Many are Awakening Right Now!

Many people are having awakening today and are experiencing awakening symptoms. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I would even go so far to say EVERYONE is having them. Why do I say that? Because the growing force keeps getting stronger and eventually triggers evolution to a new species (what is happening now to all lifeforms on earth) and there is no escape from such a cosmic force. Another way to say it is we are in the TRIBULATION period. It is our current reality and the best is that we accept it and go with the flow of this divine transformation — it is an amazing time to be alive! What healing reactions or expansion symptoms you get is dependent upon your current awareness level and past history. The higher your awareness level the more kundalini symptoms you are likely to experience, but everyone will get the healing reactions perfect for them to transition to their next stage on their path.

Common healing phases of early kundalini awakening are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibroymyalgia and mental health flare-ups such as anxiety or depression. Years of built up toxins move out of the system as light expands into the body causing a healing crisis, our long hidden *learned* thought and response patterns come into our awareness as mental health flare-ups like anxiety. That is the mind clearing up. Where we have more physical imbalances in spine which includes skull bones and joint positions, then we will get more spontaneous movements or kriyas as these areas open up.

The way through this is to:

1. Accept it as the blessing it is and to understand it can take a LONG time to transform and heal and awaken. There is no hurry to complete the process, yet one should also encourage and work with this process for a portion of each day. It is not necessary to go to a retreat or become a monk! It is not necessary to leave your family nor your job. This is happening to many people today in most age groups, many with families, work, students and even to pregnant women and it is starting now in the teenage population. With such large numbers of people awakening there is something wonderful about it. It makes it easier for each person to go through this because our collective energy is stronger, as well it is likely to take less time to complete the process as we go along. Many are successfully going through this while keeping family and work together, what you need to do is find a balance of how much meditation and exercises to do, to get some ‘transformation reaction’, but not so much it makes your other duties difficult. If it gets difficult, then you may need to either take a short vacation or to ease off how much transformation work you are doing. Keep going like this until you find the balance that works for you. Best to do a little each day to get some growth, rather than stopping altogether.

2. Meditate & Stretch. Do meditation twice per day and do some form of yoga asanas or stretching exercise of your choise. Yoga sun salutations  (Surya Namaskara) are easy to learn. With sun salutations you can do them twice per day. You can start with one, and then build up strength over time to do more of them in one session. When you do some form of energy healing (meditation, praying, reiki, trance music, etc), it heals the body at the level of the nervous system or chi channels. It is like opening blockages at the microscopic level. After these areas are opened, then it is helpful to facilitate that energy opening with a physical opening which only needs a stretch of the tissues. Doing these two things regularly will make the process of light expansion much more efficient. I like the sun salutations because they are easy to learn and stretch the spine in all the main directions, as much of this physical process is about opening the spine.


3. Eat healthiest diet possible and take vitamins or supplements if you lack some nutrient. The healthier your diet the more efficient your digestive system will be allowing greater absorption of nutrients, faster elimination and less chance for toxins to build up in your system. All this is an easy way to conserve energy and get more energy making this an easier process. .

4. Take a walk outside everyday, being in nature recharges you and helps to relax the mind-chatter.

5. The most important is to work with self-inquiry, awaking is not only about the physical, indeed that body-change itself is only a side-effect or healing reaction of the real thing that is happening which is you are coming alive! You have to get good at self-observation which is why meditation is essential, and then question what you observe without and within yourself. From this questioning of observations you will gain wisdom through insight which is key for self-realization and realizing : Your true nature — who you truly are.

In summary, the most important is learning to let go of things we cling to because of our conditioning to think they are ourselves, such as our thoughts, emotions and our body. None of those are the true you, they are only something that exists MOMENTARILY and keeps changing. What you need to find is that which does not change, the source within, the one that is observing the fact that nothing is permanent.

There is much more free information and transformation tools on this topic in this website, which includes my free online book. So if you did not find the answer you were seeking, please continue to look around or ask a question.

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2 comments on “Many are Awakening Right Now!
  1. Kimberly says:

    Thank you Betsy, I believe I have recently had a kundalini experience although I am not sure. About 2 months ago I fell asleep meditating, to the question “what is my purpose here on earth in this life?” I woke to a dream and an answer which told I need to make some major scary life changes, and then came such a strong feeling of energy running from my root to my heart. Similar to anxiety and yet different. My emotions where filled with fear, paranoia, intermingled with bliss. It was like a bipolar roller coaster for about a week. It was like something possessed my body and mind or something. I became afraid to meditate or do yoga for a while but I’m back. I’m left with a change in my breathing like expanded lung capacity? Also a real tightness at the back of my scull and top of neck. No more waves of energy though and I feel good. Is this kundalini? I was so scared of it ,I asked God to stop it, I didn’t think I was ready, it felt like I would end up in the funny farm. Thank you for listening and for all the help through you’re writing. I especially liked reading this post because it’s so hard to talk about this with “normal” people. Thank you, kim

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Kimberly, thank you for sharing your experience. From what you recount, it does sound like you had an awakening experience. All the reactions you had are very common ones, including the fear, bliss and uncertainty. It is also a natural reaction to be afraid to go back to meditation, thinking the meditation is what caused it. I can’t count how many people write me and ask how to stop it either… What is basically happening today is many of us are RIPE to be awakened at this point in our collective evolution. The fear reaction comes because what is happening to us is so far unknown to us and societal information is not yet widely distributed about it (although this is changing fast, as many are awakening right now…) That fear makes us clamp down on the natural growing or expansion of our awakening self. In other words, our true self is just waking up and it cannot be stopped. It is just like the apple will fall off the tree when it is ripe. Yes, we can slow down this growth by not doing things which nurture the process (damping down our energy and not letting go), but to do so I feel is more harmful to ourselves than facing our fears. Slowing it down is repressing our energy and that is like trying to contain the energy in a volcano that has a weakened shell and is ready to release the pent up energy. The longer you try to hold in this energy, the more internal pressure it creates which will then cause more damage to the containing structure. Eventually the energy will be strong enough to break the container and blow it’s top. The easier softer way, is to nurture this process, do the meditation and practice letting go or not holding the energy. In this way, it is like creating a vent in the volcano and allowing steam or smaller bursts of the energy to escape. This will give continuous smaller awakening symptoms, or continuous growth making it easier to go through. An awakening event is release of some amount of ‘held’ energy, that we are Holding in tension by the ego self in some form or physical, mental or emotional form. Insights come, feelings of bliss, feeling the electricity as energy runs and healing reactions in this process. And the next reaction nearly always follows is FEAR — that fear is ultimately about fear of losing the old familiar self. That fear comes from the ego mind itself, it has nothing to do with the true self that is awakening. The awakening process takes many years and actually will go on for your entire lifetime as we never stop evolving. If you ware working with it and welcoming it, then the transformation process is quite easy to manage. In general there are more healing reactions in the earlier years which are mainly a cleansing process as your system gets more efficient. You’re welcome. Betsy

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