Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Kundalini awakening symptoms are produced all during our lifetime. How often they happen and the intensity of them is directly dependent upon our self-realization level. They get stronger and closer together the closer we are to full-blown kundalini awakening. Kundalini symptoms are produced by our body as a healing reaction. Even if the reaction is not pleasant for us to experience, it is still beneficial and is our system’s attempt to heal us and raise our self-realization level. The majority of symptoms related to kundalini awakening are due to changes in the neurological system and an increase in our awareness. There is actually no difference between healing and rising of our self-realization level, they are one and the same thing. To simplify, I divide the symptoms up into several stages.
Kundalini Symptoms in Non-awakened Person Prior to awakening, the personality is a heavy weight to carry. Much of the focus of our life is put into animation of the personality. This creates an imbalance towards our physical versus our spiritual self and starts to cause problems. Prior to this point, we still had a spark of life, felt intuitive and our mind and health were robust. As we go on with our life with our focus in our mind-made self, , the personality keeps gaining more energy and eventually starts to become top-heavy and starts to cause physical and mental problems. Even though this sounds negative, it is not, it is kundalini working inside us. Before we can spiritually awaken, we have to wear out our satisfaction with being identified with our materialistic self.  

  • Life is dull and seems not to be worth living
  • Lack of intuition
  • Disconnection with spirituality
  • Nightmares
  • Repeating Dreams
  • Mental health issues
  • Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Rashes, Pimples
  • Changes in diet

Kundalini Symptoms Preceding Spiritual Awakening  

In the previous stage, you are concerned about all the stuff that is coming to the surface so you start to find out ways to cure the problems that are arising. You have turned your attention away from outer world somewhat and are now paying more attention to your inner self. Energy is working in your mind to clear aspects about how you see yourself and how you see the world. In short, your eyes are opening as your mind quiets down and when you look outside you discover that everything is conscious.

  • Visions
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Synchronistic Events
  • Insights
  • Changes in beliefs
  • Self-Questioning
  • Interest in Transpersonal Therapy
  • Change in worldly perspective
  • Volunteerism
  • Seeking information about Spirituality
  • Self-healing
  • Change in diet towards healthier diet
  • Sporadic Nervous system reactions: tingling, brain flashes, tones
  • Establishing daily spiritual routine
  • Key insight: Everything is conscious

Kundalini Symptoms in Spiritual Awakening or Crown Opening

In the previous stage, many of the health problems have cleared, your mind is sharper, your awareness level is higher and with your spiritual practice you have learned how to quiet the mind at times and your vibration continues to get stronger. You experience more kundalini symptoms and closer together, until the event where a huge amount of energy is released from the base of the spine and goes up to the crown chakra into the mind. This is the spiritual awakening or opening of your eyes and is known as the Crown opening. You experience a barrage of kundalini-related symptoms over the course of a few weeks, which will slowly fade. Sudden rise in energy

  • Expanded perception & sensory abilities
  • See vivid colors in nature
  • Sensation of time standing still in moments
  • Seeing reality as interconnected objects
  • 3D view of world, as if it is a movie
  • See cause and effect in nature
  • Flooding in of insights and spiritual information
  • Rushes of energy
  • Flashes of light
  • Healing symptoms
  • Visions & vivid dreams
  • Memories of past lives
  • Receive information for your life purpose and earth lesson
  • Kriyas (spontaneous body movements)
  • Barrage of nervous system reactions: tingling, numbness, itching
  • Strong sexual energy
  • Strong emotions, both laughing and crying
  • Dropping old friends, finding new friends
  • Change of career
  • Ability to be fully aware and present in moments
  • Key insight: I am not my mind, I am the source behind my mind

Kundalini Symptoms just before Full-Blown Kundalini Awakening
As your vibration increases, more profound changes start happening to your body and mind. Kundalini symptoms happen more often and get stronger. It is normal to have a feeling of falling asleep while in your meditation. If you allow yourself to fall into this sleepy void, then your meditation goes deeper. If your meditative state is not deepening, you are probably at an earlier stage of spiritual awakening and it is unlikely the full-blown kundalini transformation is near to triggering.

