My Scientific Viewpoint of Ascension

My Scientific Viewpoint of Ascension

This article is my attempt to look at the ascension process from the viewpoint of our physical universe. Around the 17th century on average, many people on the planet thought the Earth was flat and the sun went around the Earth. With further exploration of the planet by bigger ships, invention of telescopes and travel into outer space, we were able to see for a fact the truth that the Earth is round and orbits around the sun.

Today, we must realize there are still things we do not know! I feel the most important thing to understand today is we do not know how other objects in space are affecting our own solar system and evolution on this planet. We know very little about galactic time and how the Earth and our solar system are affected by movement and change of objects in space. We tend to believe we are an isolated system from the rest of the universe, well protected and stable.


One longer time clock we know about is “the Precessional movement of the Earth – the Earth rotates (white arrows) once a day about its axis of rotation (red); this axis itself rotates slowly (white circle), completing a rotation in approximately 26,000 years.” (Wikipedia)

What we do not know about today, is where in this cycle we are at currently. I see this 26,000 year cycle as compared to one year on the Earth with it’s four seasons as the Earth rotates around the sun. For sure, there must be a pattern of growth cycles that happen on Earth during this Precessional year. We simply do not have the recorded history or have yet unearthed it, to know what phases the planet and life moves through over so many years.

Now expand this idea outward into the universe, and the same can be said with shifts, movements and rotations, explosions, etc, that are happening all around us in other solar systems and galaxies with tremendous amounts of energy. To believe that we are not affected by such shifts is to believe that we live in an isolated system.

We know from Newton’s third law of notion that for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. Looking more broadly, when a reaction happens it also causes a chain reaction to every other object that exists. It is like displacement that is possible because of the dark matter that fills the universe. We cannot see it but it is there and connects every object to every other object. It is like the entire universe is one moving interconnected whole, all connected with this dark matter that fills all space. Imagine we lived in an ocean of water and when one thing moves or if something is taken out of the water, we will all feel that displacement as a vibration and will adjust our position and vibration accordingly to the one thing that moved.

“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. […] One meteorologist remarked that if the theory were correct, one flap of a sea gull’s wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever. The controversy has not yet been settled, but the most recent evidence seems to favor the sea gulls.” – Wikipedia

The other thing we know is that each object that exists has a direction of rotation and a unique frequency. When two objects meet each other’s energy field, they entrain to each other to assume a common period.

“Entrainment has been used to refer to the process of mode locking of coupled driven oscillators, which is the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume a common period. The two oscillators may fall into synchrony, but other phase relationships are also possible. The system with the greater frequency slows down, and the other speeds up.” – Wikipedia

Another thing to think about is that the North Pole glaciers have been rapidly melting and the amount of water on the Earth is increasing, the sea levels are rising. When vibration of the Earth increases, then it is natural assumption that the greater amount of unfrozen water will respond to that increase and start to swirl. It came to me in revelation back in 1999, that the circumpolar wave in the south pole would be a factor when we reached the ascension point. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) is an ocean current that flows clockwise from west to east around Antarctica. This is a wave that circles the South Pole and I can imagine, as the top of the Earth is less heavy due to melting of the glaciers, that the rotation on the bottom of the Earth would increase with increasing vibration. Water is 70% of the planet and humans are 70% water, water easily absorbs vibration.

I want to make it clear that I am NOT a scientist and I only mention these things to stretch our imaginations and to get us to start asking questions about how we may be affected by forces we currently are not aware of. I leave the task of discovering what is actually happening right now in our universe to the scientists! I am sure that once the correct questions are asked that we will receive answers that will expand our horizon!

What I know for sure is I am experiencing an ascension process over many years and I now understand it is both spiritual and having to do with the laws of nature — it is a natural growing, an evolution of humanity, that has been a long time in the making. What I’ve been experiencing over the years is a sudden increase in vibration and awareness level with ascension symptoms. What I’ve noticed is these are occurring more frequently, with less time between the ‘ascension peaks’, they are stronger and lasting for a longer interval. In the past I’ve noticed these peaks tend to also have strong solar flares at the same time. I just looked it up today and see there was a strong X-Level Solar Flare on May 5, 2015. It is now a month later and I have not seen any let up in this ‘ascension peak’, which is unusually long. I had the insight today that things are ‘heating up’ and we are moving closer to a larger shift.

