Moving as Being

Moving as Being Standing Meditation: Letting Go Conscious Control of the Body

I recommend doing this meditation after spiritual awakening as it allows you to practice ‘moving as being’, or letting go of moving yourself using voluntary control of your bodies muscles using your mind. If you have not experienced a spiritual awakening yet, don’t let that stop you, if you are drawn to try it – go ahead – one must first and foremost follow one’s heart. Given how this technique is primarily a meditation and is done standing, it is thus powerful and will benefit anyone if they do it. All by itself it is a powerful meditation and can further your healing and spiritual awakening process.

The transformation healing process of human beings, is an evolutionary one and we are all within it at different stages, whether it is at level of pre-awakening, spiritual awakening or kundalini transformation, the process has at it’s root that of changing one’s body and mind (nervous system) away from a duality nervous system (split body, left/right brain, reflected world) response to ultimately one of spontaneous, unified, non-reflected and direct reaction to one’s environment. These changes in the body happen gradually over time and by themselves every time when one enters the state of no-mind or deep meditation, as when energy is withdrawn from the brain (one is not using it), it is only then that changes to the organization of the brain itself can be done. These episodes of no-mind activity can happen in other ways besides that of deliberate meditation or spiritual practices. They can happen in a trauma, a shock, by looking at extreme beauty or nature as well as meditation – what they all have in common is a sudden onset of forgetting oneself totally; one’s mind goes totally quiet. In this space one is changed.

Normally changes in the body due to one’s continued daily meditation practices of growing ‘higher awareness’ are subtle, yet one can detect ‘larger events’ when they have happened (due to going deeper or for extended periods into no-mind meditation) with amazing experiences such as enhanced 3D vision, periods of elevated zooming energy, increased insight and visions, enhanced hearing, clarity, reduced reactivity, calmness, blissful feeling, seeing lights and hearing tones in the ears – to name a few. All these symptoms are signs of the nervous system being changed, and you notice them because you are observing and it’s strange… These symptoms result from the changes taking place as the nervous system is being changed, and is caused by you having stayed quiet in mind for a length of time preceding it. After you’ve experienced these effects you will know that you have been profoundly changed.

The other thing you will note is these experiences and qualities of senses and enhanced perception don’t last, they tend to pop up and then fade, yet not go away completely, you are still changed and insights gained during the experience are never lost. The minimum is self-knowledge gained is always retained so that can’t ever be lost, but gains in awareness in body can decline if one stops doing effective meditation.

This decline in awareness or perception has to do with the aging process which happens because one does not have sufficient energy above one’s normal operating level (vibration) of ‘conditioned response or habitual behavior’ to keeps one’s body in a state of homeostasis not to mention to heal further. To continue to nurture the growing or healing process of higher levels of awareness or states of better health, then one must elevate one’s overall bodily vibration to a higher level than one is used to operating at. To heal one needs more energy than one normally has, and this is the basis for all healing modalities, in some way they increase your efficiency which increases your bodies vibration. The increased vibration is the same as a surplus of energy, and then this surplus is used by your higher being or healer to make a change to your system. The same thing happens each night when we go to sleep; we all know that when we sleep our body heals. This is because when we get deep sleep, then our mind rests and our healer takes over and does repair. The reason why sleep is not enough to push us to further levels of healing and transformation is we don’t get in enough minutes or time in ‘deep sleep’. Knowing this information about healing, then we can choose to get in more time in the ‘no-mind’ state, which is the same as ‘giving up time for our healer to operate’, during our waking hours, simply by being willing to do our daily meditation sessions.

Energy healing techniques then are an obvious modality to use to increase our operating vibration as long as they are done ‘meditatively’. The more energy you give your system, the higher you raise your vibration, you provide the perfect condition for your ‘higher self’ (‘YOU’) to take over, which what ‘YOU’ do first is then ‘quiet your mind’ and then when that’s done, then ‘YOU’ makes changes to your body while the mind is resting. I know that who YOU is can get confusing…. At first when you enter deep meditative state and your mind is quiet then it can feel like you’ve lost yourself and/or if your body is moving on it’s own, it can seem like another person is doing it. Rather this is you doing it, you just don’t know yourself as that person yet. Gradually it dawns on you, as the process continues, that you are in a state of transition, and more and more you feel like ‘YOU’ versus ‘you’.

One may be able to intuit that the end result of the metamorphosis one is undergoing (to full awareness in body) is to be able to ‘move as being’ full time, not having to think about it. Thus this exercise is a transition exercise, which benefits by allowing you to get used to not having to move yourself and react to stimuli with your mind, as well it accelerates healing of your body by opening larger body parts (releasing huge amounts of held energy tensions in muscles and joints) with the free form movements and is a good meditation practice. All these benefits from doing this exercise daily will further your transformation process on all levels.