  • Deepening state of quiet mind, sustained quiet mind for 45 minutes
  • Sensation of time standing still for duration of meditation session
  • Feeling no boundaries of body while in deep meditation
  • Feeling of falling asleep in mediation
  • Strong physical healing reactions, with pain or cramping
  • Muscle twitches in body
  • Profound emotional cleansing
  • Laughing & Crying
  • Sporadic Kriya movements, often while in mediation
  • Stronger longer nervous system reactions: tingling, numbness, brain flashes
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Feeling of elation and sensation of bliss
  • Quivering lips
  • Chakra activation
  • Sensitivity to feeling energy
  • Out of body experiences
  • Encounter with spiritual entities
  • Key insight: I am not vibration, I am the source behind the vibration

Kundalini Symptoms with Full-Blown Kundalini Awakening

When the full-blown kundalini awakening is triggered, it will happen very suddenly. The main symptom is feeling an electrical energy moving along the meridian paths in the body, connecting one to the next one in a sequence, which cannot be missed. This is the first rewiring or lying down of the new nervous system mapping which is now going to be grown in the body. After this, the next thing that happens is like a reprogramming of the entire nervous system that is felt as numbness in various body parts, which lasts around one week. Numbness, stinging prickles and spontaneous body movements are non-stop in the first days. The main thing different in this phase is many of the following symptoms are experienced each day and they do not fade away. The symptoms continue daily until the new light body has completed growing, which takes at least seven years to complete.  

  • Easily sustain quiet mind for long interval
  • Sudden activation and connection of meridians in body with buzzing feeling
  • Sensing patterns of energy working in the body
  • Formation of vortices in body
  • Whole body numbness giving sensation you cannot move
  • Numbness moving up body in sections with stinging prickles
  • Spontaneous body movements (kriyas) are frequent
  • Cramping and pain in body muscles
  • Constant tone heard in ears
  • Images seen in 3rd eye
  • Vivid dreams
  • Cleansing dreams, cleansing of past life’s, reliving birth experiences
  • Huge emotional cleansing
  • Crying & Laughing
  • Freezing cold, wind, rushes of energy
  • Hot Flashes
  • Whole Body Sweats
  • Increasing physical body vibration
  • Elastization of body’s muscles
  • Feeling of drops of liquid moving through body
  • Pulsing in root and crown chakras
  • Spontaneous orgasms
  • Continuous amplified senses
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Shaking and shiver episodes
  • Skull Pressure
  • Insects crawling on skin sensation
  • Out of Body experiences
  • Meeting spiritual beings
  • Loss of all sensation
  • Organ cleansing
  • Electric shocks
  • Popping and cracking of bones and ligaments
  • Key Insight: All is Transformation

: Kundalini symptoms are mainly produced due to changes in the nervous system which includes the mind. It is possible to have a neurological condition not at all related to kundalini awakening and have similar symptoms. It is advisable to have persistent symptoms checked by a medical professional to rule out other causes.

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28 comments on “Kundalini Awakening Symptoms
  1. shailendra k garg says:

    Dear Betsy,
    I is very enlightening to read kundalini awakening symptoms. I have one query. Around 4 years back I had release of energy. I felt energy starting from root chakra moved from one to next chakra in succession over the course of 7 weeks. Since that day I have continuous vibrations. Although I didn’t have crown opening type of symptoms. I am very religious from birth,being born in a such a family. I have noticed and recorded a pattern/ cycle of vibrations since then. It has always started with root chakra and then moved up both up spine and front of body then came down and entered spine and went to head and then came down and made some changes to body. First cycle took 2.73 Yrs, second 2.2 months, third 1.3 month, fourth 0.9 months and fifth going on. Each cycle of vibrations goes to brain and quickly returns back down the spine and their are relaxing tingles & feeling of neuron growth. What are these cycles ? My digestion system has improved a lot. I have now good memory, brain power to teach students. But I sill don’t know where do I fit in kundalini awakening stages. I still can’t sustain quiet mind. Although I know what it is like to be quiet mind. I have sincere desire to raise my vibrations. Can you guide me? I think you are the only authoritative person on kundalini I know.