From my viewpoint with my websites and offering this awakening information many people write me and in the last year I have noted a big increase in the number of people awakening as well that the age group is getting younger and that people do not need to do much to get it kick-started. See my Many People are Awakening Article.

I’ve been thinking about this and realize it has to be something more than just a rising collective consciousness that is pushing everyone to awaken, it must be something ‘outside’ our system that is having a greater impact.


To me this picture explains it all for me. It is a picture of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies. Andromeda is the closest largest galaxy to us and is predicted to FULLY merge with our own in about 4 billion years. I just found this article dated May 16, 2015: Andromeda And The Milky Way Might Collide Sooner Than We Think: “The merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy won’t happen for another 4 billion years, but the recent discovery of a massive halo of hot gas around Andromeda may mean our galaxies are already touching.” The Andromeda galaxy is larger than our own, so as these two galaxies merge, our galaxy and all objects in it will INCREASE vibration, whereas it will slow down — due to the principle of entrainment and assuming a common period. Certainly, that is what I am experiencing. My vibration keeps going up every year, which I’ve only noticed since my first awakening experience in 1999. The other thing that comes to me is this merging of these galaxies is already happening and has been happening over millions of years, we simply don’t have the records to know that fact. Sure, we can see from our Hubble telescope we are just on the edges of the merging, but then take into the fact that there can be shifts in this merging when systems within systems, hit certain velocities or make large movements, thereby causing a chain reaction and affecting all other objects. Next I would presume, the Precession of the Equinoxes and it’s 26,000 year rotation is somehow related to some galactic-time growth expansion happening between these 2 galaxies or others. The other thing to think about is the extinctions we know about on the planet and evolution of different species of man through our history and how these larger forces causing an INCREASE in vibration over time have accounted for much of that change and growth. Growth needs more energy and increased vibration provides that energy. Besides all these things is the knowledge that the universe is expanding and speeding up that rate of expansion since the first Big Bang, so vibration all over the universe as a whole increases over time, besides what might happen in a more localized ‘merging’ event of two larger systems.

Okay, so what does this all mean in a practical sense being a human being on the planet Earth in a period of ascension? It means that as vibration goes up due to the merging process, things on Earth will vibrate faster. In my experience these peaks are closer together and the vibration keeps going up in my own body. I can detect this because I am sensitive to feeling energy vibration in my body. I can only conclude that this ‘ascension process’ will accelerate and we will experience a big shift in systems and beings on the Earth itself. The more vibration rises, the weaker the outer shell of objects will get on Earth, when weak enough they will break and release their energy and we are part of those things on Earth. This does not mean we need to die nor that it’s a bad thing, it is just a Growing Cycle, like a change of the seasons, we are moving from an old worn out form of human being to a new one — we are evolving to a new ‘enlightened’ species and it will actually happen quite rapidly. Life forms that can adapt to the high vibration will be able to exist and live in the new higher vibration physical setting on Earth after this shift. It is just nature and is happening NOW as we merge with Andromeda.

The way to adapt to this higher vibration environment is to ‘let go’ of clinging to our old static structure which is our ‘personality’. The letting go happens by doing spiritual practices, such as effective prayer, meditation, self-inquiry, gaining self-knowledge, etc.

The more you let go of clinging, the higher your vibration will rise. This requires individual effort to ascend, it is not a given!. The higher our vibration rises the less fixed or rigid we are and thus more flexible to adapt to the changing vibration around us.

Please see this clear, there is no way to escape, find a hole to hide in, stock up ammunition’s or food, in order to protect oneself in this merging. It will affect the entire planet and everything on it. To increase your odds of surviving this transition, the most important thing to do is to “Increase your awareness level”, which is the same as increased rate of vibration. Increased awareness will also help guide you through the chaos with insights, visions, etc. This is the your most valid protection. In order to survive through this, you must learn how to transform yourself, to change and you do that by letting go of the old and adapting to the new. The better you can do this, the better your odds of being in the ‘new world’ vibrating at a higher frequency. I will be writing a more detailed article on this topic, with some very important pointers. I will update this article with the link when it is available.

