The Perfect Storm: an Opportunity to Grow

“If you are in an unhappy situation you should move away from the situation.”

This is the normal attitude behind the present healing paradigm spread across the planet. If something is ‘unpleasant’ then eliminate or suppress the symptom. Never is there given the advice to accept what there is, exactly how it is, realizing it is perfection and exactly that which one needs to confront in this moment in one’s life. Then from this point of acceptance of reality, taking the time to look behind (one’s own reaction) to find out what might be the cause.

I can see that my unhappiness ultimately comes out of being identified with my personality. I want things to be certain ways and I don’t want things to be certain ways. When there are too many ‘I don’t wants’ then I become miserable and suffering is my reality. All the wants comes from the mind and the image of the personality and not getting them met by reality causes my ‘personal reaction’.

More I don’t need to know. Moving won’t make this aspect go away, as I will carry it with me until I can face it and go through it and resolve it. I know for sure that it will keep coming up until finally I face the internal issue and deal with it. I don’t want to wait for this… So then I can see any symptom appearing (my unhappiness with the current situation), as simply ‘the happening’, showing obviously that there is ‘misery’ and ‘suffering’ present, indicating that there is internal work that I need to do. Yes, it can be done anywhere, but now that it’s here in my face, I see that it is the best time to deal with it, don’t you think? Or I could move, then it might take years for this perfect storm to appear again and again get an opportunity to face the challenge and go beyond these old reactions.

It all comes down to what do I want? I realize I want to learn to direct my energy in the most creative way, and also to learn how to be ‘not miserable’ no matter what the outside situations are giving me. A tall order, but I see this is the most important challenge in front of me right now. I gather my strength, courage and resolve to do this…

Thank you for your answer which tells me more clear what I am facing, that my challenge is to enter into the stream of the present moment and just BE, which means that I need to:

staying calm no matter what
drop my desires no matter what
moving into silence no matter what
dropping my knowing no matter what
dropping my judgments no matter what
dropping my comparisons no matter what
transmuting the arising of ego no matter what
transmuting my emotional tension no matter what

Step by step, facing myself and the chaos within,
consciously transforming my old habit of feeling
myself as my emotional body through the desires
of the personality. Learning to redirect my energy
in a focused way using the intent of the above, to
continuously drop my thinking & emotions coming out
of my desire to feel myself as a strong emotional reaction.

And to do this, no matter what comes and no matter what I do.

Wish me luck.

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