    Regards, Shailendra K Garg, India.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Shailendra, thank you for your comment and sharing the detail of the changes in your body you’ve noticed. Good you take notes! This is pattern I noticed in myself, although it did not take as long because I worked with it for 12 hours every day for 3 years. These cycles of energy moving from root to crown are also know as multiple refinements, it is basically the nervous system expanding to carry more light-energy and higher vibration in body. By itself this body expansion is not enough, one must also work with meditation and self-inquiry because the real goal here is to realize one’s true nature. The body and consciousness are linked, when one changes, the other also changes. I would refer you to this article which also has a link to my free online book which gives much more detail on all these patterns, phases, etc. http://phoenixtools.org/stages-kundalini-awakening/

      To get quiet mind to sustain one must learn how to not only let go of the mind but also body identification, so one must deepen one’s meditation to let go further. This happens with looking more near to what one is doing during meditation and experimenting to find out how to do it. It can help to incorporate other forms of meditation to find out different angle to let go. Another aspect is working with self-inquiry, to keep digging into the question: Who Am I and what keeps me in identification with mind and body (with reactive self). One insight along these lines, can cause a huge jump in awareness level and subsequently in body vibration.

      One thing to realize is that thoughts don’t disappear, one doesn’t get pure quiet mind — you will continue to get triggered thoughts up to the end. The key is to not attach to the triggered thoughts, to gain more skill at being the observer of them. Learning witnessing meditation is crucial and should be something you practise each day. I think this is the best instruction for it. http://falconblanco.com/release/index.htm

      *** However in one’s meditation this is not the same thing — advancing meditation should result in increasing length of time in sustained quiet mind moving towards embryonic breathing or samadhi state.

      If you have more questions you can email me.
      Thanks for your kind words…

  2. Carolyn Glasgow says:

    I awoke this morning with a feeling of insects crawling all over my chest and googled to find out what it might mean. For the first time I discovered kundalini. I have been on a spiritual journey for years now and have been praying for enlightenment. I feel that this is an indication that I am receiving an answer to that prayer. Can you explain what is happening? Why the insects? Thank you. Carolyn

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Ask and ye shall receive…

      The symptom is from the nervous system activating / energizing at outer layer of body where nerve endings meet environment, your body is becoming more sensitive to energy vibration,
      as you ‘enlighten’. It just feels like insects crawling because there is fine tingling at surface of skin, like you would feel if an insect crawled across. This is one of the first symptoms. As the nervous system expands more, it goes into deeper layers of body, opens energy channels and produces a plethora of symptoms on mind and body. An amazing experince, but one should not put much meaning on the symptoms, they are only momentary experience and when one goes away the next will appear. This can last quite some time, which has many variables on how long (another topic). But these enervation’s of the nervous system in body (life-force energy called kundalini expanding) by itself is not awakening although it is related. It is more like the body and mind prepares for awakening, to become more receptive to receiving light-energy in all forms. The self-realization or awakening aspect which is most important is using your wisdom to go beyond your mind and body and find your True Self, by doing self-inquiry. Much good information is written about this topic. I am currently reading the book: “Waking from the Dream” by Detong ChoYin, which I can’t recommend highly enough. It is truth, and really helps me put all the pieces / ‘ahas’ together, to see what the illusion is that keeps us in separation (unawakened)… I will write a review once i finish it. It has clear and concise information for anyone on the path and any reader seeking such information will get information from it. There is much more information on kundalini transformation process on this site and in my free book which you can find link to on page.


      I am happy for you!
      Love & Blessings,

    • Maribel says:

      Oh my universe same here I woke at 3:33 in morning
      with 2 big ants I took one of them off and the other bit me behind my bottom spine and that’s when I woke up abd it felt like i was acrually getting bit

  3. Kavita says:

    When do you think person is self realized ? I felt strong fountain at fontanelle center on head that lasted for 15 min .
    After that experience i see i am centered not driven by emotions .

