What are Kriyas?

What are Kriyas?

Most of the definitions describing Kriyas are lacking. A kriya is a spontaneous body movement. It has often happened to long-time meditators as a kind of yoga-like spontaneous movement. It is spontaneous because it is involuntary, meaning one doesn’t will the body to move. The central nervous system allows you to move muscles in your body voluntarily, yet kriya movements happen to areas of the body that are under voluntary control but happen without You willing them to move. This aspect makes it difficult to detect authentic kriya movements in people, because they could just be pretending having heard about the phenomena.

What isn’t well known is that our growth in awareness or in transforming our personality is comprised of three main steps, one for each different aspects of our personality. These main parts are mental, emotional and physical energy bodies, which together form our manifested physical aspect of our underlying being. Another way to say it is that who we are as a manifestation is our realization.

When one is working towards awareness kriyas can happen anytime and result because one has surrendered the mind-chatter that keeps one in identity with the false-self, which also keeps one’s free energy tied up. This surrender or period of getting quiet can happen in many different ways. It might happen during meditation practice, while viewing beautiful artwork, while taking a walk in nature, while listening to music or when something dreadful happens. No matter how it happens, what happens in the body is the same. When the voice gets quiet, energy in the system is released and then used by the system to realize a change so that the person will exist then as higher in awareness. It’s always about getting more energy and dissolving the static personality and becoming lighter and freer flowing. To this end when there is surrender, the central nervous system uses this free energy to make changes in the central nervous system, increasing capability in various ways. This makes that surrender results in long-lasting changes to the body. This is what is meant by self-realization. Because the kernel of awareness inside the body of the personality, always wants more energy, then any block in the body which is draining energy, will be a high priority for use of the free energy. Even in the earlier mental and emotional stages of transformation prior to full-blown kundalini awakening, kriyas sometimes result. The further one goes on the path of transforming the personality and increasing one’s self-realization level, the more frequent and pronounced the kriyas become. Kriyas are not about removing a single block they are about removing all blocks in the body which the non-realized human is full of them.

The first steps one must pass through are going beyond the mind, and next one must learn to go beyond being sucked by emotional reactions. After the emotional stage is passed, there is a tremendous surge in free available energy. This is because it is easier to detach from the rising of the false-self after this, and one rarely gets lost in emotional swings or erratic behavior. From this big boost in energy, the physical stage is set and full-blown kundalini awakening is triggered soon after. The first parts of this stage are an intensive period of changes to the nervous system, part by part all over the body. After that, this stage is very active and kriyas are the main symptom of it simply because of how the changes have to be made. Muscles are the main workhorses of the body and the central nervous system can control them via nerves from the brain to the body.

To say it briefly, the personality in the body lays down an individualized cord of energy, which is off center and static and does not go down the lines in the spine. Rather this cord results from the habitual ways of the personality and how the person responds to and moves through life. The kriyas serve to stretch and exercise all the parts of the Central nervous system, going over and over this cord of energy of the personality, freeing everything attached to the spine, skull and sacrum with the purpose to free the skeletal parts essential to the CNS. With each pass over the cord through the body, which includes joints and limbs, the free energy rises and the personality is reduced. This is a growing process, all freed energy is used to make nervous system changes behind the stretched out areas, all the time gaining more energy and increasing our vibration level. The dissolving of the personality in the body is the source of energy used to make the new entity. This process will continue until the cord of energy has been freed from all bones in the skeleton and skull and sacrum and is brought back to center. When the energy from the personality is all collected or freed and brought back to center then a new life will be born.


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