As this vibration increases, it will get closer together to the point it is continuous and the frequency will keep increasing. It will cause existing structures of all kinds to break apart, as the shells get weak once vibration increases. It will cause weather disturbances, rapid change in climate patterns, changes as well in plants and animals, which also must change and adapt to the higher vibration. Not all lifeforms will be capable to adapt quickly enough, I can imagine that GMO crops would quickly die as they do not have appropriate inbuilt DNA instructions to adapt. Everything on Earth will be – is being affected right now — and it will only get stronger as we go forward. Also as we go forward, we can expect these changes in form to happen much faster as the amount of energy is very high and can grow things much faster during the transition phase. It will seem like miracles are happening before our eyes, as new species suddenly arise. For sure, this has all been designed into our DNA of all living forms, so what the end result will be will be perfect to move humanity along in it’s ascension. Eventually, the shift will be over, the intense transition energy will settle down and everything will be in its new position and dimension — ready to start our next growth cycle.

I think the Earth’s orbit may shift, not that we go out of the solar system. Rather that we will have a different rotation speed and orbit path and Earth might have an extra month each year, 13 months instead of 12. (I credit Mamata Anurag Salakapurapu for that insight, which helped me to understand better what is written in Revelation in regards to the 1,260 & 1,290 days.) I theorize that the Earth will fall out of it’s orbit a bit away from the sun, probably ‘falling’ at the point it stops rotating due to the opposing forces that are merging. I think it will shift out of orbit away from the sun, because this makes the most sense. The sun is burning hotter as it shrinks and ages, so it would make more sense to shift away from it to keep the Earth cooler as well to have longer year so we get more sunlight. Does the moon also shift with the Earth when it jumps orbit? Who knows, maybe we don’t need it anymore in the new setting. I think this ‘jump in orbit’ will happen at the exact moment when the Precession of Equinoxes ends/begins it’s 26,000 year cycle. I think as things start rotating again, it’s possible the Earth might rotate in the opposite direction in its new position.

“The Earth rotates from the west towards east. As viewed from North Star or polestar Polaris, the Earth turns counter-clockwise.”

I wonder if the rotation of Earth could change direction after it ‘stood still’, switching from counter-clockwise spin to clockwise? If so then after the shift, the sun would now rise in the West not in the East. I find these are fascinating things to think about. I wonder if such shifts or orbit changes have ever happened before on our planet and what might be archeological evidence to look for to find out if they have?

June 5, 2015 – 9:30 PM

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15 comments on “My Scientific Viewpoint of Ascension
  1. Chase says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Your deep understandings and “knowings” of certain things certainly seem challenging to explain in the context current scientific understandings. I want to share some

    I would like to see if you are familiar with Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance, as it could add depth and understanding to your insights. It was born out of mysteries of biology, embryology, and questions of evolution, and has great power to explain phenomena occurring and every level of organization of forms, from the atomic to the galactic scale.

    The essential hypothesis is that fields of information interact across time and space, so that the supposed “laws” of nature are more like habits. In this way, once a process occurs once in nature, it will occur more frequently in similar systems. It seems this process occurs with natural intelligence, organizing lower forms (atoms and molecules) in ways that will lead to organization of higher forms (crystals, cells, and tissue).

    The error of conventional science is to assume that all properties of the higher forms which emerge can be deduced from that of the lower forms.

    This explains how organisms with very similar DNA can take up vastly different forms. This is due to the resonance with similar past forms (their parents and all past forms of their species).

    As each lower level of form emerges, the intelligence acts at a higher level to organize this lower level of form, such as cells being organized into tissues. This is the essence of human consciousness, which can be viewed as an organizing intelligence which has power over certain lower levels of form. In this context, bodily awakening is experienced as lower levels of form (the innate intelligence in cells and tissues and organ systems) are brought into harmony with the greater intelligence which presides over the entire body. This awakening is furthered as these systems are brought into harmony (resonance) with greater consciousness (a higher level of form organization than our standard consciousness), which arises in order to guide and organize humans consciousness with intelligence, just as human consciousness guides the lower forms of the organs.

