Loud crunching sounds in head

Question: Regardless of whether Kundalini seemed involved or not, have you come across any cases involving a loud *physically existing* sound-coming apparently from within the central head area that occurs only upon transition from wake to sleep? If so, how was that situation best treated?

I can only relate my own experience in regards to your question and my own interpretation of what I think it might be. What I learned is that the transition from awake to asleep is what is true surrender. We all know how to fall asleep, thus we all know how to surrender. What this means is that we surrender ‘our little story maker’ every night and when we are successful to shut up our mind then we fall asleep. I’ve meditated for years and it was only during the kundalini awakening process that I found out for sure what surrender was. Because of the physical challenge of ‘growing a new body’, which is breaking down the old body and making a new one from the old (known as metamorphosis), one must learn to surrender to be able to go on with the challenging physical changes. To continue in this process, we must consciously learn how to go from awake to asleep (actually one isn’t either awake or asleep but rather in the middle). You will learn how to observe or watch your own body ‘sleeping’, while changes are made to the body. Watching oneself sleeping is the same as withdrawing consciousness from your mind. You have to be able to do this to allow changes to be made in the skull and in the brain.

There are many energy blocks in the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons existing in the human skull because of the nature of ‘personality’, which has been grown and chiseled into our human form. The purpose of kundalini awakening and transformation is to ‘remove the structure of personality’ from the body, so that one can be in full awareness, no longer subject to losing consciousness when reactions of thinking, emotions and physical triggers take over.

Now back to your question. If you are noticing this kind of symptom when you are falling asleep then you might see that they are happening because of a very short ‘window of opportunity’ – this period of transition when you fall asleep is perhaps only a minute in length. Your system is using that little space to make the needed changes to the mind and skull in the moment that you have surrendered your mind. It doesn’t happen in sleep, because this is another process in which you are not fully conscious. You need to be conscious, yet having let go of your thinking reactive cycle. learning how to stay conscious and watch yourself ‘sleep’ or what is ‘true surrender’ of the thinker. Then one can be in surrender for hours on end and one will learn to do it while sitting, standing, lying down and later when active doing your daily work. Your growing energy and inner wisdom will teach you how to do each step.

In regards to the sound at the center of the skull, this could be due to movement of the sphenoid bone. It has the unique characteristic to articulate with all the other cranial bones. It is the deepest skull bone, sits in the center above the pituitary gland and control centers of the brain. In kundalini awakening the central nervous system is working to establish connections all over the body and being able to control the skull is paramount. The body reflects the head. But in adult humans, there is not much range of movement in the skull of the human with an embedded ‘personality’. Habitual ways of being and expressing our personality have chiseled features into the body, skull, face and posture, locking in fixed patterns of energy movement. To be fully awake all these have to be removed (like removing a program in the mind), and thus why so much stretching and bone popping happens. When the energy gets stronger through the growing process of kundalini awakening, it will eventually start to make changes in the skull. The first phase is loosening of all bones. Probably this is what is happening here, the beginning of it starts.

What else can I say? It’s a truly a physical growing and going through it is challenging, all the skull bones have to first loosen and then crack apart. It is audibly loud; I have recorded it on video from 3 feet away. I have experienced many hours of physical cracks in the neck, spine, skull bones, hip bones, sacrum and shoulders.With learning to distance from the sensation and quiet your mind (surrender), it is very possible to continue to transform your personality. I know there is a lot of fear about losing one’s personality and this is the main obstacle for people to be able to go beyond it.

This situation is best dealt with by SURRENDERING!


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