Why Does Kundalini Energy Look Like a Snake?

Question: “I have a question about Kundalini awakening. Why does it always look and move like a snake when seen clairvoyantly? Its length and width increases dramatically as awareness levels rise………its color becomes shinier and the mark on the hood golden………..it takes a much longer time to return to its abode and now instead of 31/2 coils it sits in the form of co…symbol of infinity with many many coils to it. This was seen very recently clairvoyantly. There was tremendous energy around the person………………the body seemed to disappear and only Light could be seen.”

We always have the same amount of energy in the body, no matter where we are at in our spiritual journey. How the energy is distributed and how it is being used delineates different forms of spiritual evolution. In most people the energy is being held in fixed repeated forms, which has the most to do with animation of the fake one, which I also refer to as personality. This energy form of personality is being held in place predominately by the individuals use of mind and then pretending or emoting according to the story they are internally telling themselves. Spiritual evolution happens when one lets go of using the mind, for any moment, of which change in body and mind happens by the higher self. The mind can’t be changed if it is being used. The basics of a spiritual change that happens are an erasure of a worn path or habit that was mentally being held, in short the mind is changed. This change is then echoed on down in the body and the nervous system essentially changes to reflect the new mind pattern. As spiritual evolution goes on, more and more habitual paths are erased, and energy that was being held in form is collected and redistributed to make a different mind and nervous system. As collected energy all over the body is released, it collects along the spine ‘to center’ making a new spinal column, which also reflects the new mind that is forming.

This metamorphosis is away from the old human form, which used self-reflection capability of mind to become aware of one’s own true nature. This capability itself is what distinguishes humans from all other creatures, this advanced ability to self-reflect and to recognize oneself. This is an intermediate form, before full awareness is possible in the body. This ability itself, eventually becomes troublesome as one becomes trapped by one’s own unique capability, one becomes trapped in the mind-emoting world, and is like caught in a dream. The worse the side-affects of this become: we get sick, get mentally ill, and have such turmoil, the more ready we are to let go of this old habit and get quiet. That’s when awakening and metamorphosis to new form starts…

The new human form does not need this capability in mind to talk to oneself, or internally use mind to see itself. This capability has served it’s purpose once one realizes one’s true nature. That is the beginning of the end of the old form and the start of making the new form. All this can be seen as a growing process, an evolution, a kundalini awakening, which has many steps along the way, which are evidenced by symptoms and insights, in regards to where one is at in the process. The new human mind and body is no longer organized into two halves, which is present today as left and right brain and left and right body. The new human mind and body will be one brain, one body, with eventual erase of internal talking, or self-reflection capability as it is done now. As this process continues in a person in an evolution process, the energy around the spine becomes stronger, as the brain also becomes stronger. The rebuilding of the spine and brain is the main physiological thing that is happening, and as one progresses the energy vibration around this area (brain + spine = shape of tadpole or sperm), goes through various changes. These are all due to changes in the nervous system, and can be felt by person it is happening to and seen by those with clairvoyant capabilities in others. The energy is collecting from held forms into free flowing forms and keeps getting stronger as vibration levels in body continue to grow and become more efficient. The spine gets more flexible and elastic, and control of the whole body more efficient. The energy expansion in the nervous system is like an infinitely expanding fractal pattern, it keeps getting finer and finer. Now you talk about seeing a widening spinal column, this is still the phase of right and left body energies coming together towards the spine. As these energies of right and left start to merge, it creates that twisting coil or vortex. As the energies on right and left body become even, then there is not so much turbulence, and the vortex disappears. In a fully completed transition, you would not see any chakra points, no right and left energies, and nothing at all in the spine. The entire body will be filled with light, evenly, smoothing, and the person experiencing such a state would not feel energy turning in any particular place, more like a shimmering reactive fluid state, that just reacts to whatever it encounters and then lets it go.

Kundalini energy can look like a snake because of a double helix pattern of energy vibration wrapping around the body, the right and left body energies merging. Golden color is seen because as the process continues the vibration level is rising, and yellow is high vibration, of course white is the highest. The energy never really ‘returns to it’s abode’, it is more like passes through the body. Body activation pattern is legs, arms, hips, pelvic bowl, then activation of spinal energy, which travels to brain. This being the highest energy, ti makes a change in the brain, then energy comes back down with the ‘new program’ and changes are made in body to reflect change in brain. The amount of time it takes for energy to move from feet to skull, gets shorter between each pass over time. In one highly advanced in this process there is no longer any time that is humanly detectable between feet to brain passes, it is happening all the time. In one first starting this transformation it can take months.

Question: “What is the best way to use such a  potent energy? A rebuilding process could be seen too……….. Please shed some light on this !”

Answer: The best way to use such a potent energy is to allow the process in oneself to continue, which of course in one undergoing such a process, they already know that and know how to let it happen. Completion to the next human form is the most important for all individuals to complete, it is the ultimate goal of all humans. When one completes it, then they do it for everyone, as we are in truth all one. So changing oneself in an essential way like this, you change everyone when you do it, moving all closer to the next stage of our human evolution to the one of light body.

May 27, 2011

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