The further along your spiritual awakening or kundalini transformation process is, then the more your nervous system has been changed already, which will then result in greater amount of spontaneous body movement without using the mind over time. Yet, this should not be seen as a goal, rather one should accept oneself where one is and not expect anything to happen with this exercise. Standing meditation by itself is powerful, as when one is erect and standing; the electromagnetic energy in our body between the earth and the cosmos is highest with the spine straight as we are built like a lightening rod. Before doing this exercise I did one year of sungazing, which is basically a standing meditation with the focal point of simply gazing at the sun (in low UV hours only). Because one is standing on earth barefoot and also in the sun, then one’s body soaks up sun and earth energy and this raises one’s body vibration. You can find out more about sungazing here.

Therefore just standing meditation alone will activates one’s energy centers and one’s vibration will increase, which by itself is a good result. What movement results or not from doing this exercise is not an indicator one is doing it right or not, as many times your higher self will determine that just a pure stand is what you need. I’ve often stood for the whole hour and not moved, but one will notice that there is working energy in the body and one’s vibration overall is rising. To say it clearer: for this time slot ‘you’ are giving up control and expectations to do anything and allowing your body to be ‘moved by being’ – if this is what is needed. Thus whatever happens is exactly as it should be, what ‘you’ want or expect has nothing to do with it.

For those who are already experiencing periodic and regular kundalini symptoms, I feel this meditation will be conducive to encouraging the spontaneous yoga like movements known as kriyas, which I understand to be healing stretches done by your ‘higher self’ to release tension or held energy in restricted areas of the bodies tissues (muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons and bones).


You should allow about one hour for the standing meditation.

1. Activate your energy centers first in your favorite way or by doing a shorter version of the Quicken Touch technique. Alternatively you can just do one or more of the Quicken Touch warm up exercises. What you decide to do will depend upon your starting level of overall body vibration and how much time you have to do the exercise. The preparatory exercise should serve to active one’s energy all over the body, making one’s overall vibration higher, which then makes it easier for ‘being to take over’ when one lets go of conscious body control. The higher one’s overall body vibration, the easier it is for one’s being to quiet the mind and then take over control of one’s body for healing and transformation purposes.

2. Do the meditation in an area free of distractions, barefoot and in nature if possible, turn off the phone, music, computer, etc. (Tones heard in ears can be a sign of higher vibration and healing processes and can also be used as a focal point for the mediation, thus why I recommend one doesn’t play ‘music’.) Now just stand comfortable with your legs slightly apart and close your eyes to eliminate further visual distractions. As much as possible you want to provide a space to shut down external sensing of hearing and sight, as they provoke the mirror neurons in the brain and can stir-up thinking.

3. Relax your body; don’t try to hold it erect in any position, let go of the thought you need to hold yourself up. Trust your higher self will hold you up and move you as needed. At first focus on the feeling of energy on the soles of your feet and in the legs, vibration activation or acceleration starts in the feet and slowly moves up the spine to fill the whole body. After the feet are tingly, you might notice the energy in the legs is pulsing, almost as if you are walking, with a marching rhythm, left leg, right leg, left leg, etc. The more your body vibration accelerates, the higher it will rise in your body. For a few minutes stay focused simply on feeling the tingling energetic vibration in your body wherever it is.

4. Focal Point: Now with your inner sight (eyes closed) focus on a spot in your third eye area in direct center, it’s like looking out into the far reaches of outer space and seeing a star right in the middle of your center of vision. Don’t focus hard to see ‘this light spot’ and if you don’t see it, it’s okay. Expecting to see it and not and/or trying too hard to see it will just cause frustration and activate your mind and emotions, which is not what you want. If you don’t see it, just trust you are looking into center of your field of view. The idea of this focal point is that you can move a large animal by controlling it’s head, so you keep your inner eyes focused on this point, and trust your body will follow behind after any movement of your head. The standing mediation is then like following with your inner sight that spot of light or center point, yet without ‘you’ moving your head. It’s sort of like you are in center as the observer and your body is there but you are not concerned with any part of it. It will feel sort of like being in space and your head and body moves on a wave of energy just by keeping your inner eyes focused on the center. While your mind is quiet and as long as you hold the focal point, head movement happens by itself, and the body follows behind. It can feel like you are stationary and your body is turning in a vortex around you. This symptom is a side effect due to acceleration of your bodily vibration turning around in a vortex pattern around your spinal cord. Anytime during this mediation that you become aware that you have lost focus on center and/or are thinking then just go back to focus of center spot. Do the best you can, not berating yourself if you lose focus. Practice is part of this, the more you practice, the more you change your nervous system and each time you will be able to go longer for more extended periods of times without taking over conscious control.