    Morphic resonance does not act via its own energy, but rather alters the probability structure of the energy already at play in this universe, bringing it into higher order as similar information structures enter resonance and are organized into forms. This is not too wild a hypothesis considering the discoveries of quantum mechanics.

    The theory does not attempt to explain everything, but gives much insight into the very strange and real experience that is being alive on this earth. I hope this helps on your search for Truth, and I encourage you to look into it!


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your comment Chase, even though it has little to do with this topic.

      I am aware of Rupert Sheldrakes theory of Morphic Resonance. I agree there is an inbuilt structure to survive in living forms, which is mostly due to ‘habit’ or laws of nature and for sure things repeat. Stuff repeats until the sound changes to a different vibration. Keep doing the same thing, keep getting the same result. I am also aware of theories that things are grown due to cause and effect, with no inherit ‘divine design’ behind it. I actually believed that or some time, until I realized that ONENESS, an intelligence so vast is always present in every living being. It has always been with me and drove my entire life, even though it seemed I was doing all these things all my life in complete darkness, making mistakes and acting foolish, the fact was it was not so! It was perfection and that is a dichotomy! What limits the absolute true natures’ expression or ability to respond to encounter with other objects is the awareness level or momentary self-expression of the object – the sound signature and frequency at which it vibrates.

      I agree that what one resonates with one can manifest within (similar past forms), as in different forms or bodies. A mouse soul can’t be born into a human body, a neanderthal can’t be born as a homo sapien and a homo sapien can’t be born into an angel body. It needs evolution in form by having experiences and learning and growing one’s consciousness level (increasing frequency) to reach another resonance level to move up a higher resonance body.

      I agree as well with the cells being organized into tissues comments, how I see it is we grow towards Oneness. The parts come back together to the Whole. Of course Oneness is vast, so that can go on a long time, to higher and higher forms, as long as the material is there and expanding — until it sucks back in on itself and then the entire process starts over with the next big bang cycle.

      I know how awakening is experienced! (Which BTW agrees pretty much with your intellectual understanding of it, but that is of little value compared to the experience!)

      Once you experience-SEE your true self, you’ve found the Core Truth you were looking for and the search for truth is over.
      Then there is just being alive, enjoying life and continuing to grow, learn and expand into new horizons.

      I think this poem sums all this up quite nicely:


  2. Corinne says:

    YES! What a pleasure to read someone who made the same conclusion about Andromeda and the Milky Way! I just about lost my mind and the people around me thought I did too because they did not understand the significance and the effect this has on us. It just seemed too big of an idea for them to swallow. I see it as cosmic evolution.

    I equate the galaxies combining as a ‘kissing’ and ‘dancing with one another’ which caused us to have the cyclical Buddhas, Saints, Enlightened Teachers, etc. over the span of our ‘recorded history’. They were able to see/feel/realize the new energy introduced from what I believe to be Andromeda. They were able to realize the higher vibrational energy from the galactic bond.

    Basically, the galaxies are officially in a relationship. The Teachers have been trying to prepare us for the ‘marriage’ due to the bigger flux of energy that is arriving. When you are in a relationship, the kissing creates the seal of the bond. The Milky Way and Andromeda have been hitting and bouncing off of each other for our ‘millions/billions’ of years. The Milky Way is a much younger galaxy and as you said, Andromeda is higher in vibration which means the Milky Way has quite a few things to learn and upgrade. They may have briefly brushed or upped their bond some 2,000-2,500 years ago when we experienced a brief spike in higher vibration which was when Jesus ‘ascended’ utilizing higher vibration (Christ Consciousness/Energy, whatever you would like to akin it to) to show that the energy which inspired from Andromeda would return.

    Have you looked up information about the Purple Photon Belt that has descended over us since the end of 2012? I want to know if this energy was introduced from Andromeda, and if not, where did it come from? Considering it is purple and its timing, I equate it to Christ Consciousness descending upon which forces Earth to recalibrate to a higher vibration.

