Kundalini pressure in stomach & chest

Question: “Lately I’ve been experiencing a sensation in the solar plexus region. I would describe the sensation as feeling like I have some air inside that is building a lot of pressure, which I feel constantly, the pressure also pushes outwards and upwards. Although previously it was only located in the solar plexus region, now I feel this pressure rising upwards and closer to the sternum. This symptom has been going on for some months. In the last few days I’ve also felt a sort of numbness in my hands, which covers just a part of them but is the same in both hands. I also feel energy in my hands and in the area of the heart chakra. Does anyone know what are these sensations are and if you had them, what would you advise me to do, especially to relieve this sensation in the solar plexus area?”

What you described reminded me of a point in my kundalini transformation. I looked in my notes and copy below my experience of that time. What I was doing was using reiki on acupoints with acupressure that I developed on my own (okay with guidance from spirit…) I was also using reiki with a chakra balancing in between. I have typed up a summary of the reiki and acupressure technique if you want to give it a try: Quicken Touch Healing Method

When I felt the symptoms you describe then I started working the upper body and the arm meridians in particular, and those for the heart area (under the sternum). Then when I felt the energy was moving up I switched to working the main vertical channel meridians. You might be able to assist the work in a similar way using reiki to treat the chakras, just reverse the normal reiki treatment of head to crown and instead start on the root chakra and move up to crown chakra.

My feeling about these symptoms of pressure near the solar plexus and rising into sternum and tingling in hands is that nervous connections are being made in the organ tissues, so the discomfort comes from a cleansing and opening that is happening where the side effect is a build up of gas. Right after the notes I give below there were spontaneous lung, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanses. There was lymph and sinus drainage too. The rising pressure you feel and hand tingling I think is because the energy is making a pass up the spine towards the skull and works to make the first connections of the shoulder girdle, sternum, ribcage and arms into the spine. Also significant I believe, is it is the precursor to full-blown kundalini awaking. After the organs are opened up, then a connection is made from the arms into the spine, and then with the prior leg activation (I guess you already went through that), energy collects in root and moves up to make the first major connections into the skull. When this happens, there follows a strong activation of all body meridians, and after a three week period of making significant nervous system connections. I hope you find something that works. The best is to listen to your inner guide.

Kundalini Activation – Kundalini Transformation Triggered
Notes from my journal of January 9, 2006:

[Acupuncture Meridian Abbreviations: KD = Kidney, PC = Pericardium, HT = Heart, GV = Governing Vessel, CV = Conception Vessel. For more information regarding meridians and acupuncture theory see: Acupuncture Points Database at YinYangHouse]

Working Acupoints with Reiki and acupressure:

KD7-KD10 – I had trouble locating all points. I worked very hard to find KD10 and finally connected to it. There was much pain and discomfort this time under lower ribs. Tingling occurred in bands running horizontally in area of lower ribs just below sternum and above waistline.

On break the Reiki energy moves strong into my shoulder. I can feel work going on in the large intestine.

At one point I felt a meridian in my legs open. The back and stomach pain stopped. Then the energy switched to a vertical direction apparently working to establish a connection to ground. After that then the energy started working above the belly button. Stopping: now my kidneys are tingling, especially the left one, the right not so much. It’s really strong! I think so much intestinal gas caused the pain. I also feel my sinuses draining.

Working the acupoint KD17:

This started internal energy working on organs: spleen, kidneys, gallbladder and liver.

Very intense – pain. I was trying very hard to sit up and then stopping with much pressure under lungs. I can’t take more. I will lie down and try to finish but probably I fall asleep on kd18-kd21. My forehead in frontal area had big energy. My nose is dripping, strong by itself.

Working upper body meridians in hands:

PC3: Left arm, activates channel.
PC9: Activates channel.
As I continue working on right side of body, mostly this worked on right lung and right skull. The longer I held the pressure the more the energy moved to left side of body. Then I felt tingling in other fingers on left hand. Also I noticed the previously opened leg channels activating. So this tells me I need to do more upper work. I moved from PC9 to PC1 and this was more effective, very quick I could feel tingling in both lungs.

In general work seems to be on organs and vertical energy connections.

Working PC1:

First a strong pull, clearing something (head/shoulder area) in the vertical direction. Then after this stopped, then I felt a right/left wavy connection being made between the arms. After this, the energy started down, like seeking a connection to ground. Then I clearly felt the energy coming up through my feet/leg. Top of foot (middle toe)? Then the energy really started to work strong. Pulling again tingling in other areas of arm (index finger) up through the head and into the sinuses. My nose is dripping. So it’s like the laws of electricity, first the shortest connection is made from arm to arm (1), then up to get connection to crown chakra (2), then down to earth to make a vertical channel (3).

Connection #1, left to right, then soon I felt all my arm meridians come alive. Then back and forth. My left hand became all activated then left arm, then left head with sinuses clearing. Then left leg. Then it was like ‘all open forces” joined together and started on my shoulder, TMJ joint and somewhere above that in my skull. I felt I lost control of my body, I let myself go and (sitting with legs out front) my upper body was gradually lowered to my feet, a notch at a time, lowering my chest with my neck stretched. I was drooling and my nose was running. I dis-identified. I heard a few cracks in my spine or neck and some rotation in my shoulder. Then also some pinpoint pains above my ear in my skull. After a while I had to sit up. Then I noticed my right leg being activated. Then again all forces pushing at shoulder, then it went up into my head on right side. Then I stopped. I think this will continue. In my legs I felt healing in my right knee where I have pain. Oh, then it was working in my throat on both sides under tonsils. My nose runs likes crazy.

I moved to working the main vertical flow meridian channels:

GV28-GV1:  Another intense one. This time my neck and shoulder (more neck) went to far left, then right, then down between my knees. Drooling again. There were several snaps and pops in my neck, maybe one in spine. I didn’t notice anything with sinuses opening. At the beginning my buttocks got warm, then thighs felt tingly. I guess building energy in root, because after the energy went up along the spine. I felt a deep relaxation with this. I still feel it, like I will go asleep. It’s hard to stay awake right now. This energy felt like a spiral going up and down my body. I guess around the spine?

CV1-CV22: this pulled energy very big time.
It never stopped for 30 minutes. It seemed to be working in upper regions of lungs. Yes, my lungs are tingling. Quite a strange feeling. I remember my breathing.

GV28 – CV22: (connecting the two meridians on the endpoints)
there is much spiraling happening in my feet. I feel heavy work on liver meridians. I will lay down. Everything in my body is being worked on, the energy is zooming all over, BIG TIME. Lots of work on my teeth. It moves up to my head. Now I can’t breath well so I will do the gallbladder.

January 12, 2006, a larger event of connections happened all over my body, which I can see (with hindsight) was the onset of full activation of kundalini.


Update: I have published the first year of my kundalini awakening as an online book that can be read in it’s entirely for free: Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial.

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