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I have started a Kundalini & Awakening Help discussion group in Facebook.  The numbers of people awakening is greatly increasing right now, and I feel by coming together in discussion on this topic, we can help spread information about this natural process and together we can help each other through it by sharing our experience, strengths, hopes and wisdom.

Group Description

This forum is a support community, offering help by sharing our experience with each other, for those who are experiencing awakening or spontaneous awakening with or without kundalini awakening symptoms. We also welcome those with spiritual crisis or kundalini syndrome. Awakening is a natural process and a gift to have happen, there is nothing to fear and by sharing our experiences, we help each other through it. Many people today are awakening and for many it happens with no prior spiritual experience. Know that you are not alone on this journey.

There is no guru here, no leader, no teaching and no awakening method or specific tools recommended. The foundation here is self-empowerment and encouragement to use your innate and inbuilt tools of introspection, wisdom and observation. We encourage all to connect with the guru within and let that source and life be your guide. We are about empowering each other, not making us dependent upon teachers, gurus or any teaching! Various tools, techniques and books can be helpful for various steps in awakening and no one tool will appeal to all people. However, near the end of the journey, it will be understood that no tool, teaching, knowledge nor any doing on your part will cause you to awaken. At that point, the seeking is nearly over and you are ready to quit trying. We encourage everyone to experiment, be inquisitive and share what was helpful for you in your journey.

We see life as our teacher, which is constantly unfolding and new, so we can never know what to expect. What we deal with is what is in front of our nose, or *right now*. Narrowing it all down to what is most important challenge we face right now, can help direct our energy in an effective way. Once we do that, then we can use our insight to find our way through that challenge by observing and asking questions about what we see. Okay, so there is a teaching here but it’s pretty generic: “Identify what is your current challenge, keep your eyes on that by observing and then ask questions on how to deal with it. Trust that when you ask essential questions, the answers will come.”

Join the Group

Click here to join the group: Kundalini Awakening Help, when the page loads click on the Join button.

If you know people that would benefit from this group and/or would like to contribute, please share this link with them.
You can also find the group on Facebook, by entering: “Kundalini Awakening Help” in the Facebook search box.

Hope to see you there!

Love & Blessings,

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2 comments on “Kundalini Awakening Help – Discussion Group
  1. Mamata Anurag says:

    Hi Betsy,

    This is a great gesture and much needed in this time. Good luck on this endeavour.

    Best Wishes,

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