    I also find the double-entendre, hilarity, and irony in the situation of Earth’s inhabitants doubting ‘the great return’ (of Andromeda) which translates for us to, “Christ not returning or us not receiving true love from God due to how things are chaotically turning out.” Think of that in a relationship. It is almost like the Milky Way is flushing out its own doubt and is understanding that Andromeda is here to stay and will provide its full and loving support which ‘we’ translate from the higher vibration. It just took relative time and patience to allow the natural evolutionary growth.

    I do wish to see how the inhabitant cells (I consider us inhabitant cells of the Milky Way) are handling the slowing down of vibration in Andromeda. 🙂

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Corrine, thanks for your comment. I also have insight that there are cyclical risings of enlightened teachers which are related to our growth cycles. As far as the other topics you mention, I don’t see there is anyway to get this information in a reliable way at this time and it is not necessary for my current task which is the most important: ‘our current ascension process’. The reason I wrote the article was to get people thinking about the fact that our solar system is not an isolated system in the Universe and that there have been many cyclical events we’ve been through and are in one now…

      I am surprised too that most important happening on Earth is going on now since millennia and it does not even make the daily news!

      That was interesting comment on inhabit cells, it got me wondering too. My profession is distance-healer and what I notice is when I give one I also get one and this happens with entrainment as the two oscillating systems assume the same period of vibration. So what I understand is all inhabitant cells of both systems will get a rise in vibration. But it could be that only the lower vibration Milky Way cells ascend, in that this could be only a tiny rise for the cells in Andromeda – barely even noticing that a shift has taken place.

  3. Mamata Anurag says:

    Hi Betsy,

    You wrote – “(I credit Mamata Anurag Salakapurapu for that insight although it is also recorded elsewhere a long time ago.)”

    That statement doesn’t read too right. That insight was first hand for me through my Awakening process. I understand it need not be first hand for you. A lot of wisdom people today are receiving has been instilled in human race’s consciousness a long time ago and has been available to us at least since 2000 years ago! So I pretty much understand this could have been told by somebody else much earlier.

    One might just ask – “Whose information is this anyway? It is nobody’s and everybody’s, since it is freely available to all of us!” While that is so true, I would also ask – “Whose natural resources are the ones we are paying for? Be it fuel, wood, cement, bricks, glass, sand, iron etc…” Aren’t they all earth’s resources? Aren’t they too everybody’s and nobody’s? But we are still paying some cost for their extraction and processing.

    I’d argue that extraction and processing of information from the Cosmic Wisdom is much costlier than the extraction of physical resources. The cost is higher. And people who receive it try to take credit for the fact that they built capacity to receive it. It is much like any scientific discovery! Though everything is free, nothing comes freely due to finite resources and differences in the capacities and interests of humans.

    Anyway all that aside, I’d only be glad and interested to know the source which cited this piece of info much earlier. It is more valid to replace my reference here with your source of info. Cheers! 🙂

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mamata,

      Thank you for your comment, I feel it is valuable and creative. So here we are now talking about end times… I feel you are correct that it doesn’t read right. I edited the credit and hope it is better. If not let me know and I can edit again. Your name is also a hyper-link to your book, so I hope that is okay too. Your insight was KEY to help me to understand a part of what is written in Revelation. Unfortunately, I am not a scholar of the bible and it is hard to understand the symbolism in Revelation, maybe the comment I make below along with your revelation within will help some scholar unlock Revelation… I agree with you, nobody owns this information nor physical resources either. I do agree we should give credit to people who have attained certain levels of realization due to their diligence and persistence which makes them ABLE to bring revelations to light for all to share. I do agree it does take much resources to extract cosmic wisdom as one has to dedicate much of their life (even lifetimes) to spiritual practices to be able to do so.

      So here is my summation what I have so far from Revelation:

      The Bible says the Great Tribulation will last 3 and 1/2 years, a time, times and a half time. This equals 1,260 days or 42 months. There is another time mentioned of 1,290 days, both of which end at the return of Christ. Many people have tried to figure out what these time frames mean. Both periods of time (1,260 & 1,290) BEGIN at the same point. Therefore, the 1290 days goes 30 days further into the future.