    I can feel my sahasrar opening . What physical sign shows the culmination of Kundalini awakening ?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Kavita, I think a person is self-realized when there is no longer a belief or feeling of an inherently existing self. Sensation on top of head does not mean self-realization, the chakras open many times in multiple passes called refinements. The first awakening, I call crown opening which is a Profound Happening, with much information pouring in, like a download, as well many mystical experiences, kundalini reactions and information about past lifes coming to awareness and one’s mission or role for this lifetime. After this big event, it is like one has separated oneself somewhat from identity with the personality, and now has improved ability to observe or witness oneself. Kundalini reactions from this big event, last for several months up to a year, but will eventually fade. So it is not he Full-blown kundalini awakening, that comes much later. After this, the real work begins. It is like the road map has been laid out to the one who awakened, but now all the steps must be self-realized, and one does this by observing and questioning oneself and life, doing self-inquiry to gain self-knowledge about how one truly exists. After crown awakening, one works on going beyond all the ways we get identify from our mind or ‘mental body’. This took me 7 years to complete. After that is completed, then one works on going beyond identity with the emotional body. This took me around 1 year. After that, then the full-blown kundalini awakening is triggered, and then it takes about 12 years of mind and body cultivation to get the reward body. (I am in my 10th year on this part) Love & Blessings, Betsy

  4. Zorigtbaatar says:

    I’ve been practicing ” Open Heart Meditation” about 3 months but I’ve got a terrible chest pain. the pain is sooooo sharp and I could not move even first 2 weeks. It’s life frightening So I have checked heart doctor and she tested my heart rhythm some other test. She couldn’t find nothing serious So please tell me what is that and how long does it take? It’s getting better but still have the pain it’s annoying not fun at all So please help me

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Zorigtbaatar,

      I did not know what Open Heart Meditation was, so looked it up to be able to answer you question. I found a good description of Open Heart Meditation at padmacahaya.org website. After reading and trying it, it is an effective meditation — this is good. When one does meditation effectively, then one will eventually get a result which can be of form of insights, clarity, stress relief and healing — to name a few. When one relaxes the body and mind, then One’s Source energy is allowed to expand in the body and clear out cells that do not allow ideal amount of energy to pass through and even to open energy channels more than they have ever been open before. As this purification of body and mind takes place, then one will get all kinds of healing reactions or awakening symptoms. I understand some of them can be frightening, especially when they work in more sensitive areas like the heart or brain. That you went to the heart doctor and they do not find anything wrong should allay your concerns. Often it can happen when the purification of body and mind starts, underlying (and hidden to you) problems in mind, body, emotions, become apparent as they are healed. Nobody has a perfectly straight spine and body alignment, and as kundalini energy expands it will align and open any blocked channels. This will be felt PHYSICALLY, as it should, it’s really happening. Kundalini energy will move around and not stay in same place too long, I suspect it will move to next area in body soon. You can observe internally and see where the energy is flowing and even ask what is being worked on in your body — which often gives an answer which can relax the fear.

      When you experience any pressure, pain or emotional releases while doing meditation (or as healing reaction after), just observe them and don’t get attached to any story about them.
      All you need to do is relax and surrender more, and you will feel lighter. Pain actually is only experienced in the mind when one has identification with mind and body. A great skill is to learn how to let go identification with mind and body (go deeper in open heart meditation, just breathe and relax and smile) and you will see what before was felt as pain, melts away and one only feels a bliss sensation or an energy movement but it is not experienced as painful. This takes practice to be able to let go deeper like this. The more you do not react to the pain sensation, the more easily the energy can work in that area of the body and the faster this symptom will go away.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Malinda Bruce says:

    What is this snake like moving light that I see often. It whips around and grows gradually for about 25 minutes and then expands into this huge dazzling display of blue white light swirling and strobing. In the end it all either goes out of the ceiling or it goes into me. What is that?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Malinda, with kundalini awakening going on, this is mainly an expansion of the nervous system, by opening blocked energy channels of which there are thousands. This happens gradually over time. The more the nervous system expands and the more open the channels, the more you will start to sense or see this vibration either by feeling it and/or seeing it in various forms and appearances. There are many phenomena such as this which I call ‘light shows’. Most people see these phenomena differently, so I feel the description part of what is seen or experienced has the most to do with our personal history, beliefs, etc. As the vibration rises over time, it will swirl in vortex patterns in different areas of the body. A common swirling is around the spine, so it tends to feel and look like a snake, whipping around. From what you describe, the spine is activating from the base at the tailbone. Then this vortex forms and swirls around the spine and as the swirling increases, then momentum or force in increased. Then this energy rises up the spine to the head and when the energy reaches the brain, then the neuron connections in the brain change or reorganize their patterns in certain parts of the brain. When the energy expands in the brain, that’s when you see the most amazing patterns and light displays. There are many patterns that appear over time, which seem to be due to which part of the brain is affected by the neural expansion. The next day you can do a meditation and see something entirely different. Hope that answers your question.

  6. Colin says:

    Is the level of symptoms experienced and duration there of (like 7 years) not totally dependent on your level of resistance/blocks/not allowing?

    Is there not such a thing as a relatively easy kundalini awakening (assume the person does certain practices to not have so much trouble)?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Colin. There are many variables in regards to how long the kundalini awakening takes such as age it starts, how much you work with it letting energy run and also working on self-inquiry, year it started, level of karma you have to unwind, presence of physical defects in spine or other body defects, etc. I don’t believe there is any easy kundalini awakening it is always challenging. I think many that have these easy experiences are not experiencing the full-blown phenomena, it is rather an earlier awakening stage which also had kundalini reactions but they usually fade by themselves in a few months. Whereas with full-blown, it’s running 24/7 for many years. I’ve heard it takes 12 years to fully transform the body to get the ‘reward body’. I’m in my 11th year and feel it is winding up or getting near to completion. If you have worked with trans-personal change and have good skills with meditation and witnessing and realize the mind-chatter and bleief in that story, creates one’s experience and emotion, eat healthy diet, get regular exercise, have normal weight and don’t take harmful substances — sure it will be easier than if you didn’t have any of that going for you. It seems most people that are having difficultly along lines of kundalini syndrome or spiritual crisis which generally comes with unexpected spontaneous awakening with hardly any spiritual practice — is that they have not yet understood that one creates one’s own experience through belief in ‘my story’ or thought. People in this latter category, then are working on understanding and going beyond their personalities’ personal defense system, which is like a mental health problem suddenly arising ‘out of the blue’ such as anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar and the like. When awakening energies get strong, then whatever is habitual in the mind magnifies, so if the mind-chatter is going constantly, then a mental health problem will become apparent. This is resolved (healed) with witnessing, meditation and investigation on cause of the state and eventually learning how to recognize the programming when it arises and not reacting to it – thereby erasing a programmed or conditioned response pattern. I am not sure I have answered your question. If you can be more precise with your question, I can answer it better. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  7. kuchel says:

