Poem: Death is a New Beginning


Death is a New Beginning

Death of our beloved
is an ending and a new beginning
death only marks a point in time when
the old is transformed into new.

Death of our beloved
triggers our pain-body
making our unconscious aspects visible
showing us what we need to heal.

Death of our beloved
creates an open space
where we miss our physical connection
allowing us to let go more in our meditation.

Death of our beloved
is a rare opportunity
the departed leaves for his loved ones
to transform ourselves too and rise to the next level.


December 4, 2014 –7:00 pm

Written in remembrance for BeiYin and grateful for all he has taught me and the wealth of wisdom he has left behind and to let him know his passing is only a new beginning. We will carry on with BeiYin’s teaching: “Relating to Life – The Art of Living”

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