Do You Like Males or Females Better?


Do You Like Males or Females Better?

This is an essential question everyone should ask of themselves, and reflect upon in terms of the energetic bodies of our four aspects which include our body, heart, mind and spirit.

Before reading further, please do this exercise. Get a piece of paper and on the paper write:

                         1st Outside Answer                        2nd Inside Answer

Directions:  Ask yourself the following two questions and really dig deep inside yourself to be sure of your answer. Self-Honesty is the most important in this exercise to get an accurate answer about your current energetic qualities. There are no right or wrong answers, it is just a snap-shot in time along your life journey.

The first Question is: “Which kind of body, mind, heart or soul you prefer in others: “male, female, neither or both” and write down your answer in the 1st column next to the category. Now go back to the top and answer the second question: “What type of each body, mind, heart or soul does your ‘inside self’ project ‘outwardly’: “male, female, neither or both” and write your answer in the 2nd column next to the category. The reason this question is asked this way is, for example, you may look like you have a female body to others but you actually feel like a male in a female body (spirit, mind, heart, etc). After you have done that, let it sink in for a few moments and then read on.


To live a joyous life filled with love, happiness and abundance, doing work that you love, being free of pain and suffering is realizable in this lifetime! But to be able to do that we need to integrate energetically all the four parts of our energy bodies into one body, we need to balance the male and female energies on the inside and the outside of ourselves as well we need to integrate our inner self with our outer self.

Every energy body and physical body has a male or female quality that it can assume and collectively, when we look at our answers above we can see where we are at in our evolution as far as integrating our male and female energies into one, or moving towards full enlightenment. When humans first came into the world our energies were separated into male and female parts, and enlightenment can be seen to be as bringing those energies back together – or balancing the whole. Not only in oneself, but also in the entire world. When a person balances the male and female energies in themselves ‘internally’, then they become that balanced person externally as an enlightened living person! The more people that become like this, the more the entire world enlightens.

A person whose energies are nearly integrated would have body and soul answers being opposite sex of each other. If you are male you should be drawn to female bodies and if female you would be drawn to male bodies and for the next incarnation the opposite body type would keep your energy balanced. If you are currently in a female body, a next life time of male would keep your energy balanced. For mind and heart the outside and inside answers should be both as this represents internal balance of energies using both parts of our brain, the left and right parts. The feminine or right-brain (heart) is receptive, intuitive, creative and nurturing whereas the male or left-brain (thought), is rational, wise, visionary and protective.

Now it would be a rare person that has such a map after doing this exercise, we should all be able to look and see what energy we do not let into our life as much and where we have an imbalance. But be clear, this does NOT MEAN that there is anything wrong with us! It is just where we are right now! It is our current evolutionary path and shows where we’ve been so far with our energy balances. This energy distribution has mostly to do with how we relate to others and with ourselves in terms of males and females. If you are a dominate or aggressive male energy type, then you are like the rooster protecting his flock of hens, and you will fight with any other male that comes into your territory. You do not let other males that are strong or with different ‘visions’ get near you. Your best teachers would be to invite those other strong male roosters to be around you. If you a are a dominate or aggressive female energy type and are raising chickens, you would likely choose the strongest rooster the hens favored most when it came time to get one for dinner or you would attack the strongest hens. You could learn to balance that energy by either sharing the power with other hens or by allowing strong men into your life. If you are a male that prefers men in body, then you are either gay or moving in that direction and the same for female or lesbians. The more you favor a part of your energy over successive lifetimes the stronger that leaning develops in the body. In most gay or lesbian couples one of the two is more male or female oriented. That is what draws those two together. So they are experiencing a life with a kind of ‘safe setting’ to be able to integrate the energy side they avoid.

There is another end of the spectrum which is the hermit or loner, who excludes all energies in their life both male and female. They can’t get along with either males or females, they feel like they don’t like anybody, nobody likes or understands them. Thus they isolate. A person like this will be challenged ot move towards inviting both energies back into their life. I’ve only mentioned some permutations here, there are many more. The thing to understand is that to become whole, we have to embrace our differences, which at core are male and female. Where we are in imbalance we need to invite that kind of energy into our life at the rate we are comfortable with. As we grow and learn then our four basic energy bodies will become balanced. This healing can ONLY be done through physical relationship as either partnerships or part of a larger community with the kinds of people we tend to not interact with or exclude from our life. By letting those people in, they will become our teachers and we will heal. Whomever we are rejecting into your life is whom we need the most! At core, men need to embrace their feminine aspect and women need to embrace their male aspects, but we need to do this in a balanced way that is 50-50.

July 25, 2014



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