    I have been meditating and chanting mantras for three months, i have few question to ask on what I’m going through.
    1.when I see any object the wall, the tree, the dark surface I see flares I really don’t know what it is(it’s like charge particles moving) but my eye sight has been very good since meditation, no pain and no itching in eyes.
    2. after meditation my neck and chest part use to get locked (kind of jammed) usually left side and when stretch using my left hand upward it makes a crackling sound and yes I feel very mild and the lock is released. But it’s getting milder every time it was more a week ago now it’s draining out but not completely.
    3. I get pricking all over my chest, this usually does not happen when I meditate, feel bliss when i go deep into meditation, but when I sit doing nothing, after having a glass of water and after having food, sometime when I move around I get this, I took ECG, chest scan all were normal, took test one month back. What make me worry little sometime there is very mild prick on my central chest part, it goes immediately, when I take deep breath in and out I feel chill and smooth though. When I stretch or twist my upper body I get crackling in my chest and I feel relaxed but why it is happening I don’t know?
    4. When it’s too sunny out I feel warm in my chest and back, but I do not get sweating, inside I feel chill and bliss but outside I feel mild burning kind of warmness.
    5. yesterday I felt pain twice at left rib at nipple and back after deep meditation while i was doing some kitchen work, felt little scary but at the sometime i was relaxing myself and it vanished when I took a nap, today it’s not there.
    6. sometime when I meditate I don’t feel like I’m breathing, even sometime when I’m sitting or after having food my breath duration is very small a mild one.
    7. when I start meditation sometime I get ringing sound and also ear fluttering (this use to be more before and also I use to get even I’m not meditating now it’s all become mild, a very mild one)
    8. Yes recently when I meditate I can feel that something is getting unblocked in my chest and back.
    9. There used to be other symptoms like palpitation, stomach upset and dizziness, it’s all now gone due to god’s grace.
    10. yes I feel young, bliss, light weight, great in concentration and also I got six pack (hahahahaha) but all that good things I got due to meditation and chanting mantras does not make me happy, when I feel I have still not know who am I?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Kuchel,

      Thank you for sharing your journey and observations. Here is the answer to your questions.

      1. All the senses will increase in perception ability gradually over time and you will experience different phenomena while this is underway.

      2. This is kundalini opening up the tight joints, when energy works very strong in one spot it can feel like the body is frozen in one position for short period of time. Then when done, you hear the crack as the joint shifts or releases tension. The kundalini makes many repeated passes through body from bottom to top (up spine to head) over long period of time and in each pass it will work in the tighter areas more – so you will feel areas with tighter restriction being worked in each pass. And feel this open more each time. The time between one pass in body from bottom to top decreases over time, eventually becoming continuous.

      3 – 5. More common kundalini symptoms, suggest you read my free online book for more information about these http://ourlightbody.com

      6. The breath can stop or pause while in deep meditative states, it is nothing to worry about.

      7. Tone sounds in ears is common kundalini reaction, these sounds change over time and you will hear many different ones. Nothing to worry about. It’s due to hearing the firing of nervous system in the brain as new neural connections are being made or connect.

      8. The kundalini works to open up every cell, so every part will eventually be done.

      9. Each day the kundalini phenomena are different, no two days are ever the same — Same could be said about life, right? Organ cleansing is common stage (colon, stomach, etc), as well healing in heart (palpitation) and dizziness (swirling strong in body and/or work in balance system). These things can repeat too when energy goes to deeper healing level.

      10. The kundalini expansion by itself is working to open blockages in body as well to expand the capacity of the body to carry more ‘light energy’ by expanding the nervous system. So it’s really not correct that it’s just opening blockages, it is opening the body to a level of much higher energy flow, so includes every cell in body and brain. This process then helps to ‘make one less sleepy’ or ‘more aware’, as the more energy that can be carried through our nervous system, it is also linked to our brain so it increase our awareness level or perception — so we can detect more subtle vibrations, senses and information too. By itself this expansion does not give us ‘awakening’, we must also understand the nature of our own mind by peering within, observing ourselves, and questioning and contemplating these 3 key questions: “Who Am I?”, “What is this World Appearance” and What is Truth?” So finding out who you are is the most important!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      PS: In regards to number 10… The kundalini will automatically present as symptoms (appearances) also that which needs to be cleared NEXT from your brain’s conditioning, those overused or problematic thought patterns or response patterns. That which you need to let go of, to drop identity with, to clear from your brain – automatically gets amplified, usually causing us some degree of angst in our life which can be sorrow, anger, fear, depression, doubt, etc. You don’t need to figure out what to clear next from the brain, nor more than you need to figure out what part of your body to open next… It all happens spontaneously. But what you need to do is PAY ATTENTION to the thought form / reaction pattern that is REPEATING and causing problems in your daily life *right now*. Try to identify what that item is by observing yourself, which item in life is causing the most grief. And *that* is what is being cleared. So investigate that item that is presenting, what is the cause, what do you get out of it by reacting that way, is it helpful for you or others, what harm does it cause, where does it come from, etc… All kinds of questions will arise to you once you start observing the thoughts and emotional reactions and look for the cause.

