after they left I cried; soon there followed the more heavy, mental, parts of the clearing, which still goes on.”

There are all kinds of experiences in this process, and many like you say. For sure it’s a highly sexual process and that is a big part of it. Laughing happens and crying, and unloading one’s concepts and belief system – the mental aspect as you say. There is also the emotional component and then the more physical component, which is what I was referring to previously. Then there is the individual perspective, and how one experiences the whole process, which makes ‘everyone’s’ experience seem so different, not allowing us to see the commonalities within it as a ‘biological process’.

Comment: “I heard from other teachers that kriyas are shaped by your own cultural references and experiences. So if your references are Indian dance, yoga and tai-chi that’s what you’ll get […]

I haven’t seen this, but I don’t agree. If it’s shaped by cultural preferences, then it’s happening via mind constructs or conditioning – one’s movement is being channeled with thought, not pure non-mind movement. So it also makes sense to me that people think this, because they are still mostly identified with their personality when it starts, and can’t discern beyond this conclusion. People can agree or disagree with me, it’s not important to me and I won’t go into an argument about it. For me, it’s obvious that the kriyas are working to separate the spinal column bones, cranial bones and all joints connected to it: hip girdle, shoulder girdle and tmj and occipital ridge/atlas, to break apart the foundation or keystone of personality which is energy held most deeply in the formation of the skeleton during one’s growing. It’s a biological process and I have discerned the pattern of the movements and the purpose for them, because I have been through much of this process.

Comment: “[…] or if you’re an Eskimo you’ll get something that relates to you and doesn’t scare you. Kundalini Energy is loving and doesn’t want to scare you. It’ll have you clear your body in a way that feels natural and familiar too you, if you don’t resist it.”

Kundalini Energy doesn’t have such attributes being pure energy it’s attribute-less. Seeing it as loving, or as painful or as wanting to scare or not scare, these are ‘judgments’ or attitudes of personality, and are individual perspectives. The one that gets scared is one’s essential energy (as the kundalini force), being identified with thoughts and emotions (reactions) and attaching to that. When one drops one’s own clinging to reactive thought coming out of one’s past, then it is the case that one is not resisting, and then there is no fear nor any other kind of judgment.

Comment: “I don’t take the time anymore to let kriyas happen, but when I give a massage and the energy is good, kriyas automatically happen. I tend to end up in either Krishna or Shiva-like poses sending energy, or manipulating the person’s energy grid, but I have no clue to what is actually happening.”

When your energy rises, as when you get any good energetic treatment like massage, then this is the condition to help your ‘being arise’, and at the same time let go of being as the personality (mind/reaction). It’s like a quick rise in energy being input into your system, and it will shock you out of identifying with your mind/personality and then healing starts in that interval – thus the kriyas happen with you. Treatments are good in most modalities, because they temporarily rise your energy flows and this is the right condition in which it is easier to shock you out of the old mode of being – behaving in conditioned ways as being identified with the personality – so you now can ‘let go’ of all that. So you see, even this doesn’t need your doing. It’s like yourself just takes over when it can, when you give yourself what you need: more energy.

Comment: “As always I still doubt myself that I’m not unconsciously pushing it in some direction that my ego likes to see.”

It’s much better to have uncertainty and doubt and to express that honestly, as that creates space for receiving, answers and growth.
Thanks for your comments.

September 19, 2008

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