5. While you are doing the standing meditation, allow your head to ‘move by itself’ and for your body to follow behind. Imagine you are being supported and being moved by a strong energy, which fills your body and can easily move you in any way needed, if you only relax, trust and allow it. This means you don’t need to use your mind or any technique to move your body or adopt certain positions or postures. You will find that you will tend to anticipate body moves, and will ‘take over in mind’ and move yourself using voluntary control, according to how you expect yourself to be moved or can be moved. Just notice when this happens, let go of control, relax and fix back on focal point. If your body wants to bend or move in any way, then you allow it, you follow the body movement by being in the observing or meditative state. It’s like playing follow the leader and the leader is the activated energetic life form, the self you hardly let out. You don’t have to think about doing anything. Movements are typically very slow, often barely perceptible and the body rarely makes sudden moves or with great range of movement. Most often it is more like a free flowing kind of slow-motion dance and later a slow folding down from standing to sitting to lying positions, holding various positions in between.

6. If it happens that you feel pain or tension anywhere in your body, then take a conscious deep breath and try to relax that area of the body on the exhale, also observe if you might have been tensing or holding that area of your body and not allowing it to move or settle or allow energy to enter into that area. After you have relaxed this area where you were holding tension (you will often notice that this body section sort of melts as energy floods into it), then reset focus back to focal point. Sometimes you might spend the whole meditation just relaxing a particularly tense area of the body, this is totally okay, it is what is needed for where you are at. Pain in certain body areas is basically healing going on in that an area of your body, the pain is a sign of stored tension working to be released and of tissues being healed. As parts in the body are opened, it increases your overall or starting bodily vibration each time – so all is good.

If at any time while doing this meditation it seems hard to me, I give msyelf the reminder: keep focused on center point and stop talking — I know when I’m exactly like that, then it’s effortless, it happens by itself.

It might be you stand the whole time, or just collapse because you are tired and sit for the remainder of the session. Or it might be that your head is hanging to one side and you feel a tugging on your neck on one side, and it stays like that for a long time, then you feel a release as energy courses through the area that had that tugging feeling and a great sense of relief. You might feel your body move in yoga like positions, slowly bending, then with hands on ground, or dropping into a squat or sitting position, or on all fours and doing downwards dog or child’s pose, then from there lying down either on back or on stomach, or getting bent into all kinds of contorted positions, or with sitting with legs out to front and slowly lowering one’s spine towards legs, etc. Often with each position you find yourself in, you will notice a working energy somewhere in the body- tugging with a kind of cramping or muscle tension, and then being ‘held’ in that position for extended amounts of time while this action goes on. This can feel painful, but it is very possible to not experience it as pain, by not identifying with the sensation and staying in the meditative or no-mind state (focused on focal point), which can take some practice and multiple attempts to get good at. You just do the best you can, not more is asked for. When one is meditative as the observer, then this sensation is not experienced as pain, but rather as just a happening, and one will also observe healing going right behind the tissues that are being ‘healed’. So then one knows one can experience pleasure from the tissue being healed, or pain from the tissues in healing, it all depends upon what you want to focus on, then there is also not feeling either pain nor pleasure – one simply is observing. The more one practices like this, the better one gets at it. Everything that arises in this meditation should be seen as an opporutnity to return to center as the observer. The more successful one is at doing this, the easier all flows and the more one heals.

This symptom is due to that area of the body being opened via the nervous system and releasing stored tension in it, and at the same time changing and enhancing the nervous system running through that blocked or restricted area of the body. Your healer is doing this, by activating muscles groups in the body (putting a charge in them, the same as you do when you decide to move your arm to pick up a book), which it then provokes a micro-movement of the muscle spindle fibers and this then causes a kind of ‘low level stretching’ of the fibers, this is the cramping and tension you feel in the body. This low level stretching is what is opening the tissues in that area of the body, so you feel it as a kind of tugging, cramping or pummeling happening in that area. This is what is felt as painful, but if you look close inside the body at what is happening there, you might be able to see the stretch reflex happening withing. If you don’t resist this sensation, and rather use it as a reminder to relax that area by staying in center as observer, then you will accelerate the healing of this part. It is just you aren’t used to moving an area like this, so the ‘first time’ it kind of hurts, the same as when you do any new exercise regime… The pain here when healing happens is no more than what can be expected from a physical therapy, it is what is needed to go through in order to get a ‘new and reconditioned body’. Common areas of work like this are in muscles around the joints, hip girdle, shoulder girdle, spine, neck and skull bones.

In summary, you might understand that setting aside time to do this meditation is like giving space for your higher self to emerge and heal you and also for you to learn the ropes of how to ‘be’ without using your mind. Practice makes perfect…


Demonstration of the Standing Meditation

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