  8. kuchel says:

    Hi betsy rabyor,

    thanks for the reply, I feel really happy reading your comments, i have one more thing to ask during this time I don’t know how to maintain my diet, I drink a lot of water, what food to take is really a challenging, if I take spicy food I get pricking, I want to know when to have food/water before and after meditation. But I feel like I want to meditate a whole day, hahahahahahah.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      You’re welcome, thanks for the appreciation. As far as diet, follow your intuition and what you feel your body needs or wants. Body/mind needs can change often over duration of an awakening process. Follow your intuition vs. depending upon somebody else to tell or recommend what you should do. One day try food/water before meditation, another day try it after and note the difference and then choose which you prefer. If you feel like meditating the whole day, then do that. If you feel you need to stretch then do that. The stretching, meditation, etc needs will change from day to day as well. It’s not necessary to follow a blueprint or regime. Much better to just use your intuition on daily or even moment by moment basis and do what feels right to you in that moment. Be Natural!

  9. Brittany says:


    I decided to try meditation last night for the first time. Thought the process, I began to feel different sesations.one in particular kind of scared me. I felt an electric jolt in my chest area at least twice. They were very stong to the point that I could feel my body being lifted and falling back onto my bed. Is that a normal experience for the first time?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Brittany,

      These days it seems to be a normal experience to get electric or tingling phenomena after only doing meditation a few times. I hear from many people that this is happening to them with little to no meditation experience. There is nothing to fear from it, it is expansion of the nervous system which helps with awakening process. It seems it is time for people to wake up and it’s like we are ripe to awaken. So the higher energy will help anybody who wants to awaken. I hope you continue with your meditation and don’t be afraid.

  10. Michelle says:

    Do you feel we are preprogrammed in a way for this to occur? I know the integration of it takes years, but I was wondering about the initial awakening experience. I had a full blown spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2013. At the time I would have considered myself spiritual, but I did not meditate, do yoga…and certainly had no idea what this beautiful experience was that sent my “reality” into such a roller coaster ride. I know I need to meditate and exercise more and have recently become aware I have shifted my diet to more vegetarian in nature. The spontaneous kriyas were interesting to experience as well. Lol. But I have learned to trust and surrender to this beautiful process. It can be lonely in the fact that at that time there was not much information I could readily find..and to discuss it with most people would only provide you a “crazy” diagnosis. I know to truly understand it requires you to go inside. Thank you for your words of wisdom as it is such an individual journey that it is nice to hear information from others that are walking it ahead of you.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Michelle, I would like to answer your question but really don’t know if it’s pre-programmed for this kundalini awakening occur. I see awakening happens spontaneously and we awaken when we are ready to awaken – so I see it like a ripening or growing process. There are people that can meditate for many years and awakening never happens. It appears that awakening is usually preceded by letting go of clinging to one’s identity, of which many things can trigger that. Many more are awakening today, so I guess collectively it is just the time for larger numbers of people to evolve – probably so we can survive in more rapidly changing world (at higher vibration). Sounds like you are doing great with the challenge to change and drop what no longer serves you. Nice to hear from you. Betsy

      • Michelle says:

        Thank you for your response. I feel I was “ignited” to my awaken by another soul. I guess I was wondering if that was the predetermined factor or simply surrendering to this beautiful process before I knew what was to occur. I read your mission statement and resonate so much with your passions. I have often thought of healing centers that would offer natural healing modalities such as Reiki (such a blessing to which I was called to learn), acupuncture, massage, healing garden for meditation etc. What a beautiful place to heal on so many levels. Also called to the environment and the necessity to somehow help people realize how disconnected we have become from something so beautifully necessary to our existence. I hope there are so many more beautiful souls like you in the world. If so…we will learn, grow, and heal..together. Thank you…

  11. Andy says:

    Hello, Betsy

    I am hoping you could help me out – I started meditation 6 months ago – shambhavi mahamudra. Just immediately after initiation, my life has undergone literally an upside down shift – I was fired from job (I personally hated the job) – I suddenly stopped masturbating which I was doing since 20 years ….. Daily!!! I started several businesses and am currently working on them.