      The 42 months will terminate with the Seventh Trumpet and the return of Christ, when the saints will be resurrected, or changed into immortality, etc. How long will this trumpet sound? Revelation states: But in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished. Another part of revelation states: God’s period of judgment will last One Hour.

      The Christian festival of Pentecost is the seventh Sunday after Easter, which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples.The end of the days also corresponds to the Wedding, when Christ meets his bride. Many biblical scholars think the end of days will end on Pentecost, Day of Shavuot, or First Fruits. For example in 2017, the Christian Pentecost is on Sunday, June 4, 2017, whereas the Jewish Shavuot which follows the moons and seasons is May 31, 2017. One hour after that day would be June 1, 2017 and 30 days before the latter date would be May 2, 2017.

      This information tells me that these time frames end on the same day, but have a difference of 30 days which equals the new month that is gained in One Hour. I suppose one could get the start time as well on any particular day if one knew the bible well…

      Love & Blessings,

      PS: I think it was helpful to dig into Revelation again as now it appears clear that “One hour” has literal meaning in Revelation, which information you gave me prior on this subject helps me to see that the transformation process will happen in a very short time frame…

  4. Mamata Anurag says:

    Dear Betsy,

    According to me, the period of Great Tribulation has already started. It started on April 26, 2012. This is again a revelation I experienced at that time and is included in my book too (Chapter 18 – “What time is it now?”) albeit in the form of a joke.

    Adding 3 and a 1/2 years to that date brings us to October 26, 2015 (approx). 3 more months need to be added to this because after 2012, every year should contain 13 months (The change of times already started, we are already in Great Turbulation period! We have been in transition times unaware of it, hence did not account for it yet). That brings us to Jan 26, 2016 (approx). Though we read that date as Jan 26, 2016, it is actually in the vicinity of Dec 26, 2015 if we were to consider that a year contains 13 months.

    So Jan 26 – 31, 2016 might be the time frame of PoE (Precession of Equinoxes) being executed in the physical plane. And PoE in physical is the Period of God’s Judgement, as I understand it.

    This is completely in sync with my understanding that PoE should happen in physical before the end of 2015. (Not any beyond that! That 2015 time frame is also discussed in my book – Chapter 145, “When are we now?”)

    Well I might be wrong, but that’s the calculation as per the insights received through Cosmic Guidance. In any case, let’s wait and see! 🙂

    Ah coming to that part of Revelation which says – “The end of the days also corresponds to the Wedding, when Christ meets his bride.” – Yeah, I’ve come across this part in some End of Times Bible prophecies on Youtube and it is really tiring to listen to it. That doesn’t ring good bells – that part which says Christ meets his bride during the End of Times. That way nobody would wish that Christ must meet his bride, because once he meets, it’s the end of times! Who literally wants to live the “End of Days”? I personally feel, it would be good to paraphrase it as – Christ meets his bride when it’s the end of this time cycle and the beginning of a new cycle and a new age. Anyway, it’s all in the jargon…and on a lighter note, I guess Bible is not open for editing now 🙂

    PS: The edited statement and hyperlink are just fine.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mamata,

      Thanks for sharing your revelations and reasoning here. As far as the 3.5 years goes from the bible, I understand from that source that the Great Tribulation actually covers 7 years. The 3.5 years being the middle of that time frame. But I do feel the PoE is near, so we are in this latter part. Interesting to think about how one would do the calculations, with the understanding that the times are already shifting but we are not aware of it. What seems clear is it a moving target and everything has to come together just right for it it happen, so waiting and seeing is the most we can do. I think it is going to be a challenge but also amazing and the sooner it comes the better! I also understand PoE to be equal to the Period of God’s judgement.

      “End days” or “End times” doesn’t mean to me the end of life on the planet, I guess I err in presuming readers know too much. Your paraphrase is good to clear up the jargon. One could even edit that with: “When Shakti unites with Shiva” in place of “When Christ meets his bride.”

