Personal Tsunami


Personal Tsunami

It wasn’t until today, that the clarity came. That all this cognition the days before came from the Doubting Betsy, the story-teller herself and it was all ego occupation and concerns. Then I saw what I was still holding onto and it was “my story”.

The questions arose: Do I need to choose, is there free will, do I create what I focus on? Does it happen effortlessly, with idea, energy, dream reality? The dream reality is obviously easy to create. Okay … getting it, with no Betsy getting in the way, there is no intention or idea needed, one is one with the whole and just REACTS spontaneously to what appears. No need to plan things or do anything.

I notice writing brings insights out.

Question: What takes majority of my energy?
Answer: The “I”, turning around oneself in the dream.

Which equals belief in separation, belief “I AM” separate and needs to be fixed, improved or controlled.

With final realization, I suspect time will stand still, like a sudden flip in polarity, with female and male energies colliding and uniting creating a spinning vortex. The body containing the long separated energy, will combine with it’s source, creating an internal atomic explosion. Shiva meeting Shakti, the internal divine marriage. Those forces causing time to stand still and all rotation to stop, which is like being able to travel at the speed of light where mass is converted to energy. The personal held soul energy releasing from it’s mass being converted to energy. I imagine it would be like a magnetic pole doing a flip-flop, like doing a 180 with all one’s energy suddenly going to the opposite pole, like the Precession of Equinoxes (POE). The focus being no longer on the self, but now flipped towards the Source, the Self. And that level of swirling tsunami inside the structure is what would change the brain resulting in a 180 shift in perception to that of Unity Consciousness and One with All there is.

There is no “I”, “my story” is made-up, a fiction too long believed in…

The end.

September 7, 2016


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4 comments on “Personal Tsunami
  1. Jo Garceau says:

    After Transfiguration comes Crucifixion and Ascension.

  2. Barry says:

    This is so great Betsy. Keep writing! x

  3. Ranganathan Ganapathy says:

    Really thought provoking. Thanks

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