    Most profound of the changes are happening

    Just three days ago, I had a profound realization that everything is because I have consciousness- it had a profound impact – almost all of the brain chatter died away and desires instantly vanished. Sort of serious detachment happened. Not a joyful state.

    There were no flash bangs, no sudden releases of energy, no feelings of chakra awakening – just the tingling between brows and throbbing sensations on the top of my head (which I have been having since the past month or so)

    The only difference I see now is that I am able to meditate better – including yoga nidra (which I attempted for the first time today and did straight for 20 minutes without falling asleep) – concentration has improved but the question in mind is – is this it? Where are the joys and life’s purposes? Help me please

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Andy, Thank you for sharing your experience and asking your question. I would guess this is “not it”, but it’s really hard to tell with this little bit of information. It sounds like a partial release or awakening, more like a glimpse and smaller shift than a complete shift in perception. With enlightenment, the shift in perception is profound and I am not picking that up from your comment. It’s only been a few days and perhaps you know a bit more by now. Awakening is never like we expect it to be, and not every person goes through it the same way. For some it’s more gradual and for others it just happens all at once. Do you care to elaborate on what is meant by: “Everything is because I have consciousness”? You might be interested to read these accounts of somebody who had a sudden shift. I suggest reading these 3 resources in this order as having the background helps…

      Suzanne Segal Bio

      Suzanne Segal – Book Excerpt: “Collision with the Infinite”

      Suzanne Segal Interview

      Love & Blessings, Betsy

  12. Molly says:

    Blessings Betsy!

    I feel fortunate to have come across your information on Kundalini awakening and kriyas. My awakening has just happened in the past 3 weeks and I already fall into your category of full blown awakening. It’s been a bit disorienting but amazing! I’ve had fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue plus all sorts of other health issues nor about 18 years and those problems are gone:)). I stopped all 12 of my meds, am fully present, and full of joy. My body dances spontaneously to music, performs its own physical workouts and kriyas to meditation as well as spontaneous healing and energy clearing. I’m able to speak directly to Divine Energy and get answers, perform psychometric with my hands and learn a new divine lesson every day. The most amazing part is that it feels so simple and natural. I can feel my physical self transform each day and my mental state as an observer is clear for the first time since I can remember ( I’m 48). I have studied Reiki and Angelic Healing and am overcome with gratitude. It is a completely different life now – without fear or negative emotions weighing me down 24/7. I don’t know anyone else that this has happened to and am trying to connect with people who understand ( From Maine). If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it – Thank you!!

  13. Annasofia Eugenia Svensson says:

    Hi Betsy,
    I am so happy to have found this site! Have been searching since March, when symptoms began – or became obvious. I have been many years on the way, some symptoms have been with me for ages – but last Autumn I had a religious vision and joined the catholic church. And within a few months … full awakening. My life has been turned upside down. I had to give up not being authentic (putting on a facade when working for instance), had to stop eating meat completely, had to leave my husband (36 years marriage) to live alone and have the space and peace required to live my spiritual life, the only life that matters, and that has been suppressed for many years. The latest 24 years of marriage I have been living in celibacy – sister/brotherhood with husband. Also I have changed my name, as my old name meant a lot of negativity. Being embraced in true love for the first time – after joining the church – may have been what has unleashed the final awakening. I have been – and still am – amazed at the symptoms, and I have been wondering about the drops of liquid that were a daily event this summer!!! My question is: Do you know of any food or drinks that increases pulsing in root chakra. Like coffee? Sexual impulses is not what I need at this moment. Thank you very much in advance for advice 🙂

  14. David Langman says:

    Thank you I understand now and the steps what must be understood and embraced. Ten years now.

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