      Funny lighter note… I think the bible has been edited quite a bit over the years from all the translations that have been done mostly my males, rewriting story parts and/or changing pronouns which don’t make sense to them. One part of the bible stands out with note in last paragraph of Revelation to not add to or subtract from any of the words in that prophecy, but even that has many translations.

      Love & Blessings,

  5. Mamata Anurag says:

    I must also add this Betsy!

    I was not aware of the 3 & 1/2 period of Great Tribulation Period until your comment. But what I was aware of, was this – The preparation for execution of PoE (Precession of Equinoxes) started in the earth’s plane on April 26, 2012. After 2014, the expected finishing timeline was always in an ASAP mode – the sooner it happens the better. But that, it must happen before the end of 2015. Because time DOES follow certain laws and it takes its own course.

    Future is always a variable and God has always bestowed Free Will to us. And when there is free will, the accomplishment of an event does not solely depend on God-destined timeline but also on the capacity of Humanity to embrace the event. That is why, when PoE will “actually” happen in the physical, shall remain variable. But still that variable timeline has to fit into the laws of time.

    My understanding is that PoE has already been delayed by atleast 2 ages for Earth. The Ascension of Milky Way itself has been postponed to accommodate Earth – to allow it to be part of the Ascension. The end of 2015 is in sync with a Cosmic Timeline which is the threshold for Milky Way. It cannot wait beyond that timeline to accommodate Earth in the process of Ascension! So, if we miss that deadline it means that Earth and Humanity are missing the chance of Ascension for this lifetime and beyond. Because if Earth can’t sync up with Milky Way “before” Ascension, it shall be an uphill (and almost impossible and insurmountable) task to sync up with it “after” Ascension. So, if Humanity cannot embrace the event before the end of 2015 it will be a missed chance, a closely missed chance of all times, since we have come really far on this. I hope that this possibility (of missing) does not arise because Ascension process is spiking up very fast these days, especially since Aug 21, 2015.

    (My insights on timelines of PoE, Cosmic Time, Cyclic Yuga Model are in more detail in Chapter 145 of my book and it will be difficult to pull all that out in the scope of this comment space here!)

    The reason I made that calculation with 3&1/2 years in my previous comments is to show that all paths lead to the same truth, just as all religious/spiritual paths lead to the same God.

    PS: Betsy, it is very strange that we started discussing the End Times’ timelines after starting out with the 13-month comment. We have always differed on this timeline part, with you sticking to 2017 and me to 2015. I thoroughly feel that this discussion was somehow meant to happen here and perhaps that’s why we have touched upon an old discussion, which we more or less agreed to disagree. At the end, I feel it doesn’t matter if it is 2015 or 2017 (or) if it is Oct 26 2015 or Dec 26, 2015 or Jan 26, 2016 because the Hour of God’s Judgement shall take the Humanity ahead by 2 Ages (those very 2 Ages which we borrowed for Ascension!). That is what is meant by this statement “When the kaal inside us stabilizes, the MAHA KAAL takes over!” in my blog post:

    (‘kaal’ in Sanskrit means ‘time’, ‘Maha Kaal’ means ‘Great Time’ or the ‘Cosmic Time’ during which one is perfectly ONE with God.)

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for sharing more. I reviewed your related blog posts and have taken this information in. I feel there is reason to discuss this which is not yet known, but get a feeling I need to resolve or do something different. I have no appointments for work today and not much for rest of week. I’ve seen this quiet time open up before and know I am being given space to contemplate. Much comes in to me from different sources at this time. I’m going through it all and then will sit back and see what comes… One thing that occurs to me immediately is that having the belief that I know PoE will happen on a certain date might be something I need to drop entirely because it is delaying my own ascension process, like waiting for the future. Interesting points you bring up about 2015 and missing our chance to sync up. I notice Ascension process spiking up very fast, especially since May 2015 (it has not let up) and feel it increased another notch in the last few days. What exactly do you mean by ‘an age’?

  6. Mamata Anurag says:

    Betsy, I believe it is important more and more people, at least those undergoing Ascension consciously, must become aware of this fact that we are due for PoE and that it is nearing. The discussion here is to serve as one such source to apprise people of that. That is also the reason why I put my mail to NASA in my blog. (

    As for your question, by ‘Age’ I’m referring to that period termed as ‘Yuga’ as per Hinduism. With that clarification, a detailed answer to your question is already there in that chapter of my book I was referring to.

