Mission Statement

PhoenixTools has the intention to be an international non-profit association of people committed to the following five objectives as it’s Mission Statement:

1. Act as a resource by distributing information for educational purposes, in the form of articles, books, videos and other media to help people accelerate their personal growth, awareness, healing and spiritual development.

2. Providing tools for transformation and guidance support to self empower individuals and encourage them to take personal responsibility and control over their healing and spiritual process.

3. Encourage ongoing scientific and spiritual research to develop new tools and and to arrive at new conclusions, by members of the organization and from participation and sharing with others from cross-disciplinary perspectives, including the sciences, the arts, and the general personal inquiry into mind, emotion, body and spirit. It is our hope that we can arrive at new answers to further increase our understanding of healing, disease and awareness. Then reporting on our findings using various media, and then finding efficient ways to distribute them widely for free or for very low cost. It is our intention to keep information up to date, on the leading edge, new and relevant to our changing world, by letting go of ‘what we know’ and welcoming the new.

4. To work to help change people’s value systems away from materialistic to non materialistic ones. nonmaterial assets are generally that of the individual reorienting towards the depth and richness of themselves and their communities, which includes working with one’s hands, sustainable living, ecology, artistic self-expression, reading, education, being in nature, volunteering, self-healing and meditation – to name a few.

5. To nurture peoples ability to use their conscious minds, to choose, to grow, to actively create their lives and their world, to self-empower people with self-mastery, conscious development and self-healing using various techniques including; meditation, bio energetic healing, various healthy exercises, self-knowledge, transpersonal knowledge and transpersonal techniques.

Basis of Vision – Healing & Awakening

There is no difference between awakening and healing, they are the same thing. As one heals, one’s personality is reduced, which is that which is causing the disease in the first place. Everything is transformation so as you heal, your awareness will rise and at the same time the influence of your personality on your daily life (or tendency to behave in non-reflective way) will be reduced. We are in tough times now on the planet and it will probably get harder before too long. There are lots of promises out there and systems to follow, but the truth is that real peace, harmony and love, can only come to this planet because we are making it happen. We do that by transforming ourselves, by raising our own consciousness. What is manifest in totality in the world today, has to do with the massive energy behind our collective conscious mind, which is mostly now awakened. We are all one and we are all connected, so the truth to know is that when you make an essential change in yourself, you in effect change all people, because we are all one. Thus why it is so important that each of us works on self-realization, to become engaged in our healing and spiritual awakening journey. The more that each of us does this, the faster we move together towards a world of peace and harmony. I won’t promise you that this journey will be easy, nor will it be free from pain because ‘transformation pain’ is part of the healing process as form transforms from one shape to another.  Yet, I will promise you that real peace of mind will become commonplace for you and as well an increased ability to survive as you become more robust, energetic and able to adapt and respond to this rapidly changing world we live in. To avoid disappointment, drop lofty expectations of healing overnight, instead try to see healing and awakening as a gradual process, each day you work at it, you heal a little bit – you are now getting positive results, you are no longer going in reverse. Healing and Awakening doesn’t happen in an instant, although there will be jumps or sudden bursts along the way, you must be patient and persevere with it. If you do that, then you are sure to get a positive result.

1st Step: Generate personal income so I can write books, answer questions and give healings.

I have set up several eCommerce sites to provide income. I hope eventually there is enough income from these activities so I can accomplish the next two steps. By purchasing items from these places you help support my work. Thank-you!



Betsy’s Reiki Distance Healings: I give private and group distance reiki energy healings using reiki for general healing, healing for specific problem, chakra balancing, pets, healing of past events, couple and family healing, healing of places, Shaktipat, DNA Activation, Help with Kundalini Awakening.



Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial

This book is about my first year of Kundalini Awakening. The entire book can be read online for free on this website, but I really need to make some book sales to support me to continue on with this work. The printed version of the book is very nice, professionally bound and much nicer to read than the digital format. It is also available in Kindle EPUB, eReader and PDF formats for a small charge on smashwords.com and amazon.com sites. Links for all these are on the above website.



I sell vinyl 45 RPM 7″ single records, some 12″ vinyl singles and 12″ Albums (LP’s) which can be purchased from me on the eCrater, Musicstack and Discogs platforms:

Phoenix Market on eCrater

Phoenix Market on Musicstack

Phoenix Mareket on Discogs

Finally, I accept donations in my own name via PayPal which is totally secure. I use these donations to support my work.
This donation is not tax deductible, because I am an individual.

2nd Step: Develop a Non-Profit Organization or Foundation

When I have enough income from my eCommerce sites I will then work on the 501(c)(3) documents, which I know can take up to a year to complete. If anyone knows how to write these documents and run them through the system, I would greatly appreciate your help! The main intention of the non-profit organization will be to create healing centers and distribute materials for healing and transformation for free to those who otherwise could not afford to buy or pay for them. It is my heart-felt belief, that information and tools for healing and awareness should be widely available to all who want them and money should not be a limitation to obtain such materials. At this time Phoenixtools is only one person and I am interested in networking with people who resonate with this intention and would like to be involved in this non-profit organization.

3rd Step: Develop Community Healing Centers

A longer range goal of PhoenixTools is to establish healing centers, where people can come for a 10 day retreat to learn self-healing techniques of various modalities and to be able to receive information and to ask questions in regards to their healing process. I envision a kind of community similar to Vipassana centers, where the whole thing is supported by donations from participants. It is envisioned there will be no charges for the courses – not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of the retreats, wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit. The second part of this, is to build more permanent centers around the world based on sustainable and ecological principles similar to what is being done by Earthship Biotecture, where ownership of said centers is under the umbrella of the non-profit organization or foundation, where all members of said organization are owners of the land and buildings and have use of it and decide together on it’s current use and future use. This needs some more thought, but it is similar to ‘intentional community’ with the concepts of shared land and resources, where nobody is the owner, all income is shared, and all major decisions affecting people living in such centers, are made by consensus of the group living at that community. The following website is a good start with such an intention: New Earth Nation. I envision these centers to have common spaces with meditation rooms, exercise and treatment rooms, and places to give workshops and/or lectures open to the public. To be able to offer free retreats with room and board to people, then it needs more permanent settings with residents living there longer term, to provide the support network, so why I put this here. If anyone has ideas on this please contact me.

This article is an idea I currently have for helping individuals who are awakening: Spiritual Emergency Retreat Center

Thank-you for supporting my mission!