    But for any interested readers of this post, I shall repeat the relevant parts. Hinduism prescribes that Time is Cyclic. My insights on Timelines for PoE are extended from the time model proposed by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. I came across this link in June 2012 and that’s the base for me: The Img 12-2 therein is also referred to, in my book.

    I proposed in my book that a spiral time model, instead of a circular one, is needed to account for the “Expansion” that happens during PoE at the end of every such Cosmic Cycle for Earth. It means that the Yugas in ascending time spiral are larger in size than the Yugas in descending time spiral. The descending Kali Yuga = 1296 earth-years. So ascending Kali Yuga must be 1296 * 13/12 (current) earth-years or just plain 1296 future earth-years (when a year contains 13 months).


    By two ‘Ages’, here I’m referring to ascending Kali and ascending Dwapara Yugas. We are currently in ‘Ascending Dwapara’. The time when PoE was expected to happen is long due (at the beginning of ascending Kali). Ever since that expected timeline, we have been swaying away from the expected course of spiral and have taken a tangential path that is not inline with the evolution of galaxy. Earth’s evolution has been at loggerheads with Milkyway’s evolution.

    So we need not complete ascending Dwapara for PoE to happen. Because that means we are continuing more and more in a wrong path – a road that need not be continued. The sooner we quit it, the better, so that we take the right path sooner. There is always a “twilight” period at the end of each Yuga. The Twilight has already arrived in 2012. When the PoE happens, we will live those 2 Ages on the right path “again” albeit not in Earth’s timeline but in Cosmic timeline. That is the Correction for us, for a better Evolution that is in sync with the Collective (the galaxy and beyond).

    And yes, all this is my hypothesis as per my Awakening, but I’m not laying it for scrutiny by anybody. It’s a hypothesis I want to share, but not discuss. A discussion on this needs an appropriate framework and the scope provided by Internet does not suffice.

    • Mamata Anurag says:

      >> “When the PoE happens, we will live those 2 Ages on the right path “again” albeit not in Earth’s timeline but in Cosmic timeline.”
      Our perception of Time shall completely differ then!

      >> “It’s a hypothesis I want to share, but not discuss.”
      * It’s a hypothesis I’m sharing, as response to Betsy’s question, but do not intend to discuss it.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Mamata,

      Thank you so much for taking time to share what you did here about your hypothesis per PoE, what are ages, your spiral time model (which I think is genius) and what information provoked insights for you for PoE timelines. It gives readers interested in these topics information to contemplate and plenty of leads to investigate. These subjects go beyond my current knowledge base so I leave it to others to figure it out. What comes to me is to drop the idea that I know when PoE will occur, because I can clearly see that is a BELIEF and not something I know. I can see how believing this is going to happen and when is directing my daily life decisions and that feels to me like a narrowing of my options. It’s like putting off until tomorrow what I can do today. The most I can do to prepare to ‘get through such a transition’ is to keep increasing my awareness level with introspection and meditation practice, trusting guidance will come as needed and the higher my perception the great ability I will have to receive it. So that is what I will do. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  7. Mamata Anurag says:

    My pleasure Betsy!

    Yeah, perhaps that’s the best way to go about for a moving taget. I had always believed that, when I don’t know something, being a passive observer and learning about it first and when I know about something and I’m really sure about it, from deep within, being an active participant to thrust action and change, is the best way to go about for me. Cheers!

    • Mamata Anurag says:

      Ofcourse, that statement is right only within a limited context. Sometimes, though we know the needful, we do not act due to lack of interest or resources(capacity/power). That is sort of becoming a silent spectator. So when I say I become an active participant and act, I inherently mean, I act when my knowing is associated with the “power” to act.

      Applying that to PoE again, though humanity embracing the event is an essential precursor for the event, the event itself is executed through the power of God(dess). Humans per se are powerless to execute an event of such scale all by themselves and that is the bottom line we all (must